Notes about Charlie (4)

Charlie Dalai Lama

It’s been five weeks since the big rally after the CHARLIE HEBDO and the Jewish deli massacres. Here are few thoughts about what has happened lately on this matter.

Maybe you’ve heard of this former Pakistanis minister who put a prize on the head of CHARLIE HEBDO’s new boss, whom he couldn’t even name. A generic threat I guess. So this fuck in Pakistan thought he’d have his 15 minutes of fame. And he did. The media were so eager to talk about it, giving this asshole’s name and publishing this asshole’s picture. The Andy Warhol Soup for Jihad. For Riss – that’s CHARLIE HEBDO new boss’ name – it remains business as usual. Remember, these authors and journalists were ALREADY under protection. Like Salman Rushdie, the Danish caricaturists who were the first ones to publish drawings of the prophet, so many others. Anyway, that Pakistanis fuck offered a meager $200,000. That’s it. Just like in a capitalist society, more Fatwas there are, cheaper they get.

Just in. In Denmark, a gunman has been shooting at a cultural center, where a debate on Islam was going on, and at a synagogue, killing two and wounding others, in an apparent CHARLIE HEBDO sequel. He too was shot down by police – can’t any of these assholes be caught alive?

First, that goes to show there are mentally deranged people just about everywhere, which is consistent with the law of big numbers: 10 millions Danish people, how many crazies among them? Exactly. And in the US, a moron killing three Muslim students? Exactly.

Two, these idiots work for free – I have news for them, there’s no reward in after life because there’s no after life – but it shows the stupidity of the former Pakistanis minister. Why pay when idiots work for nothing? Here’s another one who didn’t quite understand capitalism.

Before the attack, CHARLIE HEBDO had 10.000 subscribers. Today 200.000. But it is very hard for a newspaper to deal with such a threshold effect. Indeed, if I managed to get the last issue of CHARLIE HEBDO, even two more for my kids living overseas, and if I was happy that one came out, right after the massacre, no other issue has been published since, more than a month after. First, CHARLIE HEBDO said the next issue would come out February 4 but on February 4, there was no CHARLIE. Not on February 11 either. Then I read the next issue would come only on February 27. Threshold effect?

Then again, it must be very hard for a newsroom to get going again when most of the founders and writers of the magazine have been shot dead by morons.

Censure. M6 is a TV channel in France. They have an investigation show call ‘Capital’ (no need for translation) dedicated to small and big secrets of businesses. The journalists had prepared a piece titles ‘The Vitamin C really good business.’ But few hours before it aired, the big boss ordered that 2 minutes of the show be cut. The very 2 minutes that proved that the Vitamin C tablets were overdosed and didn’t bring anything to the people taking them.

Fact is, the big medicine corporations are among the biggest advertisers of the ‘free press’. So, if this is not censure, it damn good looks like it. Only Le Canard Enchaîné, a satirical newspaper, relayed the news. None, NONE, of the other media did. But they were all Charlies on January 11th.

So censure, or damn close to it, is happening today, in France! And it goes to show how freedom of the press is prevalent in the occidental world…. Yeah, right. CHARLIE HEBDO (and Le Canard Enchaîné) don’t rely on advertising, that’s why they’re so fierce and so feared.

Anyway, now you know that if you want vitamin C, eat oranges!

Remember, most if not all of the nationalist Arab movements – OLP, Nasser, Hafez-al Assad, FLN, etc. – were all secular in their roots. They wanted to free the people. But they all had to make deals with religious powers in order to gain power. Eventually, they were almost all swallowed. Even secular Turkey has vanished and God knows Atatürk tried hard. Even secular Zionism is disappearing fast. OK, Turcs and Jews are not Arabs but you got the point. Indeed, the moment secular communist regimes lose their grip, religion comes back. Look at Russia today!

The only one secular nationalist who resisted? Fidel! It’s only a matter of time though. In the meantime, the U.S. president takes the oath over the bible and, in impoverish Greece, the church pays no taxes. Oh, and in the US, church doesn’t pay taxes either. Oh, and churches hardly pay any taxes anywhere in the world and the Vatican is so poor, it looks like a ghetto.

Well, that said, Tunisians are trying hard and maybe succeeding, so there’s hope.

Remember, few weeks ago, this is what the Chinese government had to say about Freedom of speech: “The [French] habit of freedom of speech can only aggravate conflicts. We can only advise French society to cease representing the prophet. It’s harder for the Muslim to change their faith than for Europe to adjust its conception of freedom of speech. If the French feel such an adjustment would be demeaning, then their quest for freedom of speech would be nothing but a religion.”

Well, early this month, Chinese media were outraged because Barack Obama was “chumming with” the Dalai Lama. Indeed, Obama had called the Tibetan spiritual leader ‘a good friend’ at a prayer meeting in Washington. So which is harder: for Tibetans to change their faith or for Chinese to adjust its conception of freedom?

At least, just like any religious leader, the Chinese president is not bothered by contradictions. Indeed, last December, Pope Francis declined to meet with the Dalai Lama amid a push by the Vatican to improve ties with Beijing. So that goes to show.

Oh, and CHARLIE HEBDO was one of the few ardent defenders of the Dalai Lama, which didn’t keep its cartoonists to poke fun at him. So this week’s cover of Notes about CHARLIE is dedicated to the Dalai Lama. The caption reads: “Reincarnation? Only the Chinese believe in this bullshit.”

Last week, French Prime minister went to China to kiss ass. Last week, France rejoiced because it finally managed to sell fighters planes to Egyptian general Al-Sissi, another great friend of democracy. Business as usual I guess. The irony is that Serge Dassault, the guy who owns the company crafting these planes also owns a newspaper in France, Le Figaro, who caters to the conservative right, mainly the UMP.

And guess what, last week, during a local election, people had to choose in the second round between a socialist candidate and a fascist candidate. The socialist won but it was close because half of the people from UMP voted for the fascist. Great, now, in France, a fascist can get almost 50% of the votes on his name. And, last but not least, last week, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (and today the UMP godfather) gave a conference in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) for $100.000 (which goes to show how cheap he is). Just to think how ridiculously Charlie was Sarkozy  only a few weeks ago…

Then again, from president Hollande on down, they were all Charlies that day.

Poutin is wreaking havoc. Here is one who never said he was Charlie.


Charlie tag

To finish. In France, more than 300 trains are untaggeg every day. In support of CHARLIE HEBDO, some graffiti artists covered a whole train (see picture above). To let that train run all over France would have been, for the SNCF, the French company running the trains, a true show of support and an awesome tool of communication ‘we are Charlie, etc.” But no, it was cleaned up as quickly as the others.

That goes to show, the faster CHARLIE HEBDO is pushed back into its corner, the better it is for the powers that be.

Ellar Wise

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