Adam wonders: should Maggie stay or should Maggie go? (chapter LXX)

Lily and Maggie

It had already been quite a day for Maggie, her first day living with us, May Linh, Lily and old Mr. Me, in my recluse house by the beach, in a remote jungle, in this southeastern Asian country. She was living in the nude, as stipulated in the contract, but that was not the most disconcerting for her.

Indeed, that first day, Maggie went to work in the garden, then she went to swim like she never swam before, then Lily gave her one of her special massages, one to which I participated to and benefited from and finally, coming back from the village, May Linh brought her a bunch of presents, necessary stuff that Maggie needed like rubber boots, goggles and stuff.

Anyway the four of us were on the front porch and Maggie was trying on her new gear and May Linh and Lily were hard-pressed to not be laughing. At that point, being nude was not anymore what disconcerted Maggie most and I thought ‘that goes to show that nudity is quickly forgotten really’ and I was thinking ‘so far so good’. As far as I was concerned, they were beautiful, all three of them, and I was filling up my eyes with their nude magnificence.

Then Maggie went to put her new stuff away and helped May Linh with the groceries I guess. Lily and I went back to our backgammon games and, soon enough, I could hear May Linh play her piano and Maggie came back on the porch with drinks, a bloody Mary for her, white wine with ice cubes in it for Lily and a cold beer for me. And, for once, I was beating Lily at backgammon.

Then it was Bundy’s time, our traditional daily pause, and that helped to loosen the atmosphere. Maggie probably thought at first she had crashed into a mad house. But she came and sat on the coach and I was in the middle now, between May Linh on my left and Maggie on my right and Lily laid down on her belly on our laps and all three of them were nude and all three of us were caressing and scratching Lily. May Linh still had the top of Lily and I still had Lily’s ass and thighs and now Maggie had her calves, feet and toes. And I was thinking how much Al Bundy would have loved this.

And, when the show started, I realized then that, in whatever household Maggie grew up in Hong Kong, they didn’t know and had never heard of the Bundys, and that goes to show the limits of American’s influence. Then again, although I didn’t ask her, I was pretty sure that she knew of Dr. Who. Yeah, Dr. Who, that’s me I thought and I laughed alone imagining Dr. Who showing up in Chicago and needed help and ringing Al Bundy’s door.

“Peg, can you open the door, it’s Marcie?” Al would say.

Anyway, for the first time we heard Maggie laugh. And we were all laughing – watching Married with Children for Christ’s sake! – and there is something very special about a French finger kiss while Lily is laughing. I could feel her laughter from deep inside and I could tell this was genuine joy. Indeed, eventually Maggie learned how to scratch sweet Lily to sleep, and she did every night from now on.

All that to say that, other than adamantly refusing to leave the house and go to the village, Maggie adjusted pretty quickly and pretty good to our secluded and weird way of life. I soon noticed that she wasn’t much into the gardening stuff but she did help the best she could around the house.

One night she even decided she’d cook and the three of us, May Linh, Lily and I, were watching her in her blue apron in the kitchen and she showed us how witty she could be and, mimicking Hong Kong cooking TV shows, she made us laugh so much that it didn’t matter later that her cooking was not anywhere near as good as May Linh and Lily’s cooking. I had a great time looking at her though as she was cooking. In fact, with all three of them nude around me, it was difficult now for me to settle my gaze.

That first week, only once did I feel May Linh resenting Maggie, and it was about Maggie’s insistence about not going anywhere. It happened the following Friday after Maggie’s arrival. Lily was about to go, like every Friday, and this was the time May Linh and I shared together, our time, just the two of us, and Lily knew that; in fact, Lily had set it up this way and that’s why she was going somewhere every Friday and why she insisted to Maggie that she’d follow her and go with her. And I’m sure Maggie would have had a good time. But Maggie was adamant and didn’t want to leave the house and that kind of peeved everybody.

Indeed, after Lily was gone, May Linh and I were a little bit miffed and at odds with the situation and Maggie was too. So Maggie went to the office and sat at the desk and started to look at something on Internet. I realized later that, almost every day, when May Linh and Lily would be gardening, or when May Linh would play the piano and Lily and I play backgammon, she would be watching and reading the news, in Chinese.

So that Friday, May Linh played the piano for a while and I listened to her, which was always a marvel, but then she stopped abruptly, came to the porch and asked me if I wanted to go swim with her. We had already swam in the morning but ok, why not? So we went back into the ocean and it was the low tide and we reached the sandbar and she threw her legs around my waist and I was ready for a gamahuche because I too was happy to be just with her, especially that for once she didn’t have her diving gear with her.

