Routine, Adams says, is a deadly safety net (chapter XXXVIII)

Head phones

When, over a bit more than a month ago, May Linh agreed to old Mr. Me’s contract, that she’d live with me in the nude and be fondled here and there every now and then, I wondered how that would work. To my surprise, we rather quickly found a nice way to share the house I owned by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country, remaining alone, each with his/hers own preoccupations, yet together.

We found we were a little bit less alone and we were both kind of happy with the prospect to continue the experience. Yes it was certainly an odd job for May Linh but, everything considered, it didn’t seem to be such a commanding job. Then young and energetic Lily showed up.

After Lily’s arrival, May Linh and I tried desperately at first to get back to our routine – OK, desperately is maybe a bit too big of a word – and, for a little while, I thought we were succeeding. May Linh was gardening in the morning, then swimming with me, then, every other day or so, going to the village, only now she was going with Lily. So that was a difference but why not, there had to be groceries in the house, and it was still within our day-to-day arrangement.

In fact I was curious. From my shotgun house by the beach, protected by the dune and the forest, I can’t see the garage, a shed really, set up over the top on the dune. So I could never see May Linh come and go on the vespa. I only knew that when she rides with me – rarely – she sits side-saddled with her arm around my waist. But now they were going together, May Linh and Lily, and I couldn’t help but wondering: who’s driving? How sits the passenger?

So one day I just walked with them to the garage under a pretext I have forgotten. Then I had my answers: May Linh was driving and Lily was riding straight-saddle, with her legs on both sides and both her arms around May Linh’s waist.

One time this week, one time only, did Lily go to the village alone, and that was today, Friday. I guess she could drive the bike and I guess May Linh had told her about the money jar for groceries and house expenses.

So OK things were a bit different but they were still within the realm of things and the mundane schedule we had established with May Linh during the three weeks we has spent together: gardening, swimming with a bit of gamahuching, the village and, just like before, May Linh would play her piano. I guess Lily had heard her play before because she didn’t seem surprised to see a piano and to see May Linh play it.

So the first afternoon after they had arrived, that must have been Monday, Lily joined me on the porch, sat in her chair and we both listened to May Linh’s music. And there was the ocean and the sky, outcast, and it smelled of rain. So I thought that was cool, the two of us listening to May Linh, especially considering that I could also now start to look at nude Lily without going silly.

After a while Lily went in. A little bit later, as I was going to the kitchen, I saw her lying on the couch, in the office, on her belly, her ass popping up and her anus was talking to me. She had her headphones on so she couldn’t hear it but, me, I could tell this bullet hole of hers was trying to say something to me. Well, all that to say that I thought things were pretty much under control, routine being our safety net.

Even diner that day was uneventful, other than this time I had a chance to go get one of my chopsticks that had fallen on the floor under the table. There were Lily’s legs and toes and, right across May Linh’s legs and toes. Sweet Jesus! I heard them talk in their language and laugh up there. And they both uncrossed their legs at the same time. Christ almighty! But it made no difference really because it was already dark – especially under the table – and it would soon be raining and I couldn’t stay under the table until the end of time so I had to come back, with my chopstick.

That got me thinking later that night. Indeed, they had yakked in their language while I was under the table. We had agreed that they would speak in English when I’m in the room or around but that they could speak their own lingua to their heart’s content when by themselves. I didn’t care really and I know now that I could have lived with them even if they didn’t know a word of English; once you’re nude, there is no more lying and you don’t need many words anymore really. And, in my case, I wasn’t scared of what they could be saying behind my back, if there was anything to say anyway.

It had worked so far; everywhere I was going in the house, conversation was in English and I found it amusing when, from one room to the next, I could hear them talk among themselves. I even kind of like it. Anyway. So, while I was under the table looking for my chopstick, did they consider that I was somehow outside of the room? And what would that mean?

Well I think May Linh spoke to Lily in her language just so the surprise, for me underneath there, would be total. It was! And a pleasant one because they did it for me in some sort of way. Well, that comforted me in my feeling of security. There was the ocean, a dark sky – it was raining now – and May Linh had joined me on the terrace. I had a beer, she had her white wine, with ice cubes, and we sat next to each other, not saying anything, not needing to, and Lily was in the office and the jungle bugs’ ruckus was muffled by the rain and it was perfect again.

