Once Downtown, Adam wonders if this is Heaven or Hell (chapter LII)

Downtown 1

“Helloooo Mr. You, LONG TIME NO SEE!” May Linh, Lily and old Mr. Me had just arrived at The Majestic, a very nice hotel, by white man standards, and the hotel where I had my habits in the capital since the first day I landed in this southeastern Asian country. This time I had reserved two communicating suites and we had just arrived at the front desk when this loud idiot got all excited.

“Mr. You, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?” he was asking, not waiting for an answer really.

Fact is, I had devised a contract where May Linh and Lily would live in the nude around me, but that was to happen in my house by the beach. Now we were in the capital, in a hotel. How would that work? The contract said nothing about that. Anyway, there was now this moron at the desk believing he was doing a good job.

“Oh, and I SEEEEEEEE THAT DEAR Mrs. YOU IS HERE TODAY WITH US AS WELL, AND WITH Ms. YOU, I PRESUME”, he said next, with the smile of someone who knows something. And he winked to Lily. HE WINKED!

I remembered this guy, he was working the desk when I stayed here for a few months at the beginning. And I guess, judging by his age, that the desk was about just how high he would ever get on the social ladder. The desk was all he could do otherwise he would have moved up. But he was doing that job well. He remembered everyone’s names and was obsequious enough. In Paris or New York, he would have made a good concierge.

I wasn’t surprised that he was glad to see me. In all I’ve never been mean to little working people, I know where I come from and, if not for the aliens, I wouldn’t even be here in the first place. So I always give decent tips to let little people know I appreciate their work and I’m always kind of happy to be recognized as a generous client. And that was already the case before.

So I didn’t think much when I made the reservations. Shit, why wasn’t here today a nice looking Asian girl working the desk, an intern? But no, it had to be this guy, speaking aloud:


Often talked about May Linh? To you asshole???? What! You fucking lying bastard!

And this guy had an awful accent and now the people in the hall, mostly white tourists, save for the help, were looking at us, with smiles on their face as if this was such a touching moment. “AND THE LOVELY LITTLE MISSIS, WHAT’S HER NAME?” the idiot was now asking.

What the fuck! Once again, I was so struck by it all that I was just standing there like an idiot.

“Lily, my name is Lily,” I heard Lily say.

“Daddy…” she said next, loud too, talking to ME…


“Daddy, is there a pool in this hotel, like in Chicago?” Lily asked, looking at me innocently with her weird eyes.

DADDY!!!!! CHICAGO!!!!!!!!

What the fuck!

And every one could see my beautiful red riding hood – she was wearing a Chicago Bulls cap that said 23 – and the tourists were somehow impressed and it somehow made sense to them and they were smiling at the scene.

What the fuck!

Before I could say anything, I heard May Linh intervene, and I was thankful for it.  But then she answered Lily:

“Now dear, no, there is no pool in this hotel but I’m told there is a very good chef working the restaurant, not like in Moscow; remember ‘ma chérie’ how terrible the food was in Russia?”

And they were speaking in English and they were laughing. And the tourists were smiling and the idiot at the desk was smiling.



“Yes, yes,” the toadying desk guy was now saying, and calling the bell boys with authority in order to have our luggage carried away, three suitcases and Lily’s leather case.

“Would you please take Mr. and Mrs. You and their charming daughter Lily to their rooms,” he told the groom, making sure everybody in the hall could see how zealously he was accomplishing his work.

“HAVE A GOOD STAY WITH US,” he screamed one last time as we were reaching the elevators.

Once we got in and May Linh and Lily saw the rooms, I was still wondering what they would do next. Sure enough, they both undressed as soon as they were settled in and I got comfortable too. This had been a long ride and I was so happy to be able to look at them both for how long I wished and, in the smaller space, their bodies were constantly brushing against mine.

Although I’ve known May Linh for two months now, and Lily for one month already, I was surprised how I never tired to stare at them. Looking at their nude bodies was just wonderful really, even more so that they understood it and, maybe, relished my gaze. If they’d see me stop ogling them, they would worry I guess. And, although there was a big age difference in between them, I thought they were both equally beautiful, to my eyes at least.

So we had communicating rooms, meaning we had two beds. But we all slept in one. May Linh, on Thursday night was in the middle. The bed was kind of small, compared to our big bed at home. What was nice about it though is that, that night, not only could I caress May Linh, and gamahuche her anus a little bit, but, with my arm over her, I could feel Lily’s body. So that was kind of a first for me and that was nice and I kind of liked the small bed.

But the next night, Friday night, to my surprise – and that was a first too – Lily was in the middle. And I understood May Linh had her period. Hell, I didn’t mind women having periods, it comes with being born a female mammal on this planet. You cannot blame a woman for her period, it comes with it, like a dick to a man. So it didn’t bother me when women had their periods and as far as I was concerned May Linh could have been still spending the night in the middle. And if I wanted too, that wouldn’t have kept me from giving her a sweet French finger kiss, like chocolate to say hi. Then again that’s maybe what she wanted to avoid. Anyway, there was Lily in the middle. It could only mean they had talked about it.

