Adam can hear the mermaids singing, each to each (chapter XXXVII)

Underwater 3

It was Friday late at night and old Mr. Me was happy to have a moment to consider all that had happened lately, since Lily arrived. I was on my porch, drinking beer, smoking. I had a French joint and I was glad to have a chance to be alone looking at the sea and the big sky. Both May Linh and Lily were asleep. Lily had her period today. Everything considered, I was glad to have a moment of peace.

When I devised this scheme – all of it spelled out in a fair and square contract of course – to have Asian ladies living in the nude with me, I thought of it as a piece of cake. A fair contract and roll baby roll. Well there are cherries but a piece of cake it is not. When old Mr. Me wrote the first contract, for May Linh, I thought I was a pastry chef of my own kind. Then Lily came and she blew my cake up to pieces. Happy birthday old man!

Right from the moment I woke up last Monday morning, I smelled a new fragrance in the air but I couldn’t quite identify it. Now I know. Lily was IN and ON the air. For Christ’s sake! What did I do in a former life to deserve this?

I remember waking up that day and it also smelled of coffee and that filled me with infinite affection for May Linh, and her coffee smelled better than mine, somehow. The big bed in my shotgun house was cold. Before I even opened my eyes, I knew that May Linh was up, and this was not unusual. Then I remembered Lily and realized Lily was gone too. So I got up and went to the toilet. The house was silent. ‘I’m sure they are in the garden’ I thought. And they were.

By the time I reached the front porch for my first cigarette, I saw the sky was still overcast and it was a grey day. I looked out and, sure enough, I saw them in the garden, both nude, both with apron and boots and gloves, because of snakes, and hats, a conical one for May Linh, a Chicago Bulls cap for Lily. I don’t know how and I can’t explain why but their hats, so typical and so weird, added to the sensuality of the scene. I mean, they would have worn New York Knicks’ caps – hello Patrick Ewing – all sensuality would have been gone. In a way, if anything, I was glad Lily liked Chicago better than New York, the Bulls better than the Knicks, although I know now that what Lily really liked in that Bulls’ cap was the red and black colors, the red especially. Anyway, seeing them like that, bent over and working, with the forest right behind them, I felt, again, that I was in a painting, in a live painting.

So they were in the garden and I could see from where I was they had already cleaned it out; there was a pile of weed ready to be burned. And I knew the jungle had lost a battle. Indeed, in the one week May Linh was away, the jungle had tried to take over her garden, and was doing a good job at it. But I could tell that the very next morning after May Ling had come back, with the help of Lily, she had already cleaned up that garden. For the beauty and quietness of it all, at that very moment, I was quite certain everything was OK.

I could see from afar their nakedness and I couldn’t help but imagine. So I went to swim, figuring it would calm me down, a conversation with sharks being at the end a simpler one than one with human beings. It was two hours after the high tide and I used the current to get me out at sea without much effort, thinking that the farthest I was going would impress Lily. Again, I was so vain that I lost my rhythm a couple of times. I figured that May Linh was probably thinking ‘what is wrong with him this morning’ and she would know it was because of Lily. And I hoped a shark would come swim along with me, just for help.

By the time I came back, May Linh and Lily were waiting for me on the beach. Oh my god! I was kind of tired though and I was glad to reach the sandbar and rest. Standing up, I had water up to my chest. It was like a signal to them and they walked into the water, May Linh first. I guess they had been talking together about it because I didn’t see much hesitation in Lily’s intentions. So I waited for them.

May Linh reached me first. She had her goggles on and she could see me and, although I was expecting her, she somehow surprised me, coming from under water and jumping out of the sea, and throwing her legs around my waist for me to hold her. There was a childish joy on her face every time she was doing this. Then I saw Lily come. She was swimming carefully, breaststrokes, her head in and out of the water, and smiling. I could discern her ass popping out of the water. I just had enough time to say ‘Hi’ to May Linh sweet bumhole.

Then Lily stood up on the sandbar, quite happy with herself obviously. So, with a last sweet quick French finger kiss, I let May Linh down. I knew that Lily, without goggles, couldn’t see what we were doing, yet the old occidental Christian idiot in me, I guess, felt it more proper to take my hands away from May Linh’s butt as Lily showed up on the sandbar.

