Lily probes Adam’s secret thoughts (chapter LXI)


For a few months now, May Linh and Lily had been living, by contract, in the nude in old Mr. Me’s house by the beach in this always warm southeastern Asian country and we somehow learned how to live together. But the thing with the search for balance is that you often can’t anticipate where it will lead you.

So now I was more awake in the morning than I had ever been and I could hear May Linh and Lily go to the toilet and I kind of liked that.

After her exercises, May Linh would go to the bathroom first. And I could hear her pee, then take a shit. It didn’t take her long and then she would take a shower and that’s when Lily would get up and I could hear her pee and take a shit. And their shit, I could guess, had nothing to do with my beer shit. Although it must be noted that since I had been here living with May Linh and Lily, not only was my body sharper than ever – thanks to swimming and Lily’s massages – but my shit was a lot firmer than it had been for a long time and I figured that had to do with the very good food we were eating every day.

In fact you could tell, with the smell only, that’s Lily’s and May Linh’s shit was as natural and as pure as it gets, not a stinker like most of mines. So, as time passed by, I was in bed in the morning, awake, listening to them taking a shit and I started to get curious and kind of wishing I could see that.

Fact is I already knew inside their butt quite well and sometimes, with a deep gamahuche, I could feel the shit waiting there and something was happening there when they’d have an orgasm and I could feel the contractions. So I got curious and once or twice sort of got up and went through the bathroom as Lily was there, sitting on the pot and enjoying herself taking a shit. Funny but I would have never dared with May Linh.

Lily read my mind, as usual I guess. So one evening Lily and I were playing backgammon and May Linh was playing the piano, always classical in the afternoon, more groovy in the evening since she’s got now a whole bunch of new groovy score sheets.

“So, Mr. You,” Lily said matter-of-factly, while playing, “would you like to see me pee or take a shit?”

I was so glad that she was moving her pawns and not looking at me. And I was glad it was then my turn to play and I had to move my pawns and look at the board.

It is always difficult to answer to a very direct question, especially a question like that. The fact is I knew the answer, and I had known it for a long time really but never acknowledged it to myself, never dared, always keeping it somewhere hidden, very hidden, in a warm place but hidden. But old Mr. Me had no more time to hide and Lily was probably the only woman in the entire world that I could talk to on that subject and who could talk to me like that. So I couldn’t hide anymore.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Ok,” she said, “I’ll get you when we’re ready.”

We kept silent for a moment and went back to our game. But something was nagging me.

“Lily, why do you do that?” I asked. “You know you don’t have to, you already have given me, and May Linh, a lot more that was ever expected, a lot more than was even suggested in the contract.”

“I know but it’s now or never,” she said.

“Now or never what?” I asked.

She must have seen something on my face because she explained.

“Look Mr. You, if not for you and May Linh, I’d be now working in a whore house in the capital and I would have no choice about the fantasies of men, and I would have to deal with up to ten men a day, or more, and you know that some of them are cruel or pervert or both and I would have to act as if I liked it because I’d need the money to take care of my family, you know that don’t you?”

Yes, I knew about her family needing her and yes I knew there were a bunch of crazy fucks out there, just by the law of big numbers.

“Then May Linh and you showed up and changed the fatality of my life, where I can now provide for my family more than I ever could with hardly doing anything, because really your contract asks for very little to do and, in any case, even that is not hard to do. So here I am now and I am very happy to be here and I know now I have a future. So I’m very happy with what I can bring to you and May Linh.”

“Yes, I understand” I said, ”but, still, when you’re probing my secret thoughts and now offering to give me even more, you don’t need to, I’m not even asking for it and it makes me feel a bit ill at ease. I don’t want you to think that you have to.”

“Look Mr. You,” she said, and I could tell she was utterly serious. “Compared to the ten guys a day that would have been my lot for days, weeks, months, dealing with you is nothing to me, really. And, on top of it, I think you’re a good guy and I have no fear of you and you always have been nice and tender with me and I really appreciate that. But make no mistake, everything that happens here, as far as sex is concerned, is a choice of mine and old Mr. You would be most incapable of doing anything to me if I didn’t want to.”

