Adam gets a wake up call, has to put on a suit (chapter LI)

Red riding hood 1

The contract old Mr. Me had drawn for May Linh and Lily stated that they were supposed to live with me in the nude, which was possible in the recluse house by the beach I had bought in this southeastern Asian country. I had anticipated it might get cold sometimes (Art. 20) but I didn’t anticipate acts of god and, indeed, the aftermath of the typhoon was a case of force majeure, as we say in French.

I did notice something odd when I went to sleep that night of the day after the typhoon: both May Linh and Lily had their clothes hanging and ready. This was quite unusual. But I was dead dog tired and I crashed to bed not thinking of it, thanks to Hypnos and Thanatos.

I was woken up by a bunch of people talking aloud and arguing. I got up, it was dawn. Dawn!!!! Indeed, May Linh and Lily had somehow managed to have a repair crew to show up to the house right the next day although I would think there was much to do in the village. So I figured they offered good money – my money – and those guys thought they’d take the white occidental oddball’s money first, probably figuring there would always be enough time left for them to work somewhere else for peanuts.

It struck me that, in those developing countries, there was not a psychological team rushing to help ASAP as it is now the rule in the white world. Where I come from, any incident in a school, a shooting for example, and you’ve got to have psychiatric help rushing to the rescue and all the powers that be to congratulate themselves on their quick reaction. Sure, it’s a lot easier and cheaper for them than trying to get guns away from people.

And that goes for anything. A storm? The psys are there. A massacre? Witnesses are round up so they can see a shrink. An airplane crash? The journalists at the airport would gravely relate that the families are now handled by the psychic team. I’m waiting for the day when a madman would start shooting at the psychiatric emergency team. And I’ve known a great number of people, who had really not a worry in the world, who couldn’t go a week without seeing their analyst of sort, and at a huge fucking price, because they wondered why their dog didn’t love them.

And when people who are really in troubles, because their house has been blown up by terrorists, or their country is being taken over by militias, or when police and/or army forces shoot at a defenseless crowd pacifically demonstrating for a bit more of freedom, or for more food, or when a dictator doesn’t care to ravage his country for whatever, it is the white occidental people, appalled, who are running for the safety of another psychiatric or what not’s office. What the fuck! More than half the population of the planet lives with less than a dollar a day and to forget about it, white folks, if they’re not in church, are seeing the good doctors to relieve them of their headaches.

It was to flee this hypocrisy that, thank to aliens, I could get away and come here and become a hermit of sort. Of course, the real world, in the form of a typhoon for example, could always catch up with me. But at least people here knew their priorities and I think there isn’t a psychologist within 200 hundred miles. It is only a question of time though. I can tell this country is quickly changing and new wealth is creating a new middle-class. Soon, those idiots, not knowing what to do with their money will be clamoring for psychiatric help. Fuck!

Anyway, for the next two weeks, these construction and repair guys would be here, working twelve hours days, from 6 am to 6 pm, all day long. And there was no more sleeping late for me and there was no more May Linh and Lily going nude about the place all day long and no more swimming naked and gamahuching in the water. When I could swim again, I wore a bathing suit. I mean I didn’t want to be the naked old dude in front of the construction crew!

In fact, May Linh and Lily were busy all day long too. May Linh was dressed in her severe black Mary Poppins outfit, and all those guys were saying “Yes Madame yes”; they were speaking in their language but I knew. Lily was dressed in red, like usual, only this time she was DRESSED: red pants, a red t-shirt with the ying yang sign in black on it, under her red apron that read “kiss the cook” and, of course, her red rubber boots with yellow stripes and her Chicago Bulls cap. And she also had her tool belt on. And that was a big fucking red riding hood if you ask me. And, after a day, when they saw that she knew what she was doing, all those guys were going “Sir, Yes Sir!” to her, in their language of course but I knew.

It took them almost two days just so they could have a truck reaching the house via the dirt road. You could hear chainsaws roaring and there were trees falling and being cut and stored and burned. It was incredible all that was happening although I didn’t understand it at the time. The chainsaw ruckus lasted almost a week but, I understood much later, by the time they were done, they had given a new life to this bit of jungle.

Anyway, when trucks could finally reach the place, they brought generators, including a small one they lent us that was enough to bring power in the kitchen and warm the water. And beer and white wine were cold again. And I later bought a generator for the house.

I tried to help, of course. But I seemed to be in everybody’s way. May Linh and Lily were so busy, from the garden to construction sites, and they didn’t take any day off… And old Mr. Me was swimming…

So I decided I’d be useful and I started cleaning the beach, figuring cleaning shit is something that always needs to be done. Well this was work and again I was aching everywhere so I was also kind of resting on the porch, looking at the sea finding its balance again and the sky having forgotten it had begotten hell.

