The day after, power off, Adam is not so cocksure (chapter L)

Aftermath 1

When old Mr. Me devised a contract so I could retire from the world’s brutal vanity and live from now on as a recluse, in my house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country, surrounded by nude women, it did seem to work for a while. To my eyes at least, May Linh and Lily were both beautiful. Older May Linh was bringing to me her quiet presence and her warm body and young Lily brought her intense reviving energy, including sexual energy.

Indeed, while it took May Linh and I days, weeks, before our first gamahuche, it took Lily, the great massage Jedi, only few days to lead May Linh and I to new sensual highs. So not only could I ogle their naked bodies at length and at leisure, and fondled them when given a chance – that was in the contract – but I could now also expect here and there to have a chance for a great ass fuck, which wasn’t in the contract. But a mother typhoon slammed us and threw us off our newly established routine.

The aftermath of the storm was nothing like old Mr. Me had ever known. For one thing it took five days for the power to come back so during that time I had to drink warm beer and May Linh and Lily had to be happy with their white wine without ice cubes in it. But that was nothing compared to the rest of it.

When it finally stopped raining and we could get out – two days and two nights had gone – we saw the magnitude of the damage. The guest-house was destroyed, the garden seemed to have disappeared, the jungle was a mess, we couldn’t access the back porch which was packed up with debris. We found the bike down the dune, almost to the beach. The beach itself was littered with so much rubbish as if some asshole god of death had taken a giant shit while flying above us, like in Paris pigeons shit on your face. Christ, I had never seen anything like this.

In fact, the only thing unscathed was the house itself. The architect that designed it will never get the Pritzker prize but he has his place reserved in architects’ paradise, where he’ll be given 50 virgin parcels to build paradise lodging for the paradise’s rulers.

“If there is so much destruction here, what about in the village?” May Linh said.

And what about Carter’s resort I thought.

“We need to go, maybe they need help,” Lily said.

Yes, we were alive and well and the only thing we suffered was material damage and, through the fear, a little loss of self-esteem. So we all dressed in silence. Little did I know then that it would be a long time before May Linh and Lily would again take their clothes off, so to speak.

Taking the bike up the dune was only the beginning of a dire trip. Luckily, the battery was full. The car was pretty much intact but, without saying a word, we knew that trying to drive it to the village was senseless. I got some cash before going, just in case, and was surprised and touched to find out that either May Linh or Lily had taken the precaution, as the storm was coming I guess, to save it in a watertight plastic package.

It took us forever on the dirt road just to get out of the property and reach the main road. May Linh was driving, I was behind her and Lily behind me. But we had to stop every few minutes and Lily and I would jump off and remove wreckage off the path and guide May Linh through. One time, there was a tree across and we had to carry the bike. Once we reached the road it became a little bit easier because a bunch of people were already working hard to clear it up.

I’ve always been amazed at people’s reaction after a natural catastrophe. After the first moment of bewilderment, the survivors, if they haven’t gotten completely mad, go about cleaning and rebuilding and restarting a life. They have hope. But, after war destructions, only hate, not hope, remains. So that’s the difference between these two types of catastrophe.

Indeed, once we got in the village, the whole town was teaming with busy people. I could see some houses had been blown away, the harbor having become a huge damp because that’s where the water took its course and there was now a huge mud pile containing tons of debris, a bunch of boats crashed into one another, scooters and cars as well. But I didn’t see nor hear anywhere huge screaming scenes with mothers imploring the sky and grown men crying, so I figured nobody had died.

I let May Linh and Lily to do what they had to and I drove to the resort, honking my way among this huge mess and people were cleaning and arguing and smiling and some of them, when they’d see me on the Vespa, would even give me the thumb up. Christ, I loved those people.

When I got to the resort, everybody was busy there too. I found Carter cleaning the Lemon Tree.

“Hey, Mr. You, you made it!” he said, smiling when he saw me.

“Yeah,” I said, “I made it.”

Then he told me how they – everybody, he, his family, his employees and still more people from the village and all the tourists – had spent the first night of the typhoon inside the bar.

“Do you want a cold beer,” he asked me.

Hell yes, I was thinking.

“Do you have cold beer?” I asked, a bit puzzled.

“Yeah, this is not my first typhoon and, through the years, I have bought several power generators.”

“Yeah, but this was a motherfucking typhoon,” I said.

“Yes, it was,” he said and I saw a dark shadow fly over his face.

“The village seemed to have taken it rather well,” I said.

