Notes about Charlie (2)

Charlie Chine

It’s been two weeks since the big rally after the CHARLIE HEBDO and the Jewish deli massacres. Here are a few more thoughts about what has happened in France since.

Monday, the Global Times, an official Chinese newspaper, took exception of the cover of another French satirical magazine, Fluide Glacial (Icy Fluid). This week issue is titled ‘Yellow peril, what if it’s already too late’ and depicting, in a cartoon, Paris having become Chinese, a white guy pulling a rickshaw in which  a Chinese man and a blonde, obviously appreciative, are sitting.

Chinese have been buying a lot of big French companies lately, including an airport, and that has created debate here. Now Fluide Glacial is known as a hilarious comics magazine but not as a political one.

So here is what the Global Times had to say: “The [French] habit of freedom of speech can only aggravate conflicts. We can only advise French society to cease representing the prophet. It’s harder for the Muslim to change their faith than for Europe to adjust its conception of freedom of speech. If the French feel such an adjustment would be demeaning, then their quest for freedom of speech would be nothing but a religion.

Please note that the Chinese are ferociously repressing their Muslim minority, ferociously. Not talking about Tibet. But that comes only a few days after what the Christian pope said about not insulting people’s faith. Well, religions and dictatorships, even when they hate each other, are still finding common ground to loath freedom of speech. Why am I not surprised?

It would be unfair to put the onus only on religious extremists and terrorists. Atheists hold their share as far as horror is concern: Stalin, Pol Pot, Robespierre, etc.

Judging by the violence of the demonstrations that happened in so many places in the world after the French demonstration in Paris, it seems that the rallying cry for Freedom of speech and the right to a secular society has scared-shit a bunch of assholes. Because you know these protests were not spontaneous and not destined to the miscreants. It was, it is, local politics, local tyrants sending a message to their own people that says, in substance: “try to make fun of me and try talking about freedom and you’ll see what will happen to you, we’ll have you lapidated.” Everybody there got the message.

Friday, King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia died. President Obama talked about a “precious friend”, President Hollande saluted “a state leader whose actions have profoundly marked the history of his country […]”. Yeah, that’s the place where a blogger, Raef Badaoui, is being flogged to death, or just short of it, for asking a less rigorous interpretation of Islam. It’s where women can’t take a piss unless they’re accompanied by a man. It’s where, only last Monday, a Birman woman was decapitated in public, in the street, by the police, in the name of justice. Now, does this “precious friend”, this ‘king’, really thinks for a minute he’ll be welcome up there in Paradise? Or else, the god he’s talking about and being so uptight about, is quite a murderous one.

Justice in France is now rendered with a heavy hand against some imbeciles, drunk most of the time, screaming shit at cops like “I’m going to kill you”, “I’m a terrorist”, anything that can fit under “apology of terrorism”, which is a crime here. Those imbeciles are being sent to jail with sentences of more than 12 months without parole, without probation, no bail of course. We know the three gunmen who carried out the massacres met in prison, where they became radicals. So what do you think will happen to those imbeciles getting locked up for peccadillo?

In a school, a bunch of hoodlums beat up a kid who had posted support of Charlie on a social network. For the thugs, one direction: jail. Long sentences. They’ll be out in a year or so, having undergone another kind of schooling.

Ok, Oxfam informed us this week that, today 80 people on the planet own half of the world’s wealth. They were 388 in 2010. Ponder those numbers for a second. In less than four years, the number of the super super stupidly rich has been cut in four. That’s some sharks’ pool! Do they eat each other alive or what?

Oxfam tell us also that, next year, the cumulated wealth of 1% of the world population will be greater than that of the other 99%. Want to fight terrorism? We could start there! Now, could that fall under ‘apology of terrorism?’

So we are told the prophet cannot be represented. Fine. Then what these guys at CHARLIE HEBDO have been drawing cannot be the prophet, not even close since HE CAN’T be represented. Indeed, how could simple humans, earthlings, achieve such a miracle? Thus, ONLY those heinously demonstrating against simple cartoons ARE the ones SEEING the prophet in those drawings, thus having a representation of it. So IT can be represented if all those assholes can see it.

Ok, martyrs have 40 virgins waiting for them in the heavens. For fuck sake, what’s the obsession with virginity? Why not simply 40 women? Why do they have to be virgins? Why is it so important? Well, women are virgin when they’re young, very young, and harmless. So you know those violent assholes calling for jihad are just a bunch of unsecure pedophiles. No wonder they’re rapists.

Well, I can guaranty you that CHARLIE HEBDO is going to be even more ferocious than before and I’ll tell you why. Before the massacres, each issue was a feat and the company was always closer to bankruptcy than to paradise. And they were under the constant menace of losing big in court, since there were so many wanting to prosecute and indict CHARLIE HEBDO.

Now, in the past two weeks, CHARLIE HEBDO has grossed over €10 million. So the people making the paper will now be able to pay the best lawyers if anyone wants to fuck with them. So, yes, CHARLIE HEBDO is going to come back even more ferocious.

Ellar Wise

The picture reads: Earthquake in China “It can’t be worse than communism”

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