Is the glory of love coming through to Adam? (chapter XLIV)


So it was Friday, and Lily had been here five days now and May Linh and I finally got a chance to be by ourselves. In fact Lily had her period this morning and that too is something new in the house by the beach I had purchased in this Southeastern Asian country. Indeed, according to the contract they had agreed to, May Linh and Lily had been living in the nude with old Mr. Me.

But Lily having her menstrua changed somewhat the ambiance at home. For one thing, Lily didn’t come to swim with us this morning. And, for once, May Linh came to swim with me farther than the sandbar and the bluff where she usually dives.

It was sunny and hot although we were now in fall, the sea was flat and welcoming so we swam for a while and I even forgot to ogle her. It was perfect for us, we didn’t need to talk. On the way back we stopped to rest and had a lie-down in the sun on one of the platforms I had installed from the beach. We stopped at the farthest one, the 250m mark.

I got up there first and stabilized it so May Linh could come up. But when she did, she pushed me back into the water. When I came up she offered me her hand: “Let me help you,” she said with a big smile. Because of her goggles, her long black hair were coming down her neck, both sides. Christ! She could have been a Navajo Injun for all I knew. She was playful although we were two old people but she was beautiful so I took her hand and pulled her from the platform into the sea. She fell in a big splash and I saw her nude body entering the water from underneath. Then we played dolphins for a little while, May Linh trying to escape old Mr. Me’s fingers and lust. She was much faster than me and if I got minute gamahuches here and there, it’s only because she’d let me catch her.

Again I thought it funny that this women didn’t know how to swim a month ago when she got here. Look now! She’s a natural. I had a tinge of regret because, although old Mr. Me feels a lot lighter in the ocean than he does on the ground, I couldn’t follow May Linh underwater, I couldn’t dive with her but for a few meters. I couldn’t breathe long enough – too much of a lifetime of smoking – and I wasn’t limber enough, and diving is one thing I couldn’t do with May Linh. And that’s probably the reason why May Linh got Lily to come and dive with her. And Lily is a natural of her own!

So we rested and basked in the sun on the platform for a while and then we swam back.

To our surprise Lily was gone.

We both figured she went to the village for groceries or whatever and that’s when we realized there was only the two of us in the house, and that hadn’t happened since May Linh left, taking her days off, almost two weeks ago. And I think we both realized at the same time, without needing to say a word, that we were alone in the house, like before, like before Lily.

It reminded me of old memories, when as a parent you could get a break from the kids and maybe get lucky for a quick one with the Mrs. or maybe just get lucky period. I knew May Linh had no kid, because she couldn’t have kids, so I didn’t mention to her those old memories and quickly forgot about them.

Anyway, as it turned out, we sort of both made the same move toward the shower. So we both stopped and kind of looked at each other. After what Lily had done to May Linh and old Mr. Me these past days, I felt embolden I guess. “Can I take a shower with you?” I asked and, believe me, I wasn’t that embolden. “Yes, please,” May Linh said. So I let her go first and I looked at her ass and I almost fainted.

One thing I’m proud about though, it’s my big Scandinavian shower because it has no walls and it’s spacious. So May Linh could start showering and I could be standing there watching her yet still be within the cloud of refreshing water. In fact I never had a chance to really look at May Linh taking a shower. Because there is no door in my shotgun house, I had seen little bits of it, passing through on my way to and fro the kitchen, but to really be there with her, looking at her, this was the first time.

She was on the same wavelength as I was I guess. I knew she usually takes quick showers after swimming and then grabs something to eat and then she goes to the village or plays her piano. But I guess she didn’t have to go to the village today and, anyway, Lily had taken the bike so I guess she figured she had time. And maybe she was happy that I was there watching her for once. And indeed, after Lily’s freakish massages, there was something reassuring for both of us to be back in our old form.

Indeed, I saw her take my razor and she started shaving her legs. Christ almighty! And I remembered that I told her one evening, after probably drinking too much beer, anyway I told her that I had noticed that she was using my shaver to shave her legs and that since then I didn’t want to change the blades. She remembered it I guess and, at one time, our eyes crossed and we couldn’t help but smile. Then she trimmed her tiny black pubic triangle and I had the best seat in the house.

Then we somehow found ourselves in the bedroom, kind of next to one another. I guess May Linh had pity of old Mr. Me because she took my hand and pulled me on the bed and all of a sudden I had my nose and my eyes on her skin, on her breasts, on her belly, and on that little black pubic triangle of hers, and she wasn’t completely dry from the shower so I licked off of her every remaining drops from the shower and if she was still wet when I reached her pussy it wasn’t because of the shower. So we did at first our own gamahuching, the one we both liked and I felt the contractions of her anus on my finger and I was happy for her and I was happy for me.

But something had changed: when we had started our own brand of gamahuching, in the secret of our secluded place, both May Linh and I believed old Mr. Me’s dick was dead, as dead as a mummy who could still take a piss. And that deadness is what made it possible for May Linh and old Mr. Me to meet in such fashion and reinvent the gamahuche. And when we made that gamahuche discovery, we felt that we were free at last! At times I wasn’t far from thinking that there was indeed some kind of beauty, in the artistic sense of beauty, in the gamahuching we were practicing. But the difference was that now, after Lily’s tough medicine, I could feel my dick was hard. Christ! When I realized it, I had a fleeting moment of fear.

Well I didn’t have time to procrastinate, and it was as well, because May Linh pulled me up to her and she took my dick and guided it in her… pussy! As I thrust it in, she looked into my eyes, to make sure I understood what was happening I guess. It was not in the contract but, yes, this one was for her and I was honored and we hugged and we were making love in the most usual way, like people our age would do I guess.

Not only that, I finally knew what I was doing. Caressing May Linh, I could find all the places I had discovered with Lily’s massages. I just knew what I was doing and so was May Linh. And on top of it, I had gotten laid more in the past three days than I had in the past fifteen years so I was in control of myself. Then we climaxed together and I’m sure Lily’s generous soul was hovering somewhere not far.

After that, May Linh rested her head on my left shoulder for a while. It was cool not having to say anything. I don’t know if, since she came this morning and met with me in the water, we had each pronounced more than ten words. Then I could feel she was ready to move. And she did but, just before getting up, she had her face above mine and she was looking into my eyes and her hair were spread on both sides as if we were locked up in a secret chamber and she looked in my eyes for a long time, and then she kissed me, on the lips.

She kissed me!!!!

It was a quick kiss but it was a kiss and that was not in the contract either. And old Mr. Me was suddenly all mellow. She did seem to care for me more than for a can of beans. That too wasn’t in the contract, she didn’t have to do it, and what was I other than an old can of bones?

Anyway she was gone and went to take a quick shower. I didn’t. I wanted to keep her smell, that smell, for as long as I could and I though her fragrance meshed very well with the scent of gladioli and that, thinking of it, the whole house smelled good.

A bit later, May Linh got on her piano and I settled on the porch, had a beer although it was still early, looked at the ocean and at the big sky and listened to May Linh’s play. I thought I could hear a joyous beat in her interpretations but what do I know?

Ellar Wise

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Iconography : 12″ Bali Abstract Statue Couple Glory of Love Sculpture (detail). By Rachana world.


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