That was true!

“And don’t get me wrong,” she continued, “the money you pay me is for what’s in the contract and in the contract only; the massages and the gamahuching and the ass fucking are free, totally free, because it is me giving it to you and I do that because I want to. So if there’s more I can do for you, I’ll happily do it because I’m the last and only one who can do it for you and you don’t have much time left anyway.”

“What do you mean ‘not much time left’?” I asked, fearing that, with her divination gift, she had seen something in me, a bad omen, a hidden illness.

“I mean that I don’t know how long the three of us will live here together like this but I’m young and I know, one day, this will be over. I don’t know when but that day will come and it will seem then like it all went in a blink. So it will be over before we know it, unless of course you live to be a hundred years old, in which case, I’ll probably be leaving before that.”

“Yeah, you’re right I guess,” I sighted.

“And,” she continued, a bit vehemently, “don’t make either the mistake to think there’s some kind of pity for you from my part because I too I’m taking advantage of the situation. I can discover and try for myself many things, so that I will know what they are, but, instead of learning it the hard way in a brothel, I can do it here, when and where I want it, at my leisure, with a nice old man who loves me more than any man ever did, save maybe for my real father but he died long time ago and I can hardly remember him. So feel free Mr. You, now are your last opportunities to try out with me your secret thoughts, you dearest or direst fantasies, and you’ll help me to discover some things as well and, one day, I’ll be ready for Tarzan,” and she laughed.

She won that backgammon game, again, easy.

“And you know Mr. You,” she added for good measure, “for what I’ve seen since I arrived, your desires and fantasies are pretty basic, almost ‘petit bourgeois’,” she said, using the French expression. “What? A gamahuche? Ass fucking? If that’s all of your dreams, I’m not terrified,” and Lily laughed again.

She was right, of course.

One afternoon, just as May Linh started to play the piano, Lily came and fetched me out of the porch, asking me to follow her. So I did and I followed her, looking at her back, her long black hair, her small ass, her energetic legs, and she led me behind the garden, into the jungle. I kind of guessed, in regard of our last conversation, where this was leading us.

But why in the woods? I remembered what May Linh had told me about snakes in the jungle and I was wearing tongs, which was of no use against snakes. Sure enough, on the way, Lily stopped by the garden shack, put her red with yellow stripes rubber boots on and told me again to follow her.

“Just walk in my steps,” she said. So that’s what I did.

And I was kind of scared, and not of snakes. Lily was nude of course and gun ho and beautiful, at least to my eyes. I’m sure Mexicans would have found her bony but, as far as I was concerned, there was something about her that inspired respect. So I walked carefully in her steps. Then we reached some sort of a clearing. And I understood it was a part of the forest she had been working on with May Linh and I was impressed. And I understood she wanted to show me that too.

“How do you like this place?” Lily asked, with some pride in her voice. I told her I was impressed. “May Linh found it, after the typhoon,” she said and I could tell all the work they had put into it. The place was open yet hidden in the jungle and the clearing was happy to get direct sun and flowers were relishing the opportunity to thrive for a while, before the jungle reclaims its domain and I could see butterflies and bees. Had I known, I would have rebuilt the guest-house here. So I was standing there, feeling the sun coming through where it never shone before and I was in awe and not excited a bit.

We were walking through the clearing and there wasn’t a noise coming out of the jungle. And I knew it was just a matter of time, that the moment the night would fall, billions of bugs would go off, reminding us all that they’d survive us and eat our dead corpses. So I was walking in Lily’s steps and we reached the end of the clearing.

Once there I didn’t know what to do so I figured I’d trust Lily.

“Here, come close,” Lily told me and I did as she said.

There was a tree, a mighty one, one that had survived the typhoon and the construction workers’ chainsaws. A survivor tree! And Lily, holding my hand, put her back to the mighty trunk and scratched her back for a second.

Ellar Wise

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Iconography : Hainuwele defecating valuable objects, by Xavier Romero-Frias (Wikimedia commons)

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