A marriage of one

Winner 2

They were two guys and one girl, friends
Guys were gays, holding each other
And very much in love.
The girl looked despondent and lovely.
Her friends didn’t seem to care.

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Adam Says’ Soundtrack (ASS – part 1)

Gramophone 2

Old Mr. Me has imagined a contract whereas, in my secluded house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country, I’ m now living surrounded by naked Asian women. So far so good. May Linh – a late forties, early fifties woman, I don’t know her age – has been with me for two months now. As for Lily, a young and energetic and sexy woman of 24, she has been with us for a month.

Of course, everything didn’t go as planned for old Mr. Me. In fact hardly anything is going as planned. So here’s the soundtrack of Adam’s adventures (Part I). Continue reading