Notes about Charlie (3)

Racistes petites bites Charlie

It’s been three weeks since the big rally after the CHARLIE HEBDO and the Jewish deli massacres. Here are few thoughts about what has happened this week.

In a poll released this week, 90% of the French want more repression, i.e. more and longer jail sentences, 90% want the men going to do the jihad to lose their French citizenship, as if it was possible to un-French anyone, and 89% are willing to restrict freedom of expression on Internet. Well the assholes who carried the massacres met in jail, not on Meetic.

The government, facing overwhelming support for such policies, will have a tough time to resist and will certainly implement some of that in the weeks to come. So, maybe the wankers that carried out the massacres are winning in the end. And now we know that the people who demonstrated ‘Je suis Charlie’ are the other 10% of the population.

Now, most lazy intellectuals are clamoring, not only in France, for a stricter control of Internet because, they say, “the terrorists use Internet to carry their hate message” and “kids are becoming converts because of Internet”. This sort of things. Christ, it makes you wonder how terrorists were doing before Internet. Internet is just a medium. It’s like saying, “I read it in the newspaper” or “I heard it on TV”. Well it all depends what you read on Internet or in the papers or watched on TV.

When a fascist’s paper published a picture depicting the French Minister of justice (General attorney), who’s black, as a monkey eating a banana, it didn’t occur to anybody the blame ‘Newspapers’. CNN and FOX news are both on TV; when a moron on FOX or CNN spells bullshit, it occurs to no one to blame TV. Ideas, good or bad, of love or of hate, have always found a way to circulate among people on this planet. Some guys were fighting communist Mao with dazibao, little bit of papers pasted onto walls. Ben Laden was using shitty video tapes, the Imam Khomeiny prepared the revolution in Iran with audio tapes, Lenin prepared his with pamphlets. And when they didn’t know to read or write, people were listening to the grapevine.

Look how all goddamed religions have spread and how, in the name of god, throughout history, billions have been tortured, maimed and exterminated. Must be because of Internet I’m sure.

This week also, the French government, in as effort to fight the jihadists on their own turf, has created an Internet site ( which purpose is to prove wrong the jihadists’ propaganda. Terrorists are scared.

In Japan, the Tokyo Shibum, a big newspaper in Japan, had published, January 14th the cover of CHARLIE HEBDO. Well, as it happened, those Islamic state assholes got, since, two Japanese hostages and executed one. So, on January 29th, the Tokyo Shibum apologized for his publication of the so-called prophet, arguing that they had received complaints from Muslim’s communities in Japan.

Whaow, how many Muslims are there in Japan and since when does the Japanese government care about Muslims? Well, the very next day after the newspaper’s apology, the second hostage was executed. Apologies made no differences other than for those who apologized, losing face twice.

Oh, and yes, Japan Prime minister honors and pays tribute every year to the butchers who brutally raped Korea and China, killing millions. Hardly any apology there. It appears some guy at the Tokyo Shibum tried to courageously make a statement, then he was sent back real quick to his dog house I guess. So, maybe the dumbasses who carried out the massacres are winning in the end.

There is a synagogue Boulevard de Belleville, in Paris’ eastern and multiethnic part of town. Right after the Jewish Deli massacres, there were about 15 military personnel protecting it. They were only 7 or 8 the following week. Last night only 2 of them, bored and freezing. In the meantime, French people are now getting used to have military people patrolling the streets, with machine guns and the work. So, maybe the shitheads that carried out the massacres are winning in the end.

Lots of military and police personnel have now been on deck for three weeks non stop. That costs money, money that thus cannot be used somewhere else, like for military and police intelligence that seemed to be lacking before the massacres. The population certainly feels less scared for it…

A study has showed that 95% of the world population believe in some god or another. And deeper the religious beliefs, poorer the people. And they’re the ones expecting the 5% of atheists to apologize because earth is round. Yeah, if god has created man to its image, god’s a moron.


This week, an 8 y.o. was brought to the police station, with his father, because he had said in school, in substance, that the journalists deserved what they got, that all French should be killed, things of the sort he had heard at home. That you bring in the father, just to make sure that he’s an idiot but not a dangerous one, fine. But do you really have to bring in the kid?

Hum, this can be argued both ways. Debate is always better than blind faith.

Against tyranny, it is said that the best answer lies within the rule of law. Like in Guantanamo for example?

Who would have known? Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, is A CLASS A CHARLIE! (Well, Londoners know!) Anyway, here’s what BoJo said this week: “If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally wankers. Severe onanists. […] They are not making it with girls and so they turn to other forms of spiritual comfort – which of course is no comfort.”

I don’t know if that brings much into the debate but, at least, that’s the spirit. So this week’s cover of Notes about CHARLIE is dedicated to Boris Johnson. The caption reads: Racists have small dicks. “Exactly” says the guy!

One last thing. When one looks at the state of the world, it’s obvious imbeciles are wining in the end, greedy imbeciles for sure but imbeciles nonetheless – because it takes some large amount of greed and stupidity to believe that because you’re rich you’ll get away from finishing in a shithole like the rest of us. Look at Steve Job? Where is he now?

Ellar Wise

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