But I soon felt it wasn’t only a gamahuche she wanted and sure enough, while I was easily carrying her in the water, we made love the way only the two of us made love and I knew she couldn’t have children and never could and that was our Friday thing, making love, telling each other something with our bodies we couldn’t tell with words. And that’s why we didn’t care too much for Maggie to be here.

Yet, somehow, I thought I saw a shadow on the porch and I understood it was Maggie watching us and I understood that, if she was doing so, it was only because this was what May Linh wanted; she wanted it known that old Mr. Me could fuck Maggie in the ass and gamahuche her all I wanted but that this ‘making love affair’ was May Linh’s privilege and May Linh’s only. And that was the case, just like would a good old couple, and it was nice. Indeed, Lily never breached that understanding and May Linh wanted to make sure that Maggie wouldn’t either and this meant that something was still bothering May Linh about Maggie.

Anyway, Maggie adjusted quickly to us and I adjusted to her. Among the new things, Maggie was smoking and drinking plenty of bloody Maries and she was staying late with me on the porch. So I again started to go to bed late and again to wake up late and I was happy to find Maggie still in bed in the morning and I was happy to love myself against her soft body and give her a quick French finger kiss just to make sure I could and then go back to sleep with her.

So, after she had been here a week, one evening at the dinner table, in front of May Linh and Lily of course, I asked Maggie:

“Maggie, you’ve been here a week now, so, what’s your call: you’re staying or you’re leaving?”

“I’d like to stay,” Maggie said. And she didn’t have much of a hesitation. I’m quite certain she had never imagined saying this just a week ago.

Christ! Really I was hoping she’d leave. I was looking forward to go back to the paradise May Linh, Lily and I had created. We even had animals as Carter duly noted! And May Linh and I didn’t care anymore about the rest of the world and Lily was young but patient, saving money and taking this job like a super long vacation and loving it. And, I thought, we had already given a lot to Maggie. So why couldn’t I ask her to leave? Why did I leave her a choice?

I knew for a fact old Mr. Me wasn’t assertive enough, and that wasn’t since today, but the fact remains that if I had REALLY wanted Maggie to leave, she’d have gone I guess. The truth was that I had a great week since Maggie’s arrival. Yes, it was nice to have her here, now that she was here.

And it was interesting to discover our nice and cosy universe through Maggie’s eyes. I could see now where some people would indeed find it peculiar. But, to May Linh, Lily and I, it had become our natural way of life, our daily routine, and we saw nothing strange in the fashion in which we were living together. They were nude and I was ogling? So what? And gamahuching and ass fucking once in a while? So what? In our remote place by the ocean, we were secure.

Moreover, I could tell that, in just one week, Maggie’s body was looking a lot better and healthier already and she was starting to have a nice integral sun tan and Maggie probably hadn’t felt so good in her body for a long time, no matter how much she paid her Hong Kong Club&Spa’s subscription.

But if I didn’t REALLY want Maggie to hit the road was also because I liked her, not only her plastic or her bootyhole, her herself, the gal, the girl, the woman. Indeed, once Maggie relaxed, we all discovered a very funny and cultured woman. More importantly, something happened in Maggie’s mind when she figured that, for real, before in Hong Kong she was already making a living out of her pussy, to make it short, and that she was doing nothing different here. Only here, although she was doing it for other reasons, there was much less stress, it was more like an unexpected vacation abroad I guess. And, indeed, when Maggie regained some of her confidence back, it became really fun for all of us then.

Ok, I could tell that Maggie was kind of clumsy but I felt she was a good person at heart and I liked her character. And she had so quickly adjusted and she did seem to like it here with us.

“I’d like to stay,” she had said.

So I looked at May Linh and Lily to ask what they were thinking. I didn’t have to formally ask them anything, I was the boss after all and this was not in the contract, but I thought it was only fair I’d ask them if they wanted Maggie to stay, or not.

Maggie’s eyes turned to Lily first, then May Linh’s, then back to me.

I heard May Linh’s message in my head. ‘Your call’ she was saying. Then I heard Lily – Christ, it was the first time that I heard Lily so clearly like this… – and she was saying it was ok with her if Maggie stayed.

I didn’t have to tell them anything, they had already probed my mind and knew my wish. And Maggie, for the first time I guess, understood that people could be having a conversation without being talkative. Proof is, she knew the answer before I said anything.

“So that’s settles it,” I said.

And Maggie stayed.

Ellar Wise

Iconography: abstract by Ellar Wise


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