Adam thinks sugar daddy is too sweet a pie (chapter LIII)

Opera 1

Two months later, I was back in the capital city of this southeastern Asian country. Only this time I was not alone but with May Linh and Lily who both had agreed to the working contract I had imagined for them so they’d be living with me in the nude. Which was swell in my recluse house by the ocean.

Presently I had made a reservation in a very nice hotel and we were spending three days together downtown. I had paid them their salary of 2.000 coppers a month before we left home and Saturday, after lunch, May Linh and Lily went by themselves, the two of them, doing some shopping I guess. So I found myself alone in the hotel room, it was too early for me to start drinking so I turned on the TV. CNN! Massacres all over the world. I had forgotten. So I switched channels until I found a documentary.

It was about Stonehenge. Scientists were explaining that they found, near the site, traces of battlefields because they dug skulls smashed with stone axes, bones showing marks of terrible wounds and so on. Men, women, children… Christ, 5.000 years ago, they were already killing each other in that part of the world that was to become England. No wonder if, centuries later, Indians in the Americas didn’t have a chance; some of these human native nations had invented a peaceful way of life, especially in South America. So they had to be massacred, of course. Christ! So I turned the TV off.

So I went to the balcony to have a smoke. It all started with this moron at the desk believing May Linh was my wife and Lily my daughter. Now, thinking of it, after those three days in the capital, I realized that May Linh seemed to have a special kind of pleasure playing the wife and the mama. She never had any child – she couldn’t – but I could tell she relished the role, however fake it was, even if it was just a play.

Oddly enough, Lily seemed to relish her own part as well and she was giving me Daddy here or Daddy there and giving May Linh some Mommy here or some Mommy there. It was just weird and I didn’t know what to think. I had fled family and conventions and sentimentality just to find a bit of peace of mind for my last years, that’s why I had imagine a working contract for May Linh and Lily but, while on my balcony smoking, I realized that I couldn’t help myself, I too was enjoying the situation.

So for three days, we were some sort of a family, a good looking – barring me – Adams’ family of sorts, a recomposed family. That worried me a little bit: family spelled danger again and I didn’t want to go back there, too much hurt, too much pain, too many renunciations.

This trip was also the occasion to discover another facet of May Linh. When we went to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, and in another fancy one, I could tell that, once in her life, she was used to and trained for this ritzy bourgeois lifestyle. I recalled her story, how she told me she had married a diplomat and had been traveling. This showed in her manners. So much so that I quickly let her handle the waiters and the menu and she decided what we should eat and what we should drink. She was so composed, even with Lily calling her Mommy for fun and me just being there like an idiot. Truth to be told, uneducated old Mr. Me would have been just as happy with a sandwich.

These dinners was very pleasant, I kept staring at May Linh and Lily because this was so strange – they both had make up on and lipstick, very red for Lily of course – and I was so proud to be surrounded by such beauties, at least to my eyes. And I could tell other patrons, mostly tourists or business men, were stealing glances at us and I could see in their eyes that they thought I was some kind of lucky fuck and I could see also that Lily was making them drool. I could tell these lone business men were now aroused with lust and they couldn’t wait to finish their meal and run to the next brothel, after calling their wives at home, of course, and explaining how tired they are. In the meantime, in the hotel’s restaurant, a waiter started making innuendo, trying to find out if he could flirt with Lily – get to work asshole!

All this to say that, if I knew how Lily had energized May Linh and old Mr. Me back at home, I could tell now how her only presence could electrify everyone in a room. It was incredible. She’s a Jedi, an alien princess I’m sure.

Lily was purposely oblivious to it all – she would laugh if she’d hear me state that she’s a Jedi – but she was very focused on observing how May Linh was handling herself in the restaurants and she, Lily the poor girl from bumfuck nowhere, was very attentive in imitating her. Some kind of education I guess. I sure wasn’t the one teaching her good manners I thought.

That first evening, in the hotel’s restaurant, for once I was drinking wine with them because I think it would have hurt the chef if I had ordered a tap beer with his ‘scallops in a green bouquet’ – that I could understand – or with his Branzino Mi Cuit, whatever that was (I understood mi cuit, half cooked in French). Well, we were told it was seabass carpaccio, asparagus, shiso granite with a pink pepper twist. Whatever! So I had wine with that too.

May Linh chose the wines as well and when she picked some French wine, a Clos Chrystal, she didn’t asked me what I thought about it and I didn’t comment although I knew this wine very well because it came from a town in France close to where I grew up. She couldn’t have known. Or could she? Maybe I spoke too much in my sleep. Anyway I found the coincidence eerie.

