Adam Says’ Soundtrack (ASS – part 1)

Gramophone 2

Old Mr. Me has imagined a contract whereas, in my secluded house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country, I’ m now living surrounded by naked Asian women. So far so good. May Linh – a late forties, early fifties woman, I don’t know her age – has been with me for two months now. As for Lily, a young and energetic and sexy woman of 24, she has been with us for a month.

Of course, everything didn’t go as planned for old Mr. Me. In fact hardly anything is going as planned. So here’s the soundtrack of Adam’s adventures (Part I).

Chapter 1 – At first, this is what Adam said

[MV] KARA – Mister Eng Sub


Adam says: is this a stealth explosion? (Chapter XIII)

SOD – Let’s get fight


Adam says tea for you and beer for me, in a shotgun house (chapter XIX)

Anton Dvorak – New world symphony, Part 1, 4th movement


Adam says May Linh’s body is a music score sheet (chapter XXII)

Frédéric Chopin – Prelude in E-Minor (op.28 no. 4)


Adam tries to break free, to no avail (chapter XXX)

Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – La Decadanse


Adam says this old heart of mine is weak (chapter XXXII)

The Isley bros – I love you


Adam says Cupid himself would blush (chapter XXXIII)

Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes


Lily’s a soul whose intentions are good (chapter XL)

Joe Cocker – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


Lily lights up the place, Adam just waits and sees (chapter XLI)

Leonard Cohen – So long, Marianne


Adam doesn’t know the meaning of love but understands the power of hate (chapter XLIII)

U2 – Bloody Sunday


Under the deluge, Adam hears the blues falling down like rain (chapter XLVIII)

The blues bros – Raw hide


Once Downtown, Adam wonders if this is Heaven or Hell (chapter LII)

Petula Clark – Downtown

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