Notes about Charlie

Il faut voiler Charlie

It’s been a week since the big rally last Sunday after the CHARLIE HEBDO and the Jewish deli massacres. Here are few thoughts about what has happened since.

Tuesday, with her classmates, my daughter was supposed to go see a play, Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett. Although this had been planned for several weeks, I thought it was fitting for kids to see that play at that moment. But, because of ‘plan vigipirate’ (as is called here the highest level of vigilance for security forces), the outing was cancelled and, for all purposes, won’t happen altogether. Please note that NONE of the parents had asked his kid not to go. It can only mean that hundreds, probably thousands, of French school kids can’t, for the time being, go with their school wherever they wish to go. Yeah, keeping kids from going to a cultural or social event is the absolute best response against terrorism and fear. I’ll buy my daughter the book I guess.

Divide and conquer. This has been the best way to conquer and rule since the beginning of humanity. So the strategy of the terrorists is, in those instances, as simple as can be: to get the diverse communities of a nation to start hating each other. They thought France was ripe for it. Well, wrong analysis. Wrong place. The result is a disaster for ideologies of whatever kind.

I hope that the fuck who devised this grand scheme got fired. And found HIS ass full of bullet holes. That works also for the adepts of the conspiracy theory. Even if this was part of a grand scheme by super commanders of the world, they made the same mistake as did goat keepers from bumfuck Arabia. So, in this case also, I hope that the fuck who devised this grand scheme got fired. And will find HIS ass full of bullet holes.

Wednesday, I think, I saw two kids – Arab looking guys but French I know, maybe 17 y.o. – jumping over the turnstiles to get in the metro without buying a ticket. This usually doesn’t upset anyone really. Thousands of people, not only kids, jump the turnstiles every day, and not only Arabs; people jumping turnstiles, the one thing they have in common is that they’re poor. Anyway, when they get controlled by security (police and metro security), if there’s nothing other than lack of a ticket, they soon are on their way with a small fine for larceny. Indeed, cops and metro security have more urgent worries within the millions of people a day who travel over hundreds of kilometers in undergrounds tunnels. So, cops and thieves and everyone know the drill and there’s hardly ever any problem. Wednesday, when I saw those two kids jumping, I could tell they were genuine kids. But, cops were there and, this time, once they were caught – they didn’t resist – there was some harshness in the way the cops handled them. We were several people, looking at each other, surprised by the cops’ attitude. The kids were surprised as well and scared but the cops had already disappeared with them. I’m sure these two kids were just that, kids jumping the turnstiles.

Because of ‘vigipirate’, cops and army are everywhere but it’s not so much to prevent danger as to show the population that the State is doing something, that the State is protecting them. This is useless. Remember those guys at CHARLIE HEBDO had police protection and their protection died with them. Yes this huge police presence will probably deter imbeciles to do something stupid but it won’t deter a determined terrorist. The sole result of this show of force is to put cops on edge, especially since they have been working overtime for the past two weeks, on call all day and night, with hardly any break.

So one day this week, we had a helicopter flying low over the 19th arrondissement, poor part of town, with a big light, just like in L.A., as if you could find anyone this way in the 19th’s small streets. Looks like some dude in charge is watching too many movies. People in the streets were snickering.

In Belleville, Thursday night. In a well lit alley, there is a group of young black kids, selling hashish. They’re there every evenings, rain or shine. They’re from the neighborhood, everybody know them, there’s a police-station only 200 meters away and, within that perimeter, a church, a mosque and a synagogue. But, last Thursday, there came the cavalry all of a sudden. Ten cops in full gear, some with a machine gun, all with a look that said to passer-by ‘don’t ask questions’. So the kids were giving their I.D.s, more stunned than scared. They probably thought it was a hidden camera show, or an episode of Miami Vice. It was a matter of a few minutes. Nobody was hurt and everyone went back to his business. But it goes to show that the unnecessary deployment of arm forces manages only, at the end, to put everyone on edge. And that’s when danger arises.

OK, I’ve been watching TV. First I was told that the gunmen were obviously very well trained. You have to be, I thought, in order to execute a cop in plain light after killing 11 other people already. So OK, they’re pros. Then they crash their car? Leave an I.D. in there? Steal not a Mercedes or a powerful car mind you but the small car of an old man? Then they managed to get out of Paris but only to run out of gas a few dozen kilometers away? And instead of stealing another car, they stop in a gas-station? And from there they go hide in a printing shop? And they die full of bullets running out of there? Neither they nor the other asshole could even find all of their potential hostages! Some pros!

