Notes about Charlie (5)

Charlie DSK

It’s been a month and a half since the big rally after the CHARLIE HEBDO and the Jewish deli massacres. Here are few thoughts about what is happening lately.

Timbuktu is a movie directed by French-Mauritanian director Abderrahmane Sissako depicting life in Northern Mali after the Jihadists took over and before the French army kicked those assholes out of there. It’s griping! The first thing the Jihadists did was to destroy mosques and libraries and burn books hundreds of years old because the Muslim scholars in that part of Africa were advocating a very peaceful religion. Then they forbid music, soccer, instituted the sharia, forced women to wear a veil and started killing and maiming people. Same old, same old. Well, this movie won last week the Cesar Best Movie award in France.

The funny thing is, some mayors of some little towns in Paris’ suburb with a Muslim population had forbidden the showing of this movie, under the pretext that it “might create disturbances.” Men of great vision and courage!

Timbuktu had been nominated for the Hollywood Oscars. Maybe, as you read these lines, this movie has won an oscar because just shooting it, on site, was an act of incredible courage. Yeah, Abderrahmane Sissako and his crew and all the actors, they’re Charlies!

In Irak now, ISIS is also burning manuscripts thousands years old, and musical instruments of course and instituted the sharia, etc. Same old, same old. Same in Libya. We hadn’t seen autodafés (public burning of books) since the Nazis. So that tell you something about these fucks. Now, don’t be mistaken, this has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with power. Hard power indeed. In our liberal societies, our rulers use a softer power: they cut schools’ programs and public services.

The irony of it is that those sectarian groups have prospered, and are prospering, by filling up the vaccum created by lack of public services (education, health, etc.). And how were they able to do that? With the help and money of our “great friends” – I quote Obama and Hollande and Merkel and Cameron – in the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Not that there was no money but, when corrupt leaders, “great friends” of ours, are pilfering the wealth, poor people look for the best recourse they can get.

Anyway, you know none of these countries is going to show Timbuktu.

By the way, any news about the 200 girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria? Exactly. Oh yes, there has been news. They reportedly have been “married” to Allah fighters. That some godly view of religion: “You can rape a teenager (or two, or three, or four) but you have to marry her first!” Oh yes, that’s what was happening at home, in the white Christian world, not that long ago. And if she was black, like in the US for example, you didn’t even have to marry her. And if she bitched, SHE was sent to jail. Hum, from which books could so many different people of different races and religions have imagined such terrible ways of living and treating women? Your guess. Now, if you want an autodafé…

Riss, who was wounded in the attack, is the new CHARLIE HEBDO director. He gave one interview last week, explaining that they all needed a rest after the murders and that the next issue is planned for February 25th. He was asked, of course, is they would still comment on the Jihadists?
“Of course,” said Riss.
“But isn’t this an obsession?” he was asked then.
“No,” said Riss, “we’re not obsessed with it but we are journalists and our job is to comment on the news and what’s in the news every day?”
“But,” Riss added, “that’s not our only focus. Luckily we have DSK.”

Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK, the Sofitel in New York? Well the guy was being tried this week in Northern France. He was accused of having organized orgies at the Carlton Hotel, in Lille, therefore being a pimp. DSK said that he indeed “fucked brutally” these women but that he thought they were “libertines.”
Looks like he’ll walk, again.

So this week’s cover of Notes about CHARLIE is dedicated to DSK. It says ‘Sharia in Libya’, and the caption reads: “The weather is better than in Lille and one is less bugged here than in New York.”

Riss knows some Pakistanis asshole has put a prize on his head. More worrisome, threats have been coming from Morocco against Zineb El-Razoui, journalist at CHARLIE HEBDO and survivor of the massacre. More worrisome still, threats have been extended to her husband who lives in Morocco. The thing is, CHARLIE HEBDO’s journalists don’t hide, they’re easy to find, they’re in the phone book so to speak. Now look at all the executioners, the terrorists, the assholes, they always – always – have a mask. What, they don’t want to show their face to the face of god?

Anyway, what next? Theats on her mother, her cousins? Yeah, Zineb El-Razoui is a Charlie in her own rights. I knock on wood!

Anyway, the lone wolf strategy is worrisome because, now, anyone who dares making fun of or critique religions, which ever one, could become a target. If only because there are plenty enough of crazies all over the planet, law of big numbers obliges. Just to think that more than 500 people attended the burial ceremony of the Danish asshole that killed two… Even if only 1% of these idiots is completely crazy, that’s still five fucks there with a cause. And all they have to do for their fifteen minutes of fame is to open a phone book!

In France the SPHP is the police department in charge of the “protection des hautes personnalités” (no need for translation). Franck Brinsolaro, the cop who was killed in CHARLIE HEBDO’s newsroom, belonged to that service. He was protecting Charb, who was then director of the magazine. Last week, one of SPHP’s spokesman talked to the press. He explained that, before, he and his colleagues were mostly protecting politicians but that today they have so many more people to protect: journalists, writers, polemists, athletes, etc. But, he said, the number of cops working in his service has remained the same. “I wish I could sometimes sleep more than four hours a night,” he bitterly concluded.

Just to think that Franck Brinsolaro had done many missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan just to be shot dead by two morons in Paris.

In the meantime, less than a three hours flight from Paris, Ukrainians and Russians are fighting, hard. Civilians dies, cities are destroyed, including churches and libraries, etc. Same old, same old. Yet, they have the same religions and they’re not Muslims! That goes to show…

By the way, I guess all the people in that plane shot down by Putin’s goons last year have been written off through profit and loss. In any case, I’d be Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian, I’d be worried.

In front of the mosque Boulevard de Belleville in Paris, the number of military guards had gone from a dozen right after the Jewish deli massacre to only two a few weeks later. But last week, after the killings in Denmark, it went back up to five. A week later, this number is down again to two. I guess they too need to catch some sleep.

To finish, last week, the Oxford University released a report documenting the twelve risks that threatens human civilization before we reach 2100. Among them, five of what they call ‘current risks’: Extreme Climate Change, Nuclear War, Ecological Catastrophe, Global Pandemic, Global System Collapse. So there’s still hope.

Ellar Wise

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