Adam sees the dark face of Armageddon (chapter IL)

Hypnos & Thanatos

It was one thing for old Mr. Me to imagine a contract where Asian ladies would be living around me in the nude, it is another to come through such a contract when a mother typhoon is pounding over your head trying to make you pay for your sins. May Linh, Lily and I had been staying in my house by the beach in this Southern Asian country but, presently, we had taken refuge in the guest-house, set on higher grounds, to ride the storm safely.

But we soon found ourselves in troubles when, first, power went off and, later, when our flashlight ran out of batteries. So May Linh, Lily and I had settled in utter darkness onto the bed and were prepared to wait the night out. They were both nude as usual, although Lily was wearing panties, which I knew were red, because she was having her period. It wasn’t cold at all in the guest house, quite the contrary, but I couldn’t see anything so I was ogling them with my fingers, so to speak.

Now we were seeing only blackness and the storm was deafening. The three of us had slid under the sheet with, oddly, Lily in the middle, with May Linh and I sharing her shoulders. I had my right hand on Lily’s belly and I could feel May Linh’s hand. I started to caress Lily’s breasts, then her belly, then I took my hand down to her hairless sex. It was the first time I actually got so close to Lily in such fashion and I was surprised how, in the mist of chaos, sensual desire offered a way out of despair.

Indeed Lily opened her legs as if to reassure old Mr. Me. I wasn’t scared per se but it occurred to me that if I was going to die tonight, I would want to die while lost in both their bodies; I thought that would be a good way to go. But after a quick French finger kiss, I took my hand back.

Another odd thing was that I was in bed but wearing my shorts and a t-shirt. Again, as if Lily could read my mind, she asked:

“Mr. You, why do you sleep naked? You don’t want to be naked in front of us during the day, other than when you swim, but, at night, you’re always naked. Any special reason why?”

I understood Lily was trying to get our minds off the storm. In the black abyss where we were, feeling and hearing the others gave us some kind of comfort I guess. Yet, would there be much comfort in my answer? I could have answered simply that it was more comfortable and healthier to sleep in the nude and I could have argued those points. But that was not the real reason I slept in the nude.

“In the Greek mythology, Hypnos, god of sleep, and Thanatos, god of death, are twins, among the very rare twins of Greek mythology. And there is a good reason why. Once you fall asleep, I mean once you’re really asleep, you lose all connection with time and the outside world. What I mean is: if you wake up in 10 hours or in 10 days or in 10 years or in a 100 years or if a billion years have gone, it wouldn’t make any difference to you. Indeed, think about it, when you’re fast asleep, for all purposes you’re dead, and the world could disappear and you wouldn’t know about it, until you wake up. That’s why Hypnos and Thanatos are twins.

So, I die every night and I have become very used to it. And, before I go to bed to die, I take all my clothes off so that, if and when I wake up, I can start again anew because I know it is the first day and I know I have only one day in front of me. Nobody has ever more than one day, and often, not even a full day when death comes during the time you’re awake and you see it coming. In fact, violent death had different gods in Greek mythology, Ares, Keres, just to name a few. So, indeed, the sleeping death is a soft one, but a death nonetheless, and I learned that death wasn’t terrifying, just the contrary.”

In fact the problem with most people, I found, other that they don’t understand they’re dying every night, is the fact that they’re already dead during the day, while they’re awake. I know, I have been knowingly dying every night for decades not understanding I was agonizing during most of my days.

“Whaow, that’s a jolly conversation,” Lily said. “Ok, why not, but, then, why do you need us to sleep naked with you at night? So we can die as well?”

Another thing was very odd. There was pandemonium outside, as if thousands of lost souls were angry at us for the happiness we’ve had these past days, and I mean the past week with Lily but also the three weeks spent with May Linh, and those spirits were angry at us and showing their teeth because such happiness was just not fair and I could hear their ugly laughter. But I wasn’t scared, I had the aliens on my side. What was odd indeed is that, in spite of the thundering blasts, we could still hear each other without screaming. We were, at this moment, in this utter darkness, so close together, in our own bubble I guess, that we could hear ourselves and have a normal conversation, almost.

