Adam plays tic tac toes and to all a good night (chapter LXVII)

3 asses

Now that Hong Kong Maggie was in the house, she was up to many surprises in that first week she spent with us. She had, like May Linh and Lily before her, accepted the contract old Mr. Me had devised so they’d be living in the nude around me, in my recluse house by the beach in this always warm southeastern Asian country.

Indeed, I remember our first night together. It started while we were having our first dinner, the first day she arrived. We were eating on the porch and Maggie couldn’t believe how good the food was – little did she know yet where shellfish were coming from – and she ate as if she hadn’t eaten for days. There was the ocean and the big sky and the jungle and the bugs’ ruckus so there was no need for us to be talking a lot.

Which was fine with me because, for the first time ever in my life, I was having dinner with three beautiful Asian ladies, and all three were nude and it was like a miracle so beautiful they were and so beautiful the whole scene was.

Shit, I again really wished I could have painted that picture and I thought to myself that there was nothing keeping me from painting if so I wished. But I knew I wouldn’t do it, I was just happy enough to relish the moment and simply wish I was a painter. Yet, imagining the paintings was my way to graft these memories into my brain I guess.

So I was gazing and gawking at all three of them and I couldn’t take it all because they were moving and they were alive and women of their own will and I could smell them. I knew how May Linh smelled. I knew how Lily smelled. I could now smell Maggie. Sweet Jesus!

So we were having dinner, on the tall table on the porch.

“See, this is the moment where usually old Mr. Him drops something so he can get under the table and ogle at our toes,” Lily said to Maggie. And she dropped her chopstick. “Hoops,” she said.

“Let me get it for you,” I said to Lily.

“Thank you dear,” said Lily with a big joking smile.


I could tell Maggie was at a loss. So I went under the table to pick up the chopstick and, sure enough, there were their feet and toes nagging me. I wondered if I could take them all in my mouth. Then, as if on cue although I didn’t hear them talk, they opened their legs, Maggie too! Christ! I heard Lily laugh and May Linh giggle. I guess Maggie didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. I couldn’t see anything really because it was dark underneath there but I liked the gesture, the offering, and I was about to lose my mind when I knocked my head on the table and it hurt and that took me back to reality.

After dinner though, just as Maggie was going to join me for a cigarette, May Linh and Lily had her understand that they weren’t her maids and Maggie got the message. Somehow I was never doing anything, I wasn’t even buying my own cigarettes, May Linh and Lily were getting them for me when doing the groceries in the village. But what was good for me I guess wasn’t good for Maggie and Maggie understood she had to get moving and help and she did. ‘Article 7’ I thought and I laughed to myself. Bitch Maggie bitch, you do your share!

So by now I was laughing to myself and in a pretty good mood. So far so good I thought. I hadn’t noticed any particular animosity toward Maggie because she was Chinese. Anyway, Maggie was so overwhelmed with all that was happening to her in that one day that she had lost, at least in front of May Linh and Lily, any kind of Chinese or Hong Kong arrogance she may have had, the one she had when I met with her earlier.

I didn’t care what anyone could think of me, even a good looking Chinese from Hong Kong, but I wouldn’t tolerate anyone, anyone, talking in derogative ways about May Linh or Lily. But I realized in this occasion that I was a fool, that I didn’t need to be so protective of May Linh and Lily, that they could defend their ground very well by themselves, without me. That hurt a little bit, in a way. But yes, May Linh and Lily were big girls and they could fend off any Maggie that came their way. In fact, they probably thought I was the one needing their help, which was probably the case.

So, from then on, I tried not to worry anymore.

We ended up on the porch with Maggie and Lily, I was having beer, Maggie had fixed herself a bloody Mary and Lily had a glass of white wine, with ice cubes in it. May Linh had started playing the piano and it was awesome and I could tell Maggie couldn’t believe it and I could tell she was feeling something and at one point I think I saw tears coming to her eyes and she was biting her lips, hard. Being naked will do that to you, feeling defenseless.

So we just sat there, sipping our drinks and May Linh was playing Erik Satie and even the bugs in the jungle paid respect and I’m pretty sure that the aliens who allowed this to happen were happy for me. So, since I had a chance, I took the time to look in details at Maggie’s pale nude body, and liking it a lot.

That said, after the trip and all those emotions and the drinks, Maggie was tired and it showed. Her cheeks and eyes were red, her shoulders slumped and she had dark shadows under her eyes and she was sweating. She looked beat and, once naked, this you cannot hide. Lily felt her despair, for lack of another word.

“Come,” she said to Maggie, “I’ll show you where you’ll sleep.”

“Oh thanks,” said Maggie and she looked relieved that her day was about to be over with.

So Maggie got up and I had a good look at her, she was just in front of me.

“I guess, good night Mr. You,” she said and she was embarrassed but I didn’t know if it was because she was naked or because of the way I was gazing at her or both.

“Yes, good night Maggie,” I said.

And I saw her follow Lily inside and then stop by May Linh for a minute. And I wondered where was Maggie going to sleep in our single big bed?

Then I figured May Linh and Lily had probably thought that out. So I went to get a few cold beers in the kitchen. While passing through my shotgun house, I saw Maggie washing her teeth and her nice booty was shaking with the toothbrush’s rhythm. It was like a samba! Christ almighty!

I didn’t hang and went to the porch. I popped a beer open, smoked a French joint, and listened to May Linh playing her piano and the music was filling up the place and I didn’t know what was the most magic: these three – Christ, three! – Asian women living nude with me or having the chance to be sitting here on my porch before the ocean and the big sky and listening to May Linh playing her piano? That goes to show how much I enjoyed, always, listening to May Linh’s play. But she soon stopped to play, so Maggie could go to sleep I guess, and she joined me and Lily on the porch.

Eventually it was my turn to feel the weight of the events of the day. May Linh and Lily had gone to bed and I was now ready to go too. So I turned off the lights and found my way to the bedroom wondering all of a sudden where I’d sleep. But when I got there, my usual spot, the right side, was free so I slid under the sheet. And there was a body, much closer on my side of the bed than usual and I knew it was May Linh’s. Gosh I was so glad she had kept this spot next to me, her place since day one.

So I loved my old bones against May Linh’s body and let her warmth soothes me and I caressed her a little bit, just to let her know that I was so happy to go to sleep with her. To my surprise, she opened up and we shared a tender French finger kiss. Then we looked for the best position together in this new configuration.

When I put my arm around May Linh, I could sense someone there, close, and somehow I knew it was Maggie because I just knew Lily had kept her place by the other side of the bed. Get in the middle bitch! I thought and I laughed alone in my head about my own Mississippi joke. Well, I thought, soon Maggie would have to do the scratching to put Lily to sleep.

Christ, I thought then, wait until Maggie hears about the Bundys! And I chuckled and May Linh felt it and she chuckled too because she could read my mind and probably knew what I was thinking. So that was fun.

Then we again loved against each other’s bodies and went to sleep together.

Ellar Wise.

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