Maggie gets Adam’s contract loud and clear (chapter LXVI)

Blue Nude Henri Matisse

Old Mr. Me had devised a scheme whereas I would live in my remote house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country surrounded by women, well-paid of course, living in the nude. If only because I didn’t know anything more beautiful than a woman’s nude body.

At first, I thought three of them would be a good number. But, for more than two years now, I had been perfectly happy with only two, May Linh and Lily. But Maggie, a Chinese woman from Hong Kong, quite unexpectedly showed up and I had to go pick her up at the train station. We were off to a bad start but, after a couple of drinks in a bar, Maggie agreed, much to my surprise, to the philosophy of that contract, including the fondling part, and more.

So Maggie and I we were back in the car and there was less hostility in the way we fasten our seatbelts. Now I was having green lights and we were on our way to my place, 35 miles away, in the countryside, next to the ocean. We weren’t talking. Maggie was again reading the contract carefully.

“Article 10,” she said.

“What’s article 10?” I asked.

“I quote: ‘Mr. Me can end this contract at any time, given a week’s notice. No questions asked’. Idem in article 11, we, the nude women I guess, ‘can end this contract at any time, given a week’s notice. No questions asked’. End quote. So you mean that, if I want, I can leave in a week?”

“Well, yes,” I said, “you’re not going to jail. You tell me tomorrow you want to leave, you leave in a week. And if tomorrow I want you to be gone and away in a week I’ll tell you tomorrow morning.”

“Ok,” she said.

“Article 9: 4.000 coppers, that’s the monthly salary you’re paying but how much is that worth in here?” Maggie asked.

“Well,” I said, “it’s a very, very, very good salary here but maybe just pocket money for you in Hong Kong. But in two months, with this salary, here you can buy an airplane ticket to pretty much anywhere in the world.”

She looked at me funny. She wanted to talk but she went back to the contract.

“Article 8, gotta sleep in your bed?”

“Yep,” I said.

“With what’s their names…”

“May Linh and Lily.”

“Yeah, May Linh and Lily. So we all sleep in the same bed with you?”

And there was a bit of contempt in her voice and I didn’t like that too much.

“Yep, I have a big bed,” I said.

“And I can smoke only outside?”

“Yep. No smoke in the car either. May Linh and Lily don’t smoke.”

“You seem to like them a lot, the way you talk about them,” she said and there was some surprise in her voice.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said.

She went back to reading.

“Art 23, I quote: ‘Mr. Me and, Maggie I guess, will at all times be courteous to each other’. You haven’t been very courteous since I’ve met with you,” she said.

“I came to pick you up, I paid for the drinks and I’m now taking you some place where you can spend the night. That’s plenty courteous as far as I’m concerned. And you weren’t courteous at all, barging into our lives, unannounced, looking like you’re in a hurry to ‘take a break’. But that’s ok because you hadn’t agreed yet to the contract. The moment you sign it, it entails us both to be courteous, and that goes with every one you’ll find when we arrive,” I said.

“Ok,” she said. But I didn’t know what it was she was saying ok to. Then, to my surprise, she got a pencil out of her small purse and started to scratch May Linh’s name and putting her name, Maggie, in every article of the contract where it was necessary. Then she read it one last time, and dated it and signed it and handed it to me.

I was flabbergasted, she had actually signed the contract. That was so funny. May Linh never actually signed it. She read it, said ok and that was that. Same with Lily. I thought that I should keep that copy for a long time, maybe frame it. I laughed alone in my head and almost hit a Buffalo.

I could tell Maggie was still tense.

“Look,” I said, “relax. I don’t know what you’re fleeing from but you can spend a week with us, find your bearings, get back on your feet and, in a week, we’ll see what’s up. Fair?”

“Fair,” Maggie said, “but I’m not fleeing, I’m just taking a break.”

Yeah, right! She just shows up out of nowhere, with hardly any clothes, no money I was sure, signing this kind of a contract… If she wasn’t fleeing, I was Pope Francis. But I didn’t say anything. I’m no cop, no judge either.