So I found with my lips Lily’s right breast and gave the areola a quick sweet little bite and then I changed position and sat next to her, very next, my back to the wall. I sensed that May Linh still had her head on Lily’s shoulder and was still loved against her. Hell was just a few feet away, behind those walls.

“Well, Lily, you know by now that I don’t want any harm to you. But as you maybe have noticed, I go to bed late at night as I try to stretch each day, I guess, since I’m irreparably eventually going to die soon. Some would argue of course that I’m losing the morning hours; well be my guest, anyone does as he feels. All of my life I’ve been passing away in bed, naked, and I realized how everyone is just trying to go from one day to the next, alone in a way they have no idea. So, I don’t need jewels, tattoos or yachts or whatever, I’ll take nothing with me when I die, why should I? And when I’m born again in the morning, in my birthday suit so to speak, I have a chance because all odds are even again. But now that the two of you are here, and you are naked in bed when I go to sleep, it allows me to stretch the day just a little bit more. Anyway, once I’m asleep, it doesn’t make any difference and the fact is that, when I wake up, both of you are already up and gone.”

I guess I was not being very clear.

“What do you think about this May Linh?” Lily asked.

It took a long time for May Linh to answer.

“I don’t think anything and I’d rather not go into Mr. You’s head. Yet, I must say that I had never before gone to sleep naked but I kind of like it now, it is comfortable indeed, and I like it also when I feel Mr. You coming to sleep against me. I feel less alone and I’ve been alone a long, long, time it seems. But what I think really is that we should try to go to sleep now and, once we wake up, if we’re still alive, the storm will be gone.”

She was right, and, in the utter darkness, we all settled under the sheet, Lily still in the middle. The storm was howling outside but here, with the two of them with me, I felt good enough that I doze off. I guess we all did. Then hell broke loose.

We all jumped up when we heard the thunder going BLAMOW just above us. It was still utterly dark in there and, holding one another tight, we weren’t cold but then we heard the painful and atrocious wail of a tree breaking and falling. And then, we heard a huge crash as the tree fell onto the house, taking with him part of the roof, right above the toilets. The house’s bellows were terrifying.

At that very instant, the wind and the rain invaded the guest-house like furies finally set free and screaming vengeance, murder, pain. The bedroom door was closed but the wind was looking to break through and you could hear the door hinges trying to resist. Then the lock gave in and the door started going bang bang bang with extreme violence just as we were instantly engulfed by the wind and the rain. I was screaming although I couldn’t hear myself and I couldn’t hear Lily or May Linh and I didn’t know if they were screaming or not.

The wind hit us like a kick in the face and laid us back down on the bed and everything started flying in the confined space of the bedroom and we couldn’t see a thing. I felt Lily’s hand pulling me toward her and I knew she was doing the same thing with May Linh. So we just crawled toward each other, on our bellies and started to hang on onto one another. The bedroom seemed to be filled with thousands of mean spirits that we could feel brushing against us, looking for an angle.

The whole house was creaking in despair and now we could feel the water coming in and in a few seconds the bed was soaked and we were soaked and for some reason I felt as if I was on a boat because, in the dark, nothing felt level anymore. Indeed, the next picture that came through my mind was that of the raft of the Medusa. I figured I’d let them eat me first although the rule would have been to start eating the youngest. Yeah, I thought, I was like that stupid bastard, the captain of the Medusa, having run his crew into a nightmare. I laughed but nobody could hear me. I was just getting mad I thought.

Now, with each strike of lightning, we could for half a second see what was up, us three on the soaked bed, there was about a foot of water on the floor, the door was gone, somehow, and it was utter darkness again. It got cold somewhat and we were like penguins, trying to keep each other warm.