Then we had dessert and coffee, for me, on the terrace. There was some guy playing a piano and nobody paid any attention to him. I tried to listen a little bit but his muzak was depressing, especially now that I had gotten used to listen to May Linh incredible talent. And this sorry pianist looked like he was about to hang himself, there was no joy at all in his playing. The terrace was full of people quite certain that they were important people and wanting everyone to know. Looking at them was looking at death.

Then the three of us went to see a show, some sort of opera with characters with masks and long beards and beautiful funny little actresses. I guess they wanted me to know something about their culture. And why not! May Linh and Lily explained to me that the plot was about a love story happening in a king’s court centuries ago. A young and brave prince, but poor, loved the king’s daughter and she loved him but the king didn’t want this poor fuck as a son-in-law, he had better plans for his only daughter. That was enough for me to know – it’s just always the same stuff, the pure and loving getting fucked – and I could then understand the action and hear the melancholy in the monotonous chants. And there was no good ending to that story it seemed.

After almost two month in my recluse house by the beach, I really appreciated the show but, then again, I would have probably enjoyed any kind of show if escorted by May Linh and Lily. It didn’t matter really.

Once we got out, there was a marriage party in front of the building, and a photographer was taking pictures of the newlyweds and of their friends and family. They were laughing and screaming, the bride was not bad looking, the groom looked naïve and a bit lost. Welcome to hell I thought. May Linh and Lily didn’t even look at them, as if they didn’t exist. They were right of course: who cares!

Saturday night, the last night, when I came to the room, Lily was in the middle of the bed but, although in the dark, she wasn’t sleeping. May Linh was, I could hear her regular quiet snore. So when I slid under the sheet, Lily told me to hush. I did and came close to her. I knew they were both leaving the next day for at least a week and I felt sad for a second and when I started to softly gamahuche Lily, there was some kind of dire urgency in my moves.

I mean it occurred to me that, for whatever reason, I may never see Lily again and I knew I would miss her. She must have read my mind, like always, because while I was petting her anus, she started to stroke my dick which quickly got hard. I mean Lily is a magician, a Jedi, a goddess of sensuality and there I was. So she grabbed my cock and, delicately, slowly but resolutely introduced it into her bumhole. I was immobile and Lily, with her butt, was doing all the moving around and about my dick which was thus gently penetrating deeper and deeper until it was all the way in.

Then we stayed like this for a while, not moving, my dick up her ass, my arm around her caressing her breasts, her arm stretched back over me, her hand on my butt, holding me firmly and my nose in her hair, smelling her and she smelled so good. Again, I had a desperate feeling of sadness for a second that I couldn’t explain. Then we both started to move again so ever slowly, not to wake up May Linh.

You know how, in old time of lore, there were movies without words, mute movies? Well this was a mute fuck: no screams, no cries, no panting. We sort of just shared the moment and I knew Lily was doing this for me, because she must have felt my gloomy mood. She was now moving her shaft around my dick in slow waves while perfectly controlling the whole shebang. Then she exhaled a little cry and I felt her contractions and I cummed deep into her.

We still remained a long time immobile, even after her butt had ejected me. I held her very tight against me and I wanted her to know this was my way to show that I cared, and I didn’t mean the ass fuck, although it helped. No, I wanted to let her know that I cared for her, so I held her tight.

It was scary in a way: just when I thought I could get away from it all and never be sentimental ever again, there was now not one but two women that, in the short spam of a few weeks, had become very important to me, I had to admit. Fuck, fuck, fuck…

The next morning, when they woke me up to say goodbye, they were already dressed, May Linh in her usual dark traveling outfit, Lily in red, but for a white blouse, with another Chicago Bulls cap, and ready to leave. I had offered yesterday to take them to the train station but they refused, saying I didn’t know how to drive very well in this busy city, that they would take a cab from the hotel. I thought this was as well so I wouldn’t know where they were going; I didn’t have to know. Those were their days off and I didn’t ask questions.

“Goodbye sugar daddy,” Lily said laughing, giving me a quick kiss.

“Well, goodbye,” said May Linh, “I’ll tell you when we come back.”

“OK,” I said, “have a good trip.”

So they were about to leave the room when May Linh seemed to have forgotten something, she turned around and came back to me and she too gave me a quick kiss on my lips. Before I realized what was happening, they were gone.


So I turned around and moved to their part of the bed so I could lay exactly in the middle of where they both had been sleeping and the bed was still warm and I could smell both their fragrance and, for a second, I again felt a wave of melancholy overwhelming me, as if I was sensing some catastrophe was to happen.

So I plunged my head in their pillows, took a big breath of them, and went back to sleep.

Ellar Wise

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