I don’t know because I’m not this type of guy but I’m thinking that, if they really wanted to die as martyrs, with all the guns that they had, they could have made a much bigger massacre in downtown Paris, they had plenty of time. Imagine if they had started shooting on Champs-Elysées? They had a rocket-launcher? Why didn’t they use it? At the end they would have been shot down all the same, maybe live on TV. So, were they pros or idiots?

We know now these two morons came out of the printing shop screaming and firing. They too must have watched too many times Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Couldn’t the cops protect themselves and wait until these sorry gunslingers ran out of bullets? Or I don’t know, shoot them in the legs? Throw a net on them? Stun gun the shit out of them? It begs the question: did the police have any intention to get them alive? And if not, why?

I’m sure there are legitimate answers to my concerns but I sure do wish these guys would have been caught alive, at least one of them, so we could have learned more about the whole affair. Maybe they’ll catch alive the girlfriend who escaped but, somehow, now, I wouldn’t be surprised if her body is found tomorrow or the day after in a ditch in Syria or somewhere, full of bullet holes too.

Like I suspected, the French conservative party (UMP), and everyone farther right on the political spectrum, is now clamoring for more repression and calling for a ‘Patriot act’ in France. Note that they refer to it using the English words ‘Patriot act’. Those are the same guys who were in power, and have been for eight years after that, when the 1995 riots erupted in Paris and France’s forsaken neighborhoods. So they did apply their program: more police, more prisons, less school teachers. In the past ten years, more than ten ‘terrorism laws’ have been passed, the socialist government keeping pace on that matter since taking power in 2012. Yeah, as we can see clearly, terrorists are scared…

And now the pope. “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith” he said Friday. Well, I have news for him. I find it an insult to my intelligence to pretend that there is a god. What kind of half-wit can make such a proposition? How did the dinosaurs deal with IT? I find it an insult to humanity when crazy Christians teach their children that the world was created in seven days. I find it an insult to humanity when religious newspaper in Israel, under the pretext that a woman shouldn’t be represented, published a censured picture of last Sunday’s march, taking OUT Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany only, and Anne Hidalgo, Paris’ mayor only. And their readers to believe there was no women there. I find it an insult to humanity when a guy is flogged to death in Saudi Arabia for poking fun at the prophet and I find it an insult to humanity when in Pakistan a women is disfigured with acid and murdered because SHE has been raped. I find it an insult to humanity when good Catholics sisters have murdered hundreds of illegitimates babies in Ireland over the course of centuries. I can give you a litany of examples and I find it an insult to humanity when anyone of any faith wants to tell me what I should believe.

That goes to show, again, that no enlightenment will ever come from any of these guys, including the pope. But I can tell the pope, and all of his kind, that as far as I’m concerned, they can believe in whatever suits them, they can believe in dog turds if they want. That’s the difference between me and them: my freedom of mind is inclusive, theirs is exclusive. If their god is the way they say it is, between them and me, who’s the most spiritual then?

Wednesday, impossible to buy CHARLIE HEBDO, all sold out. Thursday, the same. Friday, again. Saturday, still. Ok, I’ll wait and I’ll try again tomorrow, and after tomorrow. I’ll be patient. There’s no hurry. Resistance!

Heard on the radio: “police is now looking for the brain behind the attacks.” The brain? Considering all of the shit that come out of this guys’ mouth, they better look for his ass because that’s where his brain is.

To finish, for the adepts of the conspiracy theory. Disfranchised neighborhoods in France, I heard, is the compost from which will rise an army of ruthless terrorists. Ok, then, if this was a conspiracy, how smart and powerful could those conspirators behind the attacks be if all they could muster to scare France were three dimwits and their girlfriend? No third crew? No fourth crew? No fifth crew like for September 11? If that’s all these conspirators can throw at us, they’re just as pathetic as the people they have working for them.

Ellar Wise

The picture reads : “One has to put a veil on Charlie Hebdo”


4 thoughts on “Notes about Charlie

  1. Yeah Ellar!!! Tell it like it is… But I have one problem with your post. I don’t believe in god as well BUT I do believe in Dog. God spelled backwards is Dog. Have you ever noticed the artistry of the most menial Dog turd? Well formed. Solid. Not like many of mine. That means this animal is well nutrified and has good digestion. Sadly, your post feels like you are dissing Dog a little…. Our digestive tract is 80 percent of our immune system. Dog turds are really a window into a new healthy world. Your post wants to make me take a pic of a Dog turd and post Je Suis Charile… Wait…Wait.. Wait… OH I GET IT!!!! THat’s the point!!! lol… ;D Great post Ellar. I was also wrestling with many of the points you hit on…. Thanks…You ROCK!!!! 😀


  2. “Heard on the radio: “police is now looking for the brain behind the attacks.” The brain? Considering all of the shit that come out of this guys’ mouth, they better look for his ass because that’s where his brain is.”
    I LOVE this!


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