At one point, Lily was over May Linh and I was almost over Lily, hanging on to her like a mussel on a rock and I could feel her skin, I could feel May Linh underneath and I could still smell them. In the darkness, without seeing anything, it’s very impressive how your other senses kick in. Indeed, then something very weird happened. I guess the fear and the whole situation aroused me because I realized my dick had gotten hard. It was just instinct, just like it happens to men as they’ve just been hanged. I could hear the tiles of the roof flying away and every time that there was another lighting strike, I would have a vision of the three of us, pale and wet, and I was thinking that I wish I could paint like Géricault. I know how I would have painted this raft of the Medusa.

Lily felt my hard on I guess because, while still protecting May Linh, I felt her hand reaching and pulling my dick out of my shorts – I helped her when I understood what she was doing – and then she pulled down her panties – I helped her – and then she got a hold of my dick and presented it before her anus. Another strike of lighting, another BLABBBBBOOOOOOMMMMM and I was in. I guess she figured, like me earlier, that if this was to be the end, we might as well give up the ghost swinging.

It didn’t last long anyway because came another one of those tremendous strikes and I ejaculated just as I thought I was struck by lightning. Indeed, I felt jolts going through my body. Then again, maybe was it just me cuming one last time. In any case, all of sudden, after I cummed, I couldn’t hear a thing anymore. And, oddly enough, with silence, fear was gone, just like that, and once I lost the fear, I was in control again and I became very active this time in protecting them. I wondered if I would be deaf for the rest of my life but, at the very moment I thought that, I could hear again. BABOOM, CCRRAACKKKK, SHHHRRIIIEEEKKK….

I don’t know if May Linh realized what had happened – neither she, nor Lily nor I ever mentioned it. In any case, that’s also when Lily relaxed I could tell; I think she must have felt so responsible for us but after this quick incredible ass fuck, she let it go and I was now the one above them and I was trying to give them all the protection I could muster.

We stayed like this a very long time although it is hard to say because in those circumstances one feels every second is like a minute and every minute like an hour. Really, we must not have dawdled this way more than three or four hours because we saw a bleak day light come into the guest-house through the broken roof. And when we saw the new day, it became easier all of a sudden, as if seeing the light of a new day could only mean we had come back from Hades’ kingdom. Indeed there were no more mean spirits looking for us anymore and the typhoon was just a typhoon again. Within another hour, or two maybe, it’s was hard to tell, we heard the thunder and the storm starting to chase out at sea and the wind inside the house receded and we could finally come to our wits.

Lily got up and went to open the front door to have a look outside. It was still pouring rain and there was still a lot of wind and we still could hear the thunder and the jungle shaking wildly but nothing to fear anymore. “Wait here,” she told us. And she went, running. May Linh and I just held each other and there was something very tender in the way we were hugging.

Lily came back maybe 15 minutes later. “Follow me,” she said. And we did and I saw the mess my property had become and we ran after Lily under the deluge as she took us around to the house, to the front porch where she had taken a panel down so we could get in.

It was an unbelievable feeling. Everything inside was as we had left it, untouched, unmoved, quiet, the white gladioli still in their vases, the piano, the altar, and we filed in as if we were going inside a shrine or a church, some place sacred.

There was still no power but plenty enough of hot water left in the shower. So we showered, all three of us together and, without saying anything, we all went to bed. The bed was soft and nice and dry. We took our usual positions – May Linh in the middle – but we all sort of clamped onto each other in the middle of the bed and, I guess, we all immediately went to sleep. We slept a long time because when we woke up, it was night again. We had slept all day. It was still raining hard outside but no more by now than with a regular strong tropical storm.

We would realize later that this Typhoon was a monster. But, more importantly, what we went through that night together created a bond between us, a bond so strong that it would later never be broken. Hypnos, Thanatos, my ass. I was so happy to be alive, alive with May Lin and Lily, more alive than I had ever been and less alone than I ever was.

Ellar Wise

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Iconography: Hypnos and Thanatos, The Lost Myth – Igor Mitoraj

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