“Yeah, nobody died here, only a few broken bones and a few people shaken. But that’s because we’re on the west side of the peninsula. I hear a bunch of people died on the other side and many in town. Fucking monster and the fucking weather is changing for the worst.”

“So you’re OK?” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s why I like the local builders, they are the one who told me to build the Lemon Tree here and this way.”

“And you have a storage space somewhere for the protective panels?”

“Yes, how do you know?”

“I have the same at home. Do you need help for anything?” I finally asked.

“No, I’m fine,” he said.

Then he got me a beer and had one with me.

“Where are the tourists?” I asked.

“Cleaning their rooms,” he said and we both laughed. Tourists sure got emotions worth their money! Then Carter said:

“So you now have a Chicago Bulls fan at home? Or is it the little red riding hood?”


“A Chicago Bulls fan,” I said. I could tell he was waiting for more.

“Yeah, I saw her last Friday, she came here. Looked like she had a day off,” he said.

“Yes, she’s my carpenter in chief,” I said.

“Your carpenter in chief?” and I could see a look of bewilderment on his face.

“Yeah,” I said, “I needed a handyman.”

“A handyman huh…” he said, “with a two hands finish…”

What the fuck! Did Lily told him what her former job was????? What the fuck! Carter smiled: “she seems like a nice character though.”

Then it’s not as if he had nothing to do. I knew now he was doing fine so I went back to the village. I couldn’t find May Linh or Lily so I stopped in my usual joint to have a beer. Sure enough the bars and food places were the first to reopen. The bartender brought me a beer on the terrace then went back to his sweeping. A cold beer! Of course, they were ready. He too had a generator. I must be the only fuck in town without one and drinking warm beer at home. And I understood.

The former owner of my house, a Dutch diplomat, was using it as a secondary home, a country home, and I was told he wasn’t there often. So when typhoons were a-coming, mister diplomat probably hung safely within the thick walls of his embassy in the capital. Had he lived here through a typhoon, he would have bought a fucking generator.

I had time for a few beers and I pretty much heard the same news Carter told me, a lot of people died throughout the country and, in fact, in neighboring countries as well but no death here. And I knew it wasn’t because this monster typhoon hadn’t tried as I remembered how viciously it came after us.

Eventually, May Linh and Lily showed up. They knew where to find me I guess – then again, in this small village, I wasn’t hard to find. They were carrying a bunch of bags, plus flowers. How in hell did they find flowers????

Christ I thought, how are we supposed to come back home with all this stuff on fucked up roads?

But we did. It was incredible how much stuff a small bike could carry, not counting the three of us. I had seen many times people here ride their motorbikes loaded in incredible fashion but, for the first time, somewhat jammed tight in between May Linh and Lily – I could feel her tits on my back – I was IN the picture and I felt exhilarated for a second and I wished I could take a picture of us just so I could SEE myself.

Well by the time we got home I was exhausted, my arms hurt from carrying the stuff, my back hurt from the uncomfortable position on the Vespa and, really, I realized that I was still aching from the tough day of work preparing for the storm.

It was already dark when we arrived. May Linh and Lily lit up the candles and took care of the flowers first. May Linh lit up her altar and did one of her prayers. Then I saw they had bought some gas and gas cooking gear. We eventually ate outside on the front porch for the first time since ages it seemed. They were both nude finally, Lily with red panties because she still had her period, and I was happy to have a chance to ogle them in a somewhat serene way. They hadn’t found a way to make ice cubes or to keep the beer cold though but, given the circumstances, this was OK I guess. Just being able to be looking at their bodies somehow eased my sore muscles.

“There was a fund opened in the village to help poor people to rebuild their home or their farm or their boat or whatever,” said May Linh. “So we gave a nice sum.”

I didn’t ask how much, I just figured May Linh and Lily wouldn’t give too much where it looked stupid and make everyone else feel bad but still enough because we could afford it. “Great, thanks,” I said.

“And we talked with the people who rehabbed the house. They agreed to come first thing tomorrow morning to start cleaning the mess and rebuild the guest house.”

Again I figured May Linh and Lily had negotiated a fair deal, otherwise the crew wouldn’t come here right the next day.

“Ok, great,” I said. And I meant it.

I looked out at the littered beach, at the devastated jungle – the bugs were timidly trying to buzz again but they had no heart to go berserk – and I felt spent. So we all went to bed together at the same time – that was a first – and we loved ourselves against one another, May Linh in the middle. I caressed her a little bit, reach her anus with my finger just to make sure it was still there. May Linh opened up for me but then I was too tired, we were all too tired, so I didn’t insist. A little French finger kiss and that was that.

Ellar Wise

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