That night, after a nice dinner downtown, old Mr. Me, like usual, spent the evening at the hotel bar, drinking beer, because I figured May Linh and Lily would be happy not to have me in their hair all the time in those hotel rooms. Indeed, I realized that we were, literally, coming from the jungle! We were savages, one Tarzan, two Jane, and I was laughing in my head and in a pretty good mood. When the bar closed, I was already drunk enough. So, when I got back to the rooms, I tried not to wake up anyone while taking a piss and washing my hands. God, there were so many doors in such a small space. Then, with all lights off, I slid under the sheet.

Only then did I realized Lily was in the middle. I was stunned and, for a second, quite disconcerted. So, just to make sure, I caressed her buttocks and there was no doubt. Anyway, her fragrance alone had already told me. But I had woken her up. She put her right leg over May Linh and opened up for me so I gave her a quick gamahuche. I thought that was nice. I guess she was half expecting that I’d go further but I had a lot of beer and my dick didn’t give me any response and I was happy with a stealth explosion. So, after a last gentle French finger kiss, I put my arm around both of them – thanks to small beds – and fell asleep wishing there would be no tomorrow.

Friday afternoon, we went to the bank. You should have seen the guy’s face at the desk, a white guy.

“And these accounts are to be opened to…?”

“May Linh,” May Linh said.

“Lily,” Lily said.

The motherfucker, trying to make a career for himself working overseas, had a smirk and I didn’t like it. I knew what he was thinking, that these two whores were sucking old poor Mr. Me dry. He insisted, talking to me only.

“So, if I understand this well, these women are not related to you in any way but you want to open a fund for them?” he asked.

THESE WOMEN! I was pissed. Ok in old Mr. Me there is old but I can recognize a sneer from a moron.

“Yeah,” I said, “and should we proceed?”

So he proceeded. It made me think of Mrs. Wan. I know that if I had asked Mrs. Wan, who’s ‘forte’ was to cater to expats’ every needs, she would have fixed it for me. After all, if I met May Linh, it’s because of Mrs. Wan knowhow. But I didn’t want Mrs. Wan to know what I was up to so I had to deal myself with this snotty asshole thinking too much of himself in the bank. I knew the two women didn’t like his attitude either. Just to think that, by the face of him, this white ass would have damned his soul for one of Lily’s massage! Fuck him!

“So,” he said after much typing on his machine, “today, 4.000 coppers on May Linh’s account and 2.000 on Lily’s account and, from now on, until Mr. You dies or fires any of you two, 2.000 coppers will be put on your accounts each month,” and I could tell he was thinking ‘you bitches’. And that was insulting. What, so you white arrogant motherfucker assumed these girls were in it just for the money? And what is it exactly you assumed about me, a client for Christ’s sake? I felt like making a scandal and I know I could have. I could have make this fucker go back to his shithole in Oklahoma and never again would he have left it. But I wasn’t there to hurt this poor arrogant fuck, I was there to make sure May Linh and Lily had their money coming the right way, fair and square, every months. And that’s what was achieved by the time he finally had them sign all necessary papers, then I signed all necessary papers. Then he gave us receipts and we walked out of there. Anyway, it hurt him enough just to think each of ‘these women’ were making more a month than he was.

So there we were in the street, in the business district. I was kind of happy with myself, and May Linh and Lily seemed happy with themselves. So much so that, once outside, Lily jumped on my neck and gave me a big kiss. I mean a big kiss, where she stepped up on her toes and, for a quick second, I could feel her tongue. Christ!

I saw some white tourists looking at us. And I saw they were shocked, just like the idiot inside the bank. Well, I could understand: there was this obviously young woman giving what seemed like a passionate kiss to old Mr. Me who could have been her grand-father. And she was doing it in front of her mother! And some white little kids were looking at me with big round eyes, but without the meanness I could detect in their parents’ eyes. “We’re Russian,” I told the kids, “and that’s how we say thank you in Russia.”

I could tell this was plenty enough for the kids, like magic, but was absolutely horrible for their parents. They were horrified and walked away. I didn’t care.

“Daddy, what should we do now?” Lily said. “Tell you what, let me invite the two of you for dinner, Daddy please, pretty please.”

What the fuck! And she was speaking in English and you should have seen the tourists’ eyes, and their kids’ eyes.

“Yes dear,” May Linh said to me.


“Yes, why don’t we go have dinner somewhere?”

“Ladies you tell me,” I said. They were boss anyway. And, for one thing, I was indeed kind of hungry and I was glad this bank business was over with. So I took May Linh’s arm and put it under mine, and on the other side, I took Lily’s arm, and put it under mine. I was in the middle at last. We started walking, hanging close to one another and I could hear the honks and tonks of busy people having somewhere to go in a hurry.

Lonely days were gone I thought and, at least tonight, I was Russian. And I laughed in my head so happy I was I guess.

“Daddy, why are you’re laughing?” Lily asked, very loud, for everybody to hear. And all three of us laughed and I squeezed their arms tight against me.

Ellar Wise

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