May Linh plays, Adam is swell, swimming still (chapter XXIII – pm)

Altar 1

Since May Linh has been in the house with me, almost two weeks now, we have found our own ways to share the place, as if it was easier for both of us to be living alone together. In fact, although we are from two different parts of the world, old Mr. Me from white occidental Christian country and May Linh from this southeastern Asian country with whatever religious roots she has, we pretty much live like two hermits. Like a yesterday man and a yesterday woman.

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Adam feels like a merman in the water (chapter XXIV)


So I knew now there was only one week left. For two weeks now, May Linh had been living with me, as a roommate so to speak, in the secluded place by the ocean I had bought in that Southeastern Asian country for this purpose. She had agreed to a contract stating that she’d be nude in and around the house. And nude she had been since day one she had arrived.

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Adam knows May Linh doesn’t lie (chapter XXV)


The day had started like usual in the house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian Country. I must say that since May Linh had arrived after agreeing to old Mr. Me’s working contract, I was happier than I had ever been, at least for a long long time. She was nude all day and I could look at her at will and I could fondle her and she didn’t seem to mind, and I suspected she even seemed to start to like it – at least not dislike it. And there was no argument and no hidden motives.

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Adam and May Linh exorcize demons (chapter XXVI)

Judas chair

That Friday morning, after our first shared stealth explosion the night before, May Linh seemed to be in an excellent mood. Me, for some reason, I felt a bit somber because I could tell time was ticking. Now there was a deadline. May Linh was leaving in two days. I could tell it in the way she worked in her garden, in the languor in her walk, in the way I was ogling her like a maniac again, just like at the beginning, I could tell it in the way I couldn’t keep myself from touching her and smelling her.

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Adam thinks there’s nothing better than a hot piece of tail (chapter XXVII)

Eatery 1

It was Sunday now and we were at the train station. May Linh train was to arrive in 15 minutes. For the past two days, since we know of this deadline, even the most usual things have been feeling weird. I’m sure it’s the same for her. According to our contract, May Linh had been staying, nude, with me in this house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country for almost three weeks now and we had somehow learned to live alone with each other and, recently, a little bit less alone.

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