Lily’s Adam’s Aphrodite’s child (chapter LXIX)

Blue Dragon

In old Mr. Me’s house by the beach, in this always warm southeastern Asian country, where May Linh and Lily were living, by contract, in the nude around me, it was understood that when Lily asked if you wanted a massage, you wanted a massage. It’s hard to explain, Lily is a Jedi, a masseuse extraordinaire – indeed that was her former job – and when Lily asked you if you wanted, you wanted, because that’s the power Jedis have. And the fact is, she always asked you for a massage when you needed it the most.

Of course Maggie, who had just inadvertently crashed in the autarkic universe May Linh, Lily and I had created, didn’t know that. “Do you want a massage?” Lily had asked Maggie and Maggie was speechless. Maggie probably thought she had just escaped going to town and now this, and this young girl’s weird pale eyes drilling into hers. I knew the feeling.

Maggie had to admit she had understood the question.

“A massage? Like where?” she said defiantly, and it was already a defeat.

Lily had a big smile.

“But right here of course, we’ll show you, with old Mr. You here, won’t we Mr. You?” she said.

Old Mr. Me???

I could tell Maggie felt like something terrible was going to happen to her but now Lily was in charge and she knew her shit and I trusted Lily.

So, while I was preparing the divan with armchairs and cushions, Lily came back with towels and her leather suitcase. And once on the porch, she opened her case and Maggie could see all the bottles and stuff that were in there, very professional, like a doctor or something. And Maggie was now even more stunned, if that was possible, and trying not to go berserk. She was just standing there, not quite knowing where to stand and, I guess, she probably wished she could flee somewhere.

If she’d been a better swimmer, I’d have suggested the sharks. Really, I knew how she felt, somewhat, if only because I remembered the first time Lily gave me a massage and the first time she gave May Linh a massage. I smiled with the souvenir. How again had Lily said back then? Oh yes I remembered now, she had said ‘to get this over with’. Jesus, now I understood what Lily was doing, she was getting Maggie ‘over with’ and I guess she wanted me to play my part. And I knew what my part was. Right here? Right now? Hinc et nunc?

Hinc et nunc!

All of a sudden, Maggie was laying on her stomach and Lily was at work. And I knew how it felt at first when Lily had to untie and unhide decades of accumulated bullshit and toxins in your body, that pain that preceded this strange abandon under Lily’s strong hands. Apparently, there was a lot of work to unwind Maggie because Lily took a very long time untying and explaining muscles, bones and nerves, all of which she knew by heart. Then, all at once, Maggie gave in and Lily could really get going. When I saw Lily spreading on Maggie’s back her special unguent that smelled so good, I knew Maggie was now doing ok, or would be soon.

Me, I was having coffee and watching, feeling slowly stirred. Anyway, I knew that I just had to wait for Lily’s call and that, in the meantime, I could gaze at them both to my heart’s content and I was thinking that Maggie actually had her eyes on Lily’s toes. Plenty of time, I thought, before I intervene, Maggie wasn’t even yet on her back. One thing for sure though, since the first cries of pain at the beginning, Maggie hadn’t said a single word and now Lily was working her magic on her.

So I figured that was worth a beer and I went to the kitchen to get one, then I came back to the front porch, sat at the tall table, and went back to look at Lily massaging Maggie and I could tell how she was getting Maggie’s bumhole ready and Maggie was offering now no resistance whatsoever.

In due time, it was too late for Maggie and it was too late for me. I don’t know what Maggie had done before – she wasn’t a virgin, don’t get me wrong – but under Lily’s magic hands, it was probably the best ass love making she ever had, so I thought as I felt her contractions and she was cuming and cuming and having a huge orgasm, or so it seemed, if anything only because she had probably never ever felt her own body the way Lily could make you feel and understand your own self.

I was used by now to Lily’s massages, with or without May Linh, but this was still new. Maggie!!! Christ! Every woman’s anus is unique and hers only! And I guess by now Maggie knew the power of the Jedis. Anyway it was great, I thought, and I enjoyed it a lot. And I was thinking to myself, what did I do in a former life to get this lucky? I guess the aliens knew.

Lily was right of course. Now, the contract with Maggie was acted and there would no more misunderstandings or weird expectations. Indeed, old Mr. me was no King Kong anymore and Maggie knew, if only by instinct, that she didn’t have to fear my incessant assaults. This was just a tribute to Lily’s magic I guess, a rite of passage for Maggie and, maybe, a way for Lily to mark her territory. Again I thought this was great and Lily was now bowing for applause, at least that’s what she let me think. So I sent her a silent thank you.

Anyway, when it was over and Maggie and I had caught our breath, “so how did you like that?” Lily asked with a big smile. I sent a prayer to the aliens who permitted me to be where I was today. Maggie was looking for a way to put all the pieces of her brain whole again and she burst into tears.

So Lily went back to softly massaging her.

“Here you go girl, cry it out, you’re safe now,” Lily said – so Maggie was in danger I thought – and Lily, who was the youngest of us all, took care of Maggie and later led her to the shower. Then again Lily was a giver and had always taken care of her loved ones. So when they came back on the porch, which I had straightened in the meantime, Lily looked pretty happy with herself and Maggie, who was still feeling shy I could tell, was looking better now than anything we had seen of her so far. They had brought more drinks, bloody Mary for Maggie, white wine with ice cubes in it for Lily, cold beer for me, and we were all showered and fresh and smelling good and these two Asian women were beautiful and it made me feel beautiful somehow, forgetting old Mr. Me for a second.

Then, Lily and I started to play backgammon and Maggie, who obviously didn’t know the game, again didn’t know what to think or what to do and that’s when May Linh came back. She had bought for Maggie a pair of blue rubber boots, a pair of blue goggles – Christ, I could already imagine the conversation with Carter, ‘say I saw May Linh buying a blue pair of goggles’. May Linh had bought also a plain blue with a few white stripes apron, and a hat, one of those conical hats that they wear in this part of Asia and don’t wear in Hong Kong.

“That’s for me?” is all bewildered Maggie could say. And I thought she would cry again.

May Linh looked at Lily and me with eyes that said ‘what’s the matter with her?’

“Well, yes, it’s for you,” May Linh answered, “you’re the only blue snake here.”

Maggie had a jolt.

“How do you know my age?” she asked, once again utterly flabbergasted.

“Lily told me while she was giving you a massage,” May Linh said. “That’s also how I knew of your size for the boots.”

Again I saw a fleeting moment of fear in Maggie’s eyes and then she looked at me for help.

“Mermaids, I told you,” I said with a shrugged.

“Yes, that’s right,” Lily said with a beam and her weird pale eyes were alight.

“Thank you,” Maggie managed to say to May Linh.

“Don’t thank me, thank him,” May Linh answered.

So Maggie again looked at me.

“Hey, I don’t know your age!” I said and I shrugged again.

What do I know?

Well, it took me a while but I remembered what May Linh had said about the blue snake and, one day, I figured out Maggie’s age. And, that day, I was kind of happy with my detective spirit.

Ellar Wise

Iconography : Fengdu Ghost City – dragon

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