Then I heard May Linh say to Lily: “Let me show you something,” and she took off swimming and Lily followed her and I followed them. They weren’t going fast and I was trying to stay behind them, looking at them for as long as I could stay under water. They were right in front of me, swimming in breaststrokes and, from behind, everything was there for me to see as they moved and spread their legs and I especially kept an eye on their anuses and it was a thing of beauty. No wonder guys, from Odysseus on, got berserk about sirens. Just try it, once. Think about it: sirens don’t have a sex, at least not a visible one we know of. We’re led to believe they have one, maybe, and we’re supposed to get excited about that I reckon. But we don’t know for sure that sirens have sexual organs. But one thing is for sure, even if you don’t see it, sirens have to have an anus, or else it would mean that they don’t eat. So you know sirens when you can see their butthole.

Anyway it was just a glimpse because May Linh had reached the other side of the sandbar, where a rocky bluff was sharply slopping under the sea. So May Linh stood on the edge and we all stopped and stood with her. I wondered what May Linh would think if I was to grab her and throw my legs around HER waist and she’d hold me and put her finger up my ass. What would I feel? I think I would be happy still to be with her. Christ, just the thought of it made me laugh in my head.

Anyway May Linh brought me back to earth: “Do you mind lending your goggles to Lily?” she asked me, “I’d like to show her something.”

What was I going to say? So I gave my goggles to Lily. Then May Linh spoke in her language and I saw both of them dive. There I was, like an idiot, floating on the surface and I couldn’t see anything of what was happening underneath, especially with no goggles. I saw them popping out of the water here and there, talking some more and I could tell Lily was saying “yes, yes,” and they were diving again. What the fuck! I was supposed to be the swimmer here. I tried to accompany them one time but, after all those years of too much smoking, I wasn’t going anywhere and my ears hurt and, seeing nothing, I had to wait for them to come up for air.

I was about to go back to shore when May Linh shot up from the abyss and grabbed me and threw her legs around my waist and just after that I felt Lily coming up and I’m not sure but I think I felt her hand up my thigh, over my dick, and then up May Linh’s back. But I can’t swear that’s what happened. Maybe it was just a current. One thing for sure, they had goggles and could see me under the water and me, without goggles, couldn’t see squat.

Anyway. “This is great,” said Lily and she meant it. We were standing on the sandbar and she was all wet and May Linh, whom I was holding still, was all wet too. I knew I wasn’t to get my goggles back that one day. Indeed, that very afternoon, they both went to the village for groceries and, when they came back, they had bought goggles for Lily, red ones of course…

I could imagine Carter. “Hey Mr. You, how you doing? Say, I just saw May Linh the other day. She came with another girl, a young one, to buy goggles in the store next door. What’s her name again? Lily?” Shit! How do I explain this? ‘Gens de maison’, again? I knew people would again be gossiping about me in the village! Shit, shit, shit!

Fact is, after that, pretty much every day from then on, May Linh and Lily would work in the garden in the morning then, when seeing me coming back from swimming at sea, they’d first join me on the sandbar and then they’d go dive off the bluff. They became so good at it that we now eat shellfish, fresh out of the water, and often fish, almost every day. Now they dive with a knife and they have a basket floating. To the point that when gamahuching MayLinh – I can’t wait until she grabs me, and she does every day because she knows I like that, I guess, or maybe we both like it – anyway when gamahuching May Linh, I have to be careful not to cut myself.

Anyway, I would often now be the first one to come back to the beach and, because of her knife and basket, May Linh didn’t come swim at sea anymore with me, and join me to rest on a platform anymore and I felt a bit peeved about that. And I resented Lily a little bit, she had all of May Linh’s attention while in the water.

Anyway, one day, they had such a plentiful harvest that, this very evening, we had only seafood for dinner. And it was delicious and the table looked so nice I even drunk white wine with them, with ice cubes in it, in honor of their resourcefulness. They were proud and I was too; after all swimming lessons were in the contract. I’ll always laud the virtues of swimming.

All that to say that a routine seemed to get started right off the first day. So I thought. Thus I figured I was in control and I was pretty much happy with myself because they were nude and they were beautiful and didn’t seem to mind my crazy ogling nor to care whether I was crazy or not. And I had plenty a chance to look at them both.

Like I was saying, it was late Friday night. Lily had been here for a week. And she had her period today so she didn’t come to swim this morning and May Linh swam with me and she didn’t go diving and fishing. So I was just glad I could be alone on my porch and pause for a second, drinking beer, smoking, looking at the ocean and the big stars.

Yeah the ocean, swimming, that’s where it all started from. And that was only Monday morning.

Ellar Wise

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