Adam says: why oh why have I been so ignorant for so long? (chapter XLII)

Ignorance 1

Since old Mr. Me had devised a contract for Asian ladies to live in the nude around me, many things had evolved that were not in the contract. Lily’s massages for example. Since I had bought my shotgun house by the ocean in this Southeastern Asian country, I pretty much spend most of my time on the front porch, facing the sea and the immense sky.

That’s where, yesterday, surrounded by white gladioli, Lily had revived old Mr. Me. And Lily was now giving shy May Linh a massage as well and I was a standing witness and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were both nude, of course, but there was a sensuality in Lily’s massages that was from out of this world.

Lily had already ‘read’ May Linh’s back, from head to toe – ‘reading’ being the verb Lily uses to explain how she decipher humans’ body and soul, untying knots and flushing out years of accumulated bullshit. She was now ‘reading’ May Linh’s front. May Linh wasn’t saying anything, not asking what Lily was reading and Lily wasn’t saying what she knew or had learned already about May Linh. I was looking at them and I wasn’t saying anything either. I would have been most incapable to say anything anyway. I was dumbstruck!

In any case, while working her way down from May Linh’s head, when Lily reached May Linh’s abdomen and pelvis, she called on me. “Mr. You,” she said, “go wash your hands and come back here, by my side.” I was stunned, flabbergasted, hoping I didn’t understand correctly. I saw May Linh’s body get tense for a second but Lily just seemed to press on an invisible button and May Linh somehow relaxed again. So I went to wash my hands.

While I was in the bathroom, I thought I still had time to flee. I could just run to the motorbike – why the bike you moron, take the car! – and ride all the way to the train station and on back to the airport. For real, what was the scariest: the life I had before or the one I had dreamed of and could have now? Let’s be sincere here: the scariest is being honest, at last, with oneself.

At the end, the coward in me prevailed. I couldn’t have faced them or myself ever again if I had fled, so I went back to the porch, exited but somewhat dreadful of something and I didn’t know what it was. No, I knew: again, old Mr. Me was worried that I wouldn’t be up to par.

Lily put lotion on my hands and showed me what to do. When I put my hand on May Linh, I was so timid and I felt her belly react. But Lily, overbearing, got me going. This time, Lily was speaking and she was describing a woman’s inner body to both of us, May Linh lying down on her back and me trying to massage her. And Lily was explaining with much pedagogy and patience, using sometimes the true medical terms, and yes I started to feel, not only hear, but actually feel what she was saying. Sartorius, quadriceps and others, my fingers could tell now. And May Linh was somehow going through the same exploration of her physical self at the same time I was going through it. It was amazing. I even started to forget about myself.

Then Lily moved right in front of May Linh’s pelvis and lifted her legs. Lily then guided my hands to May Linh’s mount of Venus – and for some reason I had a fleeting thought about Botticelli – and then she guided my hand through May Linh’s parted lips on to her anus, inside and out, and massaging.

I could feel May Linh was responding and I realized I was responding too and I understood why: of course I was responding, Lily’s hand had been on my dick for I didn’t even know how long now. All this was puzzling and I couldn’t think straight. Old Mr. Me’s heart was going boom boom boom and pumping new blood and new life into me and I was almost trembling.

And I thought, with May Linh under my thumbs, that she and I were indeed two idiots, like Lily said, and superclass dumbasses. Why, there was this young woman, Lily, giving us, two old fools, an anatomical and sexual education! Because that’s what it was, I realized, an education! And it came out of a generous intention!

It occurred to me that I had spent my life, at least a big part of my life, thinking that I knew pretty much what I was doing with women. I was kind of frustrated that I couldn’t see more of my wives/girlfriends/one night stands’ nude bodies but, for the rest of it, I thought things were pretty much under control. Shit, what did I know?

I certainly didn’t know what I know now! In ALL of my life, I hadn’t been able, not ONCE, to reach this sort of sensual comprehensive intelligent state where Lily had gotten us both, May Linh and me, in only TWO days! It’s not very pleasant to discover so late in life how much of an imbecile you have been for so many years, decades.

And it was not over yet.

Lily, not asking what I was thinking about it, gently pulled me in front of May Linh and gamahuched both of us for a few seconds and then she took my dick and introduced it into May Linh’s ass. “Try to keep it in there this time,” she told me. She was smiling so I put my faith onto her. And, yes, she had a way to hold my dick that it was as if she had taken control of it and taken control of me and taken control of May Linh. A massage-jedi!

May Linh and old Mr. Me reached climax together but only when Lily decided the time was right. There was nothing stealthy in this explosion, that’s for sure. I even felt the contractions. God oh god; it was Magic!

It took me a few minutes to catch my breath. And for May Linh too I think but for other reasons. I felt May Linh’s anus ejecting my dick in a sweet and controlled motion. I saw a pearl of my sperm jutting out but there was nothing rancid about it this time. May Linh and I had a floating moment, together but away somewhere on our own.

Then we heard Lily: “Why don’t you two go take a shower while I straighten up the porch.” We were about to obey when I had an idea. “Let’s go swim,” I told May Linh. “OK,” she said. That was the first word May Linh had pronounced since the beginning of the whole experiment.

So we walked together to the beach not saying anything. It was the first time I crossed the beach naked. I was happy to reach the water. So we both dove in and we swam to the sandbar. It was almost high tide so we had a lot of water without having to swim far. Once I stood up on the sandbar, May Linh grabbed me and threw her legs around my waist and her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around her and we silently hugged tight and hugged and hugged. And we hugged like that for a long long time, not saying anything.

We must have been so sad before, really; why would otherwise that hugging feel so good now? I guess that, at this very moment, we were feeling a bit less alone. I hadn’t grasped it until then but May Linh and old Mr. Me were already sharing something that was not only the space in a shotgun house. We had somehow come upon something that only the two of us could share because only the two of us knew about it, save for Lily of course. And, as far as I was concerned, that something was getting more and more precious to me.

Lily was right, I couldn’t just write a contract and just pay for what I wanted. It didn’t work this way. Proof is, I was already so glad to know May Linh and she was the very first one I hired!!!! God this is just what I didn’t want, sentiment, and just when I thought I had gotten away from it, the real world had caught with me, again.

The thing is, the next day, Lily started her schooling again, but the other way around, May Linh massaging me this time and discovering what I was made of, and thus who I was, like I had discovered yesterday what and who she was. Lily again guided the two of us all the way to the end, to the best position to finish. It was again incredible. There was no telling how old May Linh and I were anymore and I could tell Lily was quite happy with herself.

Was Lily an alien I wondered for a second?

Once I could breathe again, I asked her: “Lily, why do you do this?”

She seemed surprised.

“But,” she said, “because that’s what I know how to do best.”

“And what is that?” I asked, somewhat sarcastic. She seemed even more surprised.

“But,”,she said, “THAT is making happy the people I care for.”

And that seemed so obvious to her the way she said it: it is what she thought everybody should do. So I understood better now about her brothers and her sister and her mother and all that she had done already for them and I understood that indeed she cared for May Linh. And it occurred to me that, maybe, Lily didn’t come because May Linh saved her from a pimp but because she came to save May Linh.

And that’s maybe how I got in there and incidentally got saved as well.

“Anyway,” Lily said, “if I didn’t help you guys, the two of you would have never dared and it’s not as if you have time to wait another lifetime of hypocrisy and conceit.”

She was right, of course.

Later that day, there was all of a sudden something new in the way May Linh played her piano.

Ellar Wise

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