To be or not to be a pimp, Adam has to know (chapter XLVI)


It was clear in old Mr. Me’s mind, when I wrote the contract that would permit women to live naked around me, that this was a working contract: an easy job for a very good salary. Yes this job had to take place in my recluse home in this southeastern Asian country but the house was very nice, by the beach, near the jungle and a remote village. So, in all, old Mr. Me thought this was a very fair deal. And it worked well with May Linh.

But, indeed, that was before meeting with Lily. Since she arrived last Sunday, Lily had turned upside down all of my certainties. For once she demonstrated that there was still hope for me, and May Linh, as far as sex is concerned, which was a total surprise. Moreover, although this contract was meant to differentiate sensuality from sentimentality – that was the whole point and the very reason why I had escaped from the world – Lily showed me it was not so simple.

Anyway, after a week of hocus pocus, it was Friday night and I was finally alone. May Linh and Lily were getting ready to settled in the bedroom and go to sleep. They were speaking in their language but I understood they were speaking about music, although the radio was turned off. So I came back from the kitchen with a bunch of beers in an ice bucket so I wouldn’t have to come in and out of the bedroom every time I’d need to go through my shotgun house. And I settled at last on my front porch.

I popped a beer open, rested in my chair, smoked a French joint while watching the ocean and the sky. Hum, I noticed, there were very dark clouds coming from the east. So I was comfortable but, after this week of crazy sex, courtesy of Lily, all of a sudden a question popped in my mind: if I’m not a white perverse Christian, I hope I’m not, and even if I am, have I however become Lily’s pimp?

And am I May Linh’s Pimp?

No, I am not May Linh’s pimp. May Linh and I are two people who, in all knowledge of the terms, had agreed to a contract that suited us both. And we’ve lived by it, and more, ever since. Yes I pay her, a very good salary of course, and yes she’s paid to live here in the nude with old Mr. Me, as a roommate of sort, but May Linh doesn’t owe me anything, she can come and go as she pleases and her being with me is as much her choice as it is mine. So no I’m not May Linh’s pimp and she would feel slurred if anyone even thought this way.

At her age, considering the duress of her life, she was still proud because she was still making choices of her own, and that’s all she asked for at the end and all that she needed. Not only am I not May Linh’s pimp but I have a lot of admiration for her. She has courage that I don’t have. Then again a pimp could have admiration and affection for one of his whores and feel she’s more courageous than he’s ever been but he’d still be a pimp. So I guess my admiration argument comes short but, in any case, I am not May Linh’s pimp.

With Lily, I thought that the situation was different. Was I her new pimp? To begin with, only a week ago, she was about to go to a brothel in the capital, with a real pimp who had already paid her family in advance. And it’s true that May Linh had to buy her back from the pimp. May Linh paid the pimp back, not me, and she refused that I’d give her back the money so, technically, I didn’t buy Lily, in the pimpy sense of it, May Linh did. Yet May Linh couldn’t have afforded it if she wasn’t working for me to begin with.

Now, Lily had to pay that money back to May Linh. So Lily was tied somehow to this house and old Mr. Me. At least until she had paid her debt. Which she could because she was now working for me, for a good salary. But once her debt paid, then what? Lily still had years of child support – her two little brothers and sister – in front of her and she had to make money one way or another. Going back to the brothel? So I guess there’s indeed a subordination link between Lily and old Mr. Me.

Given the nature of our contract, does that make me a pimp?

The fact remains also that, during that first week, Lily has put this place on fire, on sexual fire. Christ, I got laid the past four days more than I did the past 10 or 15 years. And I wasn’t the only one to get heated. May Linh, as proud and as free and as dignified as she is, got really hot too. I mean May Linh and I were burning! And yes May Linh and I are both thankful to Lily. I’m talking here in the name of May Linh and indeed I don’t know for sure what she’s thinking but I have the feeling that May Linh is as thankful of Lily’s sexual craze this week as I am.

