Adam says – Epilogue, part 2: Maggie

3 Lilies

May Linh and Lily were now reunited in May Linh’s place, up in the mountains of this southeastern Asian country. And they were waiting for Maggie. The kid, who went to pick her up at the airport, would be back for dinner, around 9 pm. May Linh and Lily had time during the day to walk around town, see the neighbors, visit the school, and meet with the architect, the pupils. They were happy to go home early and work together in the garden for a while. It was too cold to be nude but they worked side by side, like old times, each lost in her own thoughts.

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Adam says – Epilogue, part 3, the end: Carter, Simon

Sunrise over earth

May Linh, Lily, Maggie and Simon were in the car early, the kid waving them good bye. Lily was driving, with May Linh next to her and Maggie and the baby on the back seat. Driving the long ride south, from up in the mountains to the beach, from winter to eternal summer, they had plenty of time to talk and to laugh and to be silent. Thus the trip went fast.

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