Lily’s a soul whose intentions are good (chapter XL)


Lily had started to give old Mr. Me a massage like I never had before. I was thinking that massages weren’t in the contract I had devised when I planned to retire from the world’s follies to this secluded house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country. Then again, May Linh playing piano so beautifully wasn’t in the contract either.

Moreover, it is only because old Mr. Me’s dick was dead for a long time that I could have imagined such a thing, living surrounded by women in the nude. And after I had met with May Linh, I was perfectly happy to be with her and how our relationship was evolving. But young Lily showed up and I, an old white Christian guy full of complexes, wasn’t prepared for her arrival.

And, while May Linh was playing piano, now Lily was giving me a massage on the front porch of my shotgun house and untying knots that probably had been there for decades, hidden in my nerves, my muscles, my brains and maybe indeed Lily was right and my body needed a big purge, just like one has to first clean up a polluted site so that something new can be built there.

As she was working, and probably so that I wouldn’t be ill at ease, Lily was enumerating every muscles, nerves, bones and organs in my body, from the pectoralis to the little known solarius, and the pectineus and the sartorius. And I could feel where and what it was. I realized that after all those years of living with myself, I hardly knew anything about what was exactly the physical me.

“How come do you know of those medical terms?” I asked.

“I learned them,” Lily said. “I first learned them in my own language but, since I was learning English with May Linh, I thought I’d learn them in English as well. I know now by heart the entire human body and I pretty much know now all that there is in men’s soul.”

“Oh you do?” I said, somewhat ironic. She was so young and me so old, I figured I was the wise one here.

“You know,” she said, “when men come to have a massage in the kind of massage parlor I was working in, it was, they thought, to relieve the pressure in their body but I know that what they needed most was to relieve the pressure in their brains. Massage is like a psychiatric analysis, a form of therapy I guess, although it is a lot cheaper. Today I know all about men’s despair and how strongly they’ll always deny it, I know all their phantasms and how they are most incapable to live them because, to begin with, it is so hard for men – and women too as a matter of fact – to formulate what they really want. I know everything about men because I can feel and recognize every single muscle and nerve of their body and those directly communicate with the soul.”

“So what do you know about me?” I asked, a bit worried.

“Well, usually I see clients for half an hour, sometimes an hour. I’ve been here for two days and I already read your backside for more than an hour. So what I know about you is that you have tried to be a good man all your life and you feel your efforts weren’t recognized or acknowledged at their true value by those you were trying to help and to love. And you felt you weren’t getting in return what you really wanted although you’ve never been able to express it clearly. You’re a fool! Because the reward is never in proportion of what ONE THINK it should be. You were a giver but you were unable to discern what others were giving to you because it didn’t fit what you wished they’d give you. So you had accumulated a lot of rancor and, given a chance at the end of your life, you simply gave up. And you thought that, by hiring May Linh, you could for once maybe get something for yourself without having to give anything in return other than money. But that is an illusion. In short, you’re a good man but you’re not a nice man.”

I was stunned. She was speaking matter-of-factly and there was not an ounce of judgment in her tone of voice. And I knew there was some truth in what she had just said. So I remained silent and that didn’t seem to bother her. I guess she must have had the same effect on most, if not all, of her clients, if of course she talked to them with such frankness.

She was working her way down, one side then the other. I felt compelled to tell her.

“You know, my dick is dead,” I said.

“That’s what May Linh told me,” she said, “but I don’t think so.”

“Well I know,” I said.

“Well, this is not what your body is telling my hands and my fingers.”

I smiled for myself for a second but, anyway, thinking of it, I got excited in my head because I got hope. After all, why not? Lily is a pro! Isn’t she? And she hasn’t been bullshiting so far.

Then she put lotion on my genitals, my thighs and started to work there. She was at it for what looked like a long time and I was watching her and her body and I thought how beautiful she was and May Linh was playing her piano inside the big room and I could hear the rain tambouring on the porch’s roof and I felt totally relaxed, which hadn’t really been the case since Lily arrived.

Well, after a while, there couldn’t be any mistake, something was happening to me down there. With one hand, she was now masturbating me in long motions starting from my ass, from inside my ass!!!!, to my balls to my penis; with the other hand, she was working from my heart all the way down and it all ended at the tip of my dick and on and on and on and she was showing infinite patience and skill and, sure enough, slowly, slowly, I felt my dick arise. I had to look at it to believe it – and I realized I had no abs whatsoever because it took me a great effort to lift my head up just a little bit – but it was true, there it was. Oh it was not glorious at all but that was still more than anything I felt for the last ten or fifteen years.

After a while, there was my penis, erect.

“You see,” she told me, “the problem is rarely the body, the problems lie in the mind.”

And then, in one quick move, she was over me, I could see her long black hair, her back, her ass.

“So,” she said, “May Linh told me it’s the anus that interests you; that suits me fine: no kids.”

Before I could say anything, she had put some lotion on her butthole, grabbed my cock firmly before I had a faint of heart, and sat onto it. I realized I was out of control, things were bumping in my head as if I was in a bumper car. Oh my god, oh my god! I had just started penetrating her – so to speak because I wasn’t doing anything – and the next second, I had ejaculated already. Pfuittt pfuittt pfuitttt. Talking about an explosion that wasn’t a stealth one!!!

My dick immediately became flaccid again and her anus ejected it right off. When she got up, I saw a little pearl of my sperm hanging by her anus. All rancid sperm I thought, feeling a bit guilty.

“You see,” she told me, “fingers don’t lie.”

“Now,” she said, “you go get a shower while I put everything here away.”

May Linh was still playing – Chopin? – and, shy I guess, I went to the outside shower, walking naked there. I didn’t feel like crossing the room naked where May Linh was playing although she must have realized what was happening on the porch.

When I came back from the shower, the porch was again like before, as if nothing had happened. I put my shorts on and figured I could use a drink so I went to the kitchen to get a beer. Somehow, I wanted to celebrate this and a cold beer was perfect for celebration. May Linh was focused on her piano and Lily was taking a shower. So I stopped there for a second and looked at Lily. She saw me and she smiled.

“Thank you,” I said.

“It’s nothing,” she said and I could see in Lily’s eyes that she was laughing inside her head, but not laughing at me, laughing because she felt happy somehow. At least that’s what I thought I saw. Then I got a beer, went back to the porch and listened to May Linh’s music.

I felt good, body and soul, like I hadn’t felt in years, decades.

That one night, I had few beers alone on the porch, watching the ocean and the sky and listening to the mad ruckus coming from the jungle. It had finally stopped raining.

When I went to sleep and came close to May Linh, I realized she wasn’t sleeping and was somehow waiting for me. Lily was sleeping, or pretending too. I still had so many thoughts in my mind after Lily’s massage and some kind of thoughts. God, I was alive! But how would that affect our way of life? I was worried it would affect the balance May Linh and I had established. So, to calm down I guess, I went through our routine with May Linh, first caressing her, then her buttocks, then reaching her anus. I could feel she was opening up for me but it was dry so I went down and licked it for a few seconds. Somehow, I felt courageous in my gamahuching and May Linh was responding. Was she jealous? I figured not.

Anyway it didn’t last long, my dick remained lifeless and she didn’t cum, but it was alright I guess because we finally went to sleep really close to one another.

Ellar Wise

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