Still, I was worried about how would May Linh and Lily react, especially with the fact that she was Chinese, and I wasn’t driving fast at all. When we got to the village, she asked me:

“Is there any alcohol at your place?”

“Yes,” I said, “plenty of white wine and plenty of beer.”

“No hard liquor?”

“No hard liquor,” I said.

“Can you get me a bottle of vodka, some tomato juice and cigarettes?” she asked, kind of meekly.

“You don’t have any money do you?” I asked but I knew already.

“No, no cash,” she said, blushing.


So I stopped and went to get two bottles of vodka and a few cans of tomato juice. I was surprised because Maggie didn’t want to get out of the car and come with me. “No, I don’t want people to see me,” she said. And I sensed that she wasn’t being self-conscious about the contract she had just signed, she was telling the truth, Maggie didn’t want people to see her. What the fuck! I didn’t ask questions. “Ok,” I said, and I went to get the booze. It was already dark by now.

I started to drive again.

“Is your house far?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “not far.”

Maggie was surprised when she saw that we were driving through the jungle and then taking the dirt road, after the gate. It wasn’t too hot so we had the windows open and I was happy to hear the ruckus of the jungle’s bugs. Then we were at the garage.

Maggie was puzzled for a moment because she couldn’t see the house. So I got the groceries, let her carry her suitcase and led her down the path to the house.

When we arrived, first on the back porch by the dune then inside the huge kitchen, I could tell Maggie was stunned, kind of happily stunned. What? Did she think I was living in a shack? But, even before entering the kitchen, I knew May Linh wasn’t playing her piano and I figured she was with Lily on the front porch.

Maggie was following me, through the kitchen then through the office, and her eyes were looking everywhere in astonishment, then through the shower – and I could tell Maggie already liked my big Swedish shower – and then we arrived in the bedroom.

I saw that the clothes on the shelves had been reorganized, to leave some space for whomever. God, I will soon have to introduce this Chinese woman to May Linh and Lily and I didn’t know how to go about that. So I showed her the space on the shelves and told Maggie that she could put her stuff there.

Just then, Lily showed up in the bedroom. Lily was just too curious and, as a matter of fact, I was glad she was there.

“Lily, this is Maggie, Maggie, this is Lily.”

“Hi Maggie, welcome” L,ily said and she was showing no hostility. Lily was stark naked, of course, and young and energetic and her body was hairless and she had those weird very pale eyes and a great generous soul and Maggie was dumbfounded, looking at nude Lily with her mouth open. What did you expect? I thought to myself, like only dumb and ugly whores could be living here with me? Wait until you meet May Linh I thought.

“Hi,” Maggie finally managed to say to Lily.

“You can take you clothes off here,” Lily said matter-of-factly. “Let me help you and then I’ll show you the shower and then I’ll show you the house.”

Maggie was speechless, just standing there, saying and doing nothing. I knew the feeling.

Ok, I had gotten Lily’s point, so I got into my shorts as fast as I could, grabbed a cold beer in the kitchen, crossed my shotgun house and I thought for a second to stay in the bedroom and watch Maggie take her clothes off and take a shower, that would have been nice, but I figured I’d let Lily deal with her. Maggie was still standing, stunned, frozen, dumbstruck.

I realized she didn’t asked me in the car about May Linh and Lily’s age. So, to see Lily, 26, showing up in the nude as naturally as Eve used to walk the earth, must be quite a sight. Indeed, I was now looking at Lily and I was so glad to see her, in every senses of the word. And I guess this was a bit too much for Maggie to comprehend it all at once.

So I went to the front porch, and there was May Linh, and the ocean and the big sky. I sat next to her and, somehow, just being next to her, I started to feel a lot better. She was drinking white wine, with ice cubes in it, I could see Lily’s glass. I let May Linh probe my mind. May Linh and I didn’t need to speak that much, somehow she could let me know, directly into my head, what she was thinking and she knew what I was thinking. So we stayed silent, happy to be with each other, waiting for what was next.

