Routine, Adam says, can also mean lovely days (Chapter LVI)


Yes, old Mr. Me had drawn a contract and yes May Linh and Lily were working for me in my secluded home by the ocean in this southeastern Asian country. Working meaning living in the nude around me and agreeing to be fondled once in a while. That’s what the contract stated. And it seemed simple enough. Little did I foresee the power of routine.

It is funny indeed how routine comes and catches up with you. See the backgammon for example. I had taught Lily how to play backgammon while we were in the guest-house waiting for Armageddon. She liked it. Not only that but she’s a natural player. So, in my house by the beach, where, everything considered, there wasn’t much to do, Lily and I got into playing backgammon every day. I mean playing, to win.

So, every late afternoon, while May Linh was practicing her piano, and after Lily had done whatever she was doing on her laptop, with always her red headphones on, Lily would come on the porch and play backgammon with me. She loved it and I loved it. I mean, she was naked across the table from me and I couldn’t tire to look at her and I couldn’t seem to get a double. She was winning all the time. One time, I was pissed after another unlikely loss:

“You’re spooky,” I said, remembering what Carter had said of me. And she laughed.

“It’s possible,” she said.

We had decided the loser had to prepare the aperitif drinks. And, indeed, as night was falling – the good thing in tropical countries is that you know at what time day breaks and day falls -, when May Linh stopped playing her piano, she always had a drink ready for her. White wine, with ice cubes in it. Ain’t that magic! Didn’t matter who won or lost the game, May Linh was happy and we were all happy.

And so it went with our living together. May Linh and Lily would be with me three weeks in a row and then they would go for a week, just enough time for me to miss them. Taking May Linh and Lily in an out of the train station, at the end, they knew me at the train station bar, and I was getting free bloody Maries.

Our garden was incredible now and we had our first harvest, green beans. I can remember that night when they cooked our own vegetables for the first time and we were having dinner on the porch. There were the ocean and the big sky and many stars and benevolent aliens and we were all so proud and my napkin happened to fall so I had to pick it up under the table and I heard them talk in their language and, while I was under there, they both opened their legs, and I thought about a quick French finger kiss – two of them in fact – but before I could do anything, I heard them both laugh and I knew they weren’t making fun of me but loving me in a way and if I came back up it’s only because I needed to breathe.

In any case, I soon discovered that the both of them, in their rubber boots, were clearing another piece of the jungle in order to make the garden bigger.

Swimming was another thing and that too became some sort of a routine, a reassuring one. I would go first to swim – almost every day during the dry season -, while they were working in the garden, and I would swim far at sea and I relished being carried by the waves, the currents, which I had learned to understand, these waves and these currents. In the water, somehow, I could forget about May Linh and Lily because, I guess, I couldn’t see them. And I kind of liked what swimming every day did to old Mr. Me’s body. I was more fit now than I had been for decades.

On my way back, I would meet them on the sandbar. May Linh would throw her legs around my waist for a gamahuche or a quick French finger kiss, whatever; sometimes Lily too but rarely. Then I liked swimming underwater and watching their nude bodies and my hands and fingers were like sea anemones. I know mermaids exist because I was now living with two of them. Then they’d go dive and search for shellfish and I’d spend my time looking at them go deep and come back for air, thinking that even the great Odysseus wasn’t as lucky as I was.

Lily’s massages also became routine somewhat in the sense they were quite frequent, although never at any given times. Lily would somehow sense I needed one, or that May Linh needed one or that we both needed one together. So once or twice a week, through Lily’s massages, May Linh and I would again and again have great sex, the greatest, ass sex because they knew that’s what old Mr. Me liked really. But, after a while, there wasn’t the intensity that there was the first times because now we knew the drill. Yet, most of the time, when Lily offered to give us a massage, although we knew what would happen at the end, or maybe because we knew how it would end, neither May Linh nor I could resist Lily’s invitation.

As part of the routine, I guess, Lily would also take off every Friday afternoon, the whole afternoon, leaving May Linh and old Mr. Me alone. So, at first, we used that time with May Linh for great gamahuching, the way we liked it both, me eating her up with my finger up her bumhole until I could feel the contractions. Then she would pull me up and we’d make love, I guess since there was nothing fancy about it, until I’d cum into her. But after a while, that predictability became boring and we happened to be just as happy just to be the two of us together, saying nothing like usual, me looking at her nude body and her, I think, relishing my gaze. We would settle on the terrace and it was perfect. Yes Lily could give life to old ashes, but still, there was a limit.

I’m not sure, because I’m not in her head, but I think May Linh somehow felt some pride, and a bit of vanity?, that a man could look at her with such intensity and I think she also got some pride that she had managed to change the course of her lonely life and taken control of it and pride also in the way she had been able to go past her own taboos, her own blockages.

The same could be said for me although, as a white Christian occidental man, it remained in me somewhere more taboos and blockages. I’d know about those soon enough.

In any case, I never asked Lily what she was doing on Friday but I later learned she often went to the resort and played backgammon with Carter or with tourists. Although she really liked the game, I think backgammon was just an excuse for her to have a chance to speak in English because, in reality, May Linh wasn’t speaking much and, if not prodded, I wasn’t either. So, through the games, Lily could easily meet with foreigners at the Lemon Tree and speak in English, which she was learning with an un-quenching passion.

I figured that out because Carter told me Lily was coming almost every Friday. But I could make sense of it only when I understood what Lily was doing every day on her laptop. For some reason, because of her age, I had just figured she was doing some bullshit, maybe having a facebook page or a twitter account, something silly in any case. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.

She was listening to American music – she liked the blues, R&B, jazz, almost anything American – and she was learning by heart all the lyrics of the songs she liked. By heart! Just like, as a massager, she now knew the names of every bone, every muscle, every organ and every nerve of the human body. And she watched American movies and series on her computer just so she could watch them in the original version and yet make her English better.

Lily had an incredible determination to learn; just to think she was the very one who couldn’t go to school so her brothers and sister COULD go to school, and she was paying for their schooling. Like May Linh said, these kids had better work their butt off in school.

And I thus understood that, although there wasn’t that much to do in our bubble, not only was Lily never bored but she was using the opportunity to be living with May Linh and I, with a good contract, to better herself. And I soon became more and more admiring of her. And I could look at her naked body for as long as I wanted and, sometimes, when she was in the office laying on her belly, with her red headphones on, I couldn’t help but plunge into her butt, give her a quick lick and a quick French finger kiss, and she was making it easy for me and easy for her and she was smiling as if this was nice. And I was admiring her. And I wished that, at her age, I would have been that strong.

What a life!

All this to say that, as time went by, the three of us lived more and more in a form of autarky, feeling secured together within our own bubble in my remote house by the beach. We didn’t need anyone nor anything. They’d go to the village to get food, beer and wine and laundry but less and less often as, more and more, we were eating our own vegetables, a lot of shellfish they’d be picking up from the sea every day they went diving and we hardly needed the cleaner as we hardly used any clothes.

The security we felt affected also the way we interacted as we were more and more confident with one another. So one day, during dinner, if only because I wanted May Linh to be there, for help, I asked Lily again what we, May Linh and I, could do for her since she was so nice to us. It’s true; Lily was doing so much for us, way more than what the contract called for.

I had asked her that question one time before. “I’ll tell you when only the three of us will be there,” she had answered. Well, there we were.

“Lily, what May Linh and I can do for you?,” I asked.

Since I knew her, which wasn’t for that long now that I thought of it, for the second time only, I saw her blush.

Ellar Wise

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