Catfish burning (2/2)

Catfish burning 2/2

Anyway, one day, I talked to Jimmy about the Denis incident. I said: “Damn, Jimmy, for Christ’s sake, I know I’m a French idiot and I know I’m in Mississippi, and I know of ‘nigger’ here and ‘nigger’ there, but what the fuck gives with you and young Denis?”

Jimmy thought about it for a long time. “You’re looking for more work and more money, right?” Jimmy only asked me.

Well, that was the case so I said “Yes.”

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Catfish burning (1/2)

Catfish burning Part 1

For a white boy like me, Jimmy Clark was kind. He gave me a job and showed me Southern hospitality. This was Mississippi, the Magnolia State, and a white foreigner, French at that, was somewhat welcomed.

There was not an immigration bureau thousands of miles around and, for illegal wetbacks, Mississippi was a terra incognita where nobody asked questions to white folks as to why they were there. So, no question asked, I got a job with Jimmy Clark.

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