Is massage a martial art? Adam wonders if Lily is a Jedi (chapter XXXIX)


When old Mr. Me thought out his plan to live in a secluded house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country surrounded by beauty, that is Asian ladies living in the nude around me, and when I drew a contract for them, I thought I was the benevolent one, the generous one. And I figured there would be plenty of candidates and I could pick and choose.

Well it didn’t exactly turned out this way. First it seems that older May Linh, who is in her late forties, early fifties – I can’t tell for sure, maybe she is closer to 70, like old Mr. Me – and has been here for about five weeks now, chose me more than I chose her. Then she brought Lily in, young full of life Lily.

Lily was 24 y.o. and had been working the last seven years in a massage parlor when May Linh wrenched her out of the claws of a pimp from the capital. So Lily had arrived last Sunday and as early as Tuesday afternoon, while May Linh was playing her piano, she offered to give old Mr. Me a massage. I couldn’t refuse.

So Lily had me lie down the way she wanted it on my stomach on the divan she had made up with the porch’s armchairs. Then she positioned herself right in front and above me. I could only see her toes and ankles. She had nice feet and a delicate bone structure. But the thing was that she was so close to me and she was nude I knew and I could smell her and her fragrance was sweet.

She started massaging the back of my head. That was the first time she was touching me, other than our first handshake at the train station. I kind of liked it, it made me think that I always relished it when I was going to get a haircut and it was a woman doing the shampoo. That head massage lasted for a while and I was starting to think that, if this was it, I didn’t need to worry.

Then she got on my neck, and it HURT. A shot of anger went straight through my brain. What the fuck! I was soon going to realize that Lily had very strong hands and fingers. But I also understood that I was the one being too tense because she had otherwise no reason to hurt me. Anyway I wasn’t going to complain. So I tried to take it like a man. I was still tense and, as an only recourse, I clutched on her calves. The feeling of her skin, so close, had the immediate virtue to unwind me and she felt it.

She was working on my neck and it was as if she was untying every knot and every one of my nerves. There were I guess a lot of knots because I could still feel the pain. But, soon enough, I also felt myself giving in with some kind of abandon. I could feel muscles I didn’t even know I had.

That’s when I got hold of myself and started to caress her calves and even lifted my hands up to her thighs, almost to the buttocks, and she seemed to be totally unconcerned about that. I could feel her strength and her muscles and her bones, she didn’t have a speck a fat.

When she felt she had me where she wanted, I guess, she got some kind of lotion and spread it generously over the top of my back and shoulders. It smelled good. Lilies’ oil maybe? Then she positioned herself again above my head and started to work the base of the neck and my shoulders. And, my head hanging down somewhat, I had plenty of time to detail her toes and at some point, to get more force I guess, she was standing on those toes. Sweet Jesus!

Then she moved to one side and the other and she got more lotion for the small of my back, my ass and my thighs. And I could now comprehend how she was working. She had started from the head and taken all the shit that was there and pushed it down the neck to the back along the spine, then along the crack of my ass, and she made a few incursions into there with her finger! What?

And she kept pushing all the bad vibes she was gathering from every part of old Mr. Me’s body and pushing it down through the thighs and then through the calves and through the ankles and the feet and, to finish, having all those bad vibes vanish in the air through the toes. Vanish, that’s the word! I didn’t even know I had toes before this! There was indeed no more pain, in a lot of ways. All of a sudden, I was feeling so good, at peace, relaxed. I hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

“You’re in a good shape for an old guy,” she said. I figured that it was now six weeks I was swimming basically every day and that helped. And I thought about May Linh’s cooking and that probably helped too. Because, other than that, I pretty much just hang outside on my porch, looking at the ocean and the sky, drinking beer and smoking most of the time, and my only physical activity consisted mostly to go get a cold beer in the fridge in the kitchen and back to the porch.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Now turn around,” she said. So I did, if only that I could maybe ogle something other than toes. In fact I had been watching up close the wooden floor of my porch for the last hour it seemed and Lily’s toes were long gone. May Linh was still playing piano. And the fact is, now that I think of it, that the music May Linh was playing affected somehow the rhythm of Lily’s massage.

Lily set me up the way she wanted, on my back, my head hanging back a little bit. And again she came to position herself right behind me, really close, and she started working on my face. She worked from the forehead on down through the nose and the mouth and the chin. The massage felt different on this side. Off my back she was flushing out years of bullshit. Up front, reaching the heart, she was gathering energy out of what I thought was a burned out fire. I could feel it. I was thinking: “What in hell, is she some sort of a massage-Jedi?” I guess she is.

I remembered she had been working for seven years in a massage parlor, since she was fourteen or seventeen May Linh had said, and I had to admit Lily seemed to know what she was doing. I wondered what exactly her job was. How was it when she started? And how was it when she was still working there, just few days ago? I knew this was not exactly prostitution. If all you wanted was a massage, you’d get a massage. But the point is also to get jerked off at the end of it. Then you take a shower and go home, lightened and soothed, and you don’t feel like wanting to nuke the world anymore. I’m sure some of the girls would do more for good clients but I think most of those massage parlors offer nothing but soothing comfort and a bit of company. And it’s usually not expensive and one can somehow remain faithful to the wife and kids. Why isn’t there any – at least I’ve never seen one – massage parlors for women?” I think that would also do a lot of goods for the world. But men/husbands/boyfriends/fathers wouldn’t tolerate it I guess. Not this kind of massage at least.

I could see Lily above me, her shiny black hair framing her face and her breasts. I could tell she was focused and knew what she was doing. Then she saw me looking up at her and she smiled. “Everything OK?” she asked. She didn’t wait for my answer. She got her lotion and started to spread it on my shoulders and chest. And she positioned herself this time right above my face and to reach my rib cage she had to bend over and push on her toes. I mean there was maybe no more than half an inch between my lips and her vagina lips and between my eyes and her anus. And there was no hair whatsoever and I could see it was natural. She was breathing through all her orifices!

Or was it me hardly breathing?

Again she could read my thoughts. “Don’t be shy,” she said. Really I was more than shy, I was scared somehow. I never had such an opportunity and everything new is always a bit fearsome. But I figured I would have to gather some courage at some point and this was as good a time as another so I put my hands on her buttocks, pulled her to me a little bit and, with my tongue, started to lick gently her hairless pussy which opened up like a flower while I could feel her anus with my finger.

Maybe to help me, she started talking and describing the muscles she was working on. “These are the Trapezius,” she said and I could feel them. “This is the Deltoid,” and I could feel it. “This is the pectoralis,” and I can now tell the difference between Pectoralis Major and Perctoralis Minor. I had just enough time to explore the outer ring of her bumhole when she moved to one side, got more lotions on me and went back to work. Biceps brachii, brachialis, Triceps brachii, Rectus Abdominis, External oblique.

I could feel all the parts I was made of.

Ellar Wise

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2 thoughts on “Is massage a martial art? Adam wonders if Lily is a Jedi (chapter XXXIX)

  1. Until I’d read Houellebecq I used to cringe at women being depicted in a sexual context only. (Your story could have come straight from the notes of Platform.) Then it occurred to me that it was somehow warmer. Fundamental. Raw and primal. But never bad. It is a worshipful attitude, no? Kudos for your candour.


    • Yeah, worship and candour are the words. That’s why Adam is always either in doubt or in awe. He wants to be good and be fair but he’s never in control really. The context changed with the arrival of Lily, which he didn’t plan. So yes it’s raw and primal, like is (re)birth for all mammals, and Lily is not done yet with the two of them.


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