Other than that I was pretty much worthless in helping them. So, I guess, it sort of made sense to all of these guys that old Mr. Me needed two women, no less, to take care of him. At six pm, I’d give a beer to everyone but these men were quickly gone because, I knew, they still had plenty of work to do before going to sleep. So I played the imbecile not to spook anyone.

After that, once everybody was gone, May Linh and Lily would take a shower, sometimes alone, sometimes together. Taking a shower for them was like changing clothes and they would be nude again. Lily had a new red apron for the kitchen, with white lilies printed on it.

Then we’d eat together outside, not saying much, everyone too tired and enjoying a quiet cold drink. A couple of time, we went to swim all three together at night, to the sandbar. Those were for May Linh and me rare occasions for a quick gamahuche, a French finger kiss, but that was it. They couldn’t dive and I knew they missed that! Not once did I hear them complain about anything.

After dinner, May Linh would play her piano for a little while but never for long and Lily would be on my computer, at least until her laptop had totally dried off and was running again, with her red headphones on, watching and listening to I didn’t know what. Me, I’d hang on the front porch drinking beer, smoking a French joint and happy somewhat to reach the end of another day.

Really, during those two weeks, we were going to bed early because everyone was up at six. Including me! Only once, and because I had told Lily of my aching bones and muscles, did she give me a massage. I saw her hesitate about what she should do and then she decided she’d go all the way to take the pressure off of me and she got my cock hard, sat on it through her booty hole and got me to quickly come, letting me think that she liked it. I don’t know. May Linh was playing the piano.

I did feel a lot better once Lily was done but I felt a bit ashamed because she was the one working hard and she still took the time to help me when I had no idea how I could help her. In any case, this rehabbing and repair work was probably not what she expected when she arrived. The thought occurred to me that it would have been maybe less tiresome for her if she had gone with her pimp in the first place. And maybe it would have been less tiresome for me to hire a psychologist instead of trying to live with nude women and believe I could somehow not only escape the world but also rewind time. What a fool! Yeah a psychologist would have had work on her hands with me. Then again, I could tell one massage from Lily was maybe all that the doctor ordered.

Still, I wanted to do something for Lily. “Lily,” I said, “you’re being so nice to me and May Linh, a lot more so than what is written in the contract, isn’t there something we can do for you?”

Lily paused.

“Yes, there are two things I can think of you could do for me,” she said. “The first one, and that is in the contract, is to open the fund in my name. The 2.000 coppers a month you pay me is very nice money and my family is well covered for and I will start to pay May Linh back. But that 2.000 coppers a month’s fund, it’s in my name, it’s for me, I didn’t even tell my mother and my brothers about it. So I’ll rest assured when I’ll see it for real.”

For the first time I saw something in her face that said she still wasn’t sure if all this what real, that she could have something that would be hers and hers only, and a good sum at that. So she was looking straight into my eyes, with those weird eyes of hers. I knew I could accede to this request, I had put it myself in the contract. And I had promised the same thing to May Linh and we just didn’t get around to do it because we had to go to the capital and they had to be there themselves if those funds were to be in their name only.

“OK,” I said, “don’t worry, we’ll take care of this very soon.”

I saw a fleeter of joy in her eyes.

“So what’s the other thing,” I asked. And she laughed, and it was a clear and happy kind of laughter.

“I’ll tell you and May Linh, but later, when there are only the three of us again.”

And she left, to take a shower I guess, and she strutted that wet ass in front of me as she went and I had a good look at it. God, Lily’s massages were something, you’d get out of it a peaceful man; it worked every time.

We were going further into autumn, tropical showers became scarce and the sun was now shining without being excruciating. It was good swimming. I was almost done in cleaning the beach; in fact we had once a nice evening on the beach, by the campfire, as I was burning the shit.

And I could see the whole place coming back to life. There weren’t now so many guys working, only the ones still finishing the guest-house’s reconstruction. The house was again all open, full with flowers, the garage, the garden shack, the outside shower were all up again and looked like new. Even our dinners became friendly again. And, this one Sunday, when nobody came to work, we took a swim and I went far and they dove deep and we had fresh oh so fresh seafood for dinner that night.

May Linh and Lily weren’t taking days off, and wouldn’t. So I knew. They were again to leave, soon, for a whole week. So one evening, as we were the three of us sitting in our chairs on the porch, saying nothing, watching the ocean and the big sky and the stars, I asked May Linh:

“When are you leaving?”

“This Sunday, the morning train,” she said.

“Say,” I said, “why don’t we leave this Thursday instead, let these guys finish the work, they don’t need us anymore, and drive to the capital? And we could go open your fund accounts and we could maybe go out, being in the capital we might as well.”

I had been speaking fast, to get it all out I guess, not knowing what May Linh would think of this idea.

“Ok,” May Linh said. “This is a great idea!”

And she smiled and you should have seen Lily’s beam.

Am I a pimp? Fuck no! I thought.

Ellar Wise

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