The one thing out of the ordinary happened at the very end of the day, when I went to bed, kind of late like always. May Linh was in the middle, turned on her left, Lily was at her end of the bed, turned on her left, like usual. Well like usual for May Linh and me, usual for Lily in the sense that this was only her second night at home. So, like usual, I slid under the sheet and came close to May Linh.

I started to caress her but it was DIFFERENT and it was different because Lily was right next to us, sleeping or maybe not. I became so self-conscious in the darkness that I sort of retired my hand and I could tell May Linh was also kind of ill at ease. So very very slowly and very very delicately, as to not wake up Lily I guess, I brought my hand to May Linh’s buttocks, she ever so slightly move her right leg as to open up and I reached her anus with my finger. And she didn’t squeeze her ass.

But I could feel she was, just like me, in some discomfort. So I just gave her a quick finger French kiss, then I loved by body around hers, put my arm around, my hand on her breast and we fell asleep. The last thing I thought was that I figured I could be patient, that there was plenty of time for me to be with May Linh and that everything was in control.

I kept that illusion all the way through the middle of the afternoon of the next day. Everything went as planned at first: gardening, swimming, breakfast – it was raining and they didn’t go to the village – then May Linh at her piano, Lily in the office with her headphones on and me, on the porch, smoking, eating fruits, drinking water and listening to May Linh’s incredible talent. It was still raining. It was not a heavy rain by any means, it just hadn’t stopped raining since last night.

That’s when Lily showed up on the porch, with her leather suitcase, the one that resembles a doctor’s case back in the 19th and 20th century.

“Mr. You, do you want a massage?” Lily asked.

It was more an order than a question really. What? Did she think I needed one? Was she bored already, after two days only?

“Well… h’m…” I mumbled, confused.

“Come on, don’t be wary,” she said. And then she said: “oh and you have to get up because I need these chairs to set up the bed here on the porch.”

I could hear May Linh playing the piano. I got up.

Sure enough – and she must have thought of it in advance – Lily took the cushions off, then turned the armchairs on their side and then aligned all three of them and covered them with the cushions. I was just standing there like an idiot. I was flabbergasted, looking at her, nude, doing all the moving around. Then she opened her suitcase and it was full of bottles, tubes, ointments and diverse tools I didn’t know anything about. She also had a plastic roll and she very expertly unrolled a sheet and laid it on the cushions.

“Don’t move, I’ll be right back,” she said and she went inside the house. As if I was going to move anywhere! What did she think I could do? Run to the ocean and sacrifice myself to sharks? So, I stood there like a moron and waited.

Lily came back with a bunch of towels. And it occurred to me that, no matter how concentrated on her music was May Linh, she had to have seen Lily come and go with her professional stuff. And now towels!!!!! Well, so far, May Linh was still playing her piano and the music was beautiful and filling up the space. Lily spread towels on her divan, for lack of another word, and said: “Now, Mr. You, would you please take your shorts off and lie down here on your stomach.” She was smiling, as to show she didn’t have any mean intentions I guess.

I froze for a second.

See the contract said that they had to be nude, it didn’t say that I had to be naked. And there was a good reason why. As much as I relish the beauty of a woman’s body, I wouldn’t impose the poor sight of old Mr. Me’s corpse on anyone. Then again, thinking of it, in this warm, often hot, country, I was pretty much living in my shorts so to be naked shouldn’t make that much of a difference. The truth was that I probably was somewhat shy, if not ashamed, of my dead dick.

I knew I was old but I knew as well this dick eventually died also for lack of shared desire, faithful wife and faithful good boy having long given up on trying, not even pretending at the end, and that’s how dicks rust and die. I guess something dies as well for the woman. I often wondered what is the goddamn problem with sex for women once they become wives. After the wife/woman/mistress or whatever has killed every last hope of a man, what has she gained from it? It’s a lose-lose situation, sorry losers both sides. So I guess that’s why, in front of Lily, all of a sudden I felt shy with my dead dick. It was a confession of defeat. Shit, I had finally managed to forget about it, at least for the past 10 or 15 years, and now this.

Lily could read my thoughts, I just knew. “Let me help you,” she said. That did it. So I took my shorts off. And I thought, what the fuck is wrong with me! How come it didn’t bother me this morning to be nude in front of her when we went swimming????

God, too many mysteries.

So Lily showed me how she wanted me to lie on the divan, face down, with my arms and my head up front, hanging down over a pillow made with towels.

This was not routine but I complied.

Ellar Wise

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