Against all odds, Adam is boss again (chapter LXXXIV)


Well, when old Mr. Me chose this southeastern Asian country to retire, I had in mind a place by the beach, always warm. As it turned out, there I was up in the mountains and it was winter. Oh, not winter like in Brittany, France, or Chicago, USA, but winter enough. May Linh couldn’t be nude all day – anyway our contract was null and void – and neither could I live in my shorts like I got used to during the past three years or so when I was indeed by the beach in a warm place.

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Adam’s last grand tour of the planet (chapter LXXXV)


Old Mr. Me was now living, without a contract, with May Linh up in the mountains of this southeastern Asian country. I was still giving her money every month though and it all went into her school. And in a way it was nice just to be the two of us although May Linh couldn’t be nude all day. We never mentioned Maggie’s brutal disappearance and we got news from Lily once in a while. She had found a job in Chicago, working in an office downtown for an export company.

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Adam tires, blabbers still (chapter LXXXVI)

Hotel in the capital

Weeks, months went by for old Mr. Me in May Linh’s small house up in the mountains of this southeastern Asian country. Spring came, then summer, then fall, then winter again. Routine had definitely settled in but then it was December and it made me realize that, for the past three years, almost four, we had never celebrated anything with May Linh: not Christmas, not birthdays – I still didn’t really how old she was, 50, 55, 60? I had no idea – no independence day. Not even New Year’s days, neither mine nor hers. Although we’d go see the firework for her New Year’s day, we didn’t celebrated it as such.

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Adam says no more (chapter LXXXVII)


It was the end of October when old Mr. Me went to the capital with May Linh and the kid and it was very nice weather there, neither too hot nor too rainy. But it was winter already when we came back up the mountains where we lived now with May Linh. A soggy winter. And I got a cold I just couldn’t get rid of. I had almost stopped smoking cigarettes because of the horrendous coughing and that says something. I could tell my health was declining rapidly now. I would still drink beer and the kid would get me high with tisanes. I was hardly eating anymore.

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