But why did Lily do all that? Does she feel that she has to do it in order to keep her very good salary job? I’m sure there is some of that in Lily’s thinking. And this brings me really damned close to pimphood.

Yet, after the five days I’ve known Lily, if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that she is not an idiot. She knows what she is doing and has plans of her own she didn’t tell anyone about it. In fact I think I already know what her dream is but I’m not sure and it’s too early to tell. So yes Lily is probably capitalizing on her good and sudden luck and taking advantage of this French alien who fell from the sky just in the nick of time. If she’s in it for the money, and she keeps it all, that wouldn’t make me a pimp. That would make Lily my mistress, and then, I guess, that would be ok, examples abound.

But Lily is by no means my mistress. Also because Lily is not a gold digger and I don’t think she’s money hungry. If she wanted, she could have taken all my cash and disappeared. She probably feels it’s only fair that she’d get paid for whatever her job is; maybe she felt she was just doing a job. Yet, even if she was just doing her job in all fairness and being paid for it, then Lily still didn’t need to take May Linh and old Mr. Me to the temple of Oz, up up up up there beyond the seventh sky

So why did she do it?

Ok, I’m not a pimp I guess because I didn’t asked her for this and, Ok, Lily is doing what she thinks is best for her. So, all that happened this week, the sex craze, all that Lily gave May Linh and me this week, what is it then? Could it be just for free? ‘Cadeau’, as we say in French? Could it be her way to be happy with us, to be happy to be with us rather than in a brothel in the capital?

I knew I wasn’t going to ask her.

Maybe I should just stop to worry? Maybe that is only what Lily is doing, giving us presents, just like Christmas. A present of life I guess, a present of love of the third kind, a sensual present for here and now, a present fallen out of the sky, a present coming from aliens and I didn’t know at this point who were the aliens and who weren’t.

Or maybe Lily is simply some kind of healer? In less than a week, she did indeed a lot of healing to May Linh and I.

Sweet Lily!

Yes I had created the circumstances of my good luck but, no, I wasn’t a pimp and neither May Linh nor Lily were whores. There was also the question of the age difference but no, I was not Lily’s father and there was no incest. So I relaxed and, at that very moment, I finally lost another chunk of that Christian guilt that had ruined my life. Not a pimp but maybe, as Lily had said, I was a shameful white perverse Christian. Well, even if that was the case, it concerned only the three of us and the two of them were big girls and I was a big guy. So fuck guilt.

And I felt proud in a way, not only in the fact that I managed to pull off this crazy idea that I had, but because I had indeed met two extraordinary women who, in all conscience, had agreed to live with me, nude, at least for the time being, maybe, I hope, for the time it will take now for me to die. This is luxury I thought. As long as it doesn’t take too long for me to die I guess.

So I got a cold beer and, comfortably settled on my porch, I gave a toast to aliens. In fact I couldn’t see where aliens live because I couldn’t see the stars. Big clouds were now crowding the sky, dark and somber. So I went to take a leak outside and I felt the wind and the forest was silent. The forest was silent? This was odd and a little bit eerie. Then I knew: typhoon, hurricane, however you call it. And those exist as reminders that you are in fact living on the surface of a PLANET!

“This one is for us,” I thought. Instinct! Not because I had been living long in this southeastern Asian country but because I had lived in New Orleans and, there, you didn’t need anyone to tell you “beware, a hurricane is a coming”; when a hurricane was coming right at you, you just knew it.

It was maybe 3 or 4 in the morning and, thus, I knew I still had time. Still I closed every window and brought all the porches’ vases in. I had the feeling all these white gladioli were going to be with us for another couple of days. Then I went to bed.

May Linh was in the middle, like always, sleeping on her side, turned to her left, toward Lily who was in the same position at the edge of the bed. I slid under the sheet on my side, felt May Linh’s warmth and came to love my old bones against her nude body. I then put my arm around, felt her breasts. She felt me coming into bed, I had woken her up.

So we softly and gently did some quick gamahuching shenanigans until we found the exact right nicest position and we went to sleep together, serene, and hell could freeze over.

Ellar Wise

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