I heard the shower going and I heard Maggie and Lily talk, in English, so I knew Lily already knew by now that Maggie was Chinese, from Hong Kong. Come to think of it, Lily probably knew Maggie was Chinese the moment she saw her when she came into the bedroom. And Maggie had to be surprised again, listening to Lily’s excellent American English she had learned by heart. Christ, poor Maggie I thought for a second.

“Mr. You? May Linh? Would you please care to join us?”

It’s was Lily calling from inside. May Linh and I both knew why Lily was calling. It was too late to flee I thought. I looked at the ocean and I thought that I still had the option to run into the water and swim away until I’m eaten by sharks. That was an alternative but, truth is, I was curious.

And it occurred to me that, by now, Maggie must have seen the grand piano in the big room and that was probably another shocker for her. Wait until she hears May Linh play! I thought. So May Linh and I got up and turned around.

“Ta da!” said Lily with a big smile, and there was Maggie, stark naked, blushing for sure but somewhat happy to show what she had. I guessed she was closer to 35 than 25, although it’s always hard to be sure with Asian women, as least for old white occidental me.

Yes I saw beautiful breasts and a flat belly and a nice vertical pubic line leading to her pussy and she had a nice silhouette and was beautiful for sure but what struck me first is the fact that she was so white. It was almost scary. May Linh and Lily, after more than two years of living as Robinsons had tanned – no marks – and strong bodies. What with all that sun, that gardening and that swimming! And that’s not counting the typhoons, every now and then.

In comparison, Maggie’s body looked so pale, weak and tired. Now that I had a chance to look at her better, I noticed the dark shadows under her eyes. I didn’t know why but I knew that soft body of hers had been thrown out of its comfort zone with some urgency and had been running since.

Maggie and May Linh were looking at each other and I could tell that Maggie was flabbergasted again with the appearance of May Linh, beautifully and elegantly nude May Linh who owned this place in a way because she owned me in a way. I knew Maggie’s mind must be racing, trying to figure all these new signals and information and I knew May Linh was probably already probing Maggie’s mind. So neither of them was paying any attention to me and I could look at Maggie.

“So, Mr. You, what do you think of this?” Lily asked, laughing as she came next to me to look at Maggie as well. I guess it must have felt lonely for a second for Maggie, just to be standing there alone and totally nude in front of the three of us.

“Can you turn around,” asked Lily to Maggie with a big smile.

Maggie blushed again and was taken aback by Lily’s question. She looked at the three of us and I guess she saw something in our eyes – curiosity maybe? – and she turned around.

May Linh, Lily and I looked at each other. I figured there couldn’t be any difference in the way each one of them was treated. And I remembered what I had asked May Linh the first time I had met with her and I remembered that I didn’t have to ask Lily because May Linh had briefed her. Still, fair is fair. So I was just about to ask Maggie to bend over when she did it herself; even before I could utter a word, she just bent over and she could touch her toes with her fingers with no difficulty.

Christ! Did Lily briefed her? Or did May Linh sent her a stealth message? Did Maggie think about bending over on her own?

And yes, this was a beautiful sight but I just had the time to focus on her anus that she was up already and she turned around to us. So May Linh told Maggie: “please, let me show you the porch and the beach and the garden.” And, as if possessed, Maggie followed May Linh out. I watched them go, looking at their asses, trying to fill my eyes with them, knowing it was impossible.

Yes, Maggie was a beautiful woman, and certainly not to my eyes only, but I was now used to live with, to my eyes, two beautiful women and I was not as impressed by Maggie’s beauty than I was by her mere presence, this new beautiful woman body, nude and alive, right here, in front of me. I could never tire of such magic!

And there was Lily.

“Mr. You, wine for everyone and beer for you?” she asked.

And I looked at her and she was beautiful, and tanned and young and strong and funny so, for an instant, I forgot about Maggie and May Linh.

“Let me help you with the drinks,” I told her.

“Ok,” she said and she smiled.

And Lily turned around to go to the kitchen and I followed her there. Please help me god!

Ellar Wise

Iconography: Blue Nude, by Henri Matisse

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