Adam says this is a Sunday to remember (chapter XXXVI)

Nude swimming

It had already been the longest day, or so it seemed, although really Lily had arrived only few hours ago. And there were now two beautiful nude women in my house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country. Yes that’s what old Mr. Me had hoped for when he drew a contract for them. But I found out things were not as simple as I had planned. Lily, for one, had arrived unannounced.

I was hanging on my porch, looking at the ocean, drinking beer and smoking. Night had fallen for a while now, the sky was overcast so it was very dark tonight. May Linh was with me, drinking white wine, with ice cubes, and she had just explained to me why she had brought Lily in. And she did right I guess.

Just then Lily showed up from the kitchen with a big plateau full of stuff. “Where do we eat?” she asked. Yes, that’s right, I had forgotten we were about to have diner on my porch and there was Lily, nude, energetic, smiling, probably starving. Again, I was struck by her nudity and I couldn’t help but look at her hairless pussy and it took me a moment to react. Then I heard May Linh answering ‘on the table, there’ and she got up to help Lily so I looked now at nude May Linh and I was struck again.

While they were dressing the table, I got another beer and smoked yet another cigarette trying to be casual and not to ogle them like a maniac. But I couldn’t help it. And why should I? That was the whole plan, wasn’t it? Old Mr. Me wanted to be surrounded by beauty and there it was. So I relaxed and shamelessly gaze at them, May Ling and Lily being so close I wasn’t missing any detail.

I sat at my usual place at the top of the table, so did May Linh on my left and Lily sat on my right. This was a banquet! Soon all three of us were eating – and I realized Lily could cook as well as May Linh – and, in front of me, it was soon a ballet of black hair, chopsticks and breasts and I couldn’t believe my luck. At one point, I lost my napkin. I didn’t have time to do anything that Lily had jumped already from her stool and was already giving it back to me. Ok I thought, I’ll have to wait to see her toes.

After all the day’s emotions, food and drinks had a calming effect on me. May Linh and Lily had cleaned the table and were doing the dishes I guess while I was smoking. I took the empty bottles of beer and the ice bucket back to the kitchen wondering if Lily already had her own Hello Kitty apron on. Once I got in the kitchen, Lily was doing something, I couldn’t see what, over the sink, standing on her toes to get some force I guess. Her little ass was pointing at me and I could see her anus right in the middle, her buttocks not big enough to hide it. God oh God! And indeed she had an apron.

“Let me see your apron Lily,” I said.

As she turned around, I was expecting Mickey Mouse or something but no. She had a bright red apron and on it was written, in white letters, ‘Kiss the cook’. “How do you like it?” she asked. How did I like it???? I could imagine her now with her red apron, her red boots, her Chicago Bulls red cap and her red headphones… Sweet Jesus! First Mary Poppins, now the little red riding hood!!!

So I got plenty of beer with me back on the terrace because I figured I would need it. Then May Linh came to join me, then Lily. The bugs in the forest were having a ball and in front of us, there was the ocean, the night sky and the vastness of the universe, where aliens are from.

So I popped a beer open, lit a cigarette and let out a big sight. Things were finally under control, and that included my heart. And I was happy, at least as of now, that May Linh had brought Lily with us, even though I would never know how just the two of us would have ever done. I was happy for sure that May Linh was back.

“I’d like to go try the water, I’ve never been into the ocean,” said Lily. “Is it possible?” she asked.

“Do you know how to swim?” I asked.

“A little bit,” she said.

The sea was calm, it was low tide, so I knew the channel wasn’t deep and the sandbar not so far. “Yes, it’s possible,” I said. “May Linh come with me,” Lily said. And when she saw that May Linh wasn’t moving, she insisted, “come on, you’re the one who told me today in the train that you were going to swim almost every day now.”

For some reason May Linh looked at me. I shrugged.

“Mr. You, are you coming to swim with us?” asked Lily.

“Lily, please, just call me You,” I said.

“Ok, so are You coming with us?” Lily asked again.

“Ok I don’t see why not,” I said, “you two go first and I’ll join you in a minute.”

“Ok then,” said Lily and she took May Linh’s hand and pulled her out of her chair.

They stepped down onto the beach and were soon away from direct light and I looked at them walking toward the water, their asses being the last part to catch the light. I finished my cigarette and went to take a leak. Then I too walked to the beach. They were already in the water when I arrived. I could hardly see them but I could hear them laughing and speaking in their language and I knew who was where. So I took my shorts off.

It felt very good to dive in, especially that I hadn’t swam today before going to the train station to pick them up. And this morning I didn’t even know there would be a ‘them’. Swimming in the dark was always a different feeling and I didn’t like it that much. I couldn’t imagine for example swimming anywhere far in the dark. But I could go to the sandbar, which I did. I didn’t see May Linh following me. So when I got to the sandbar and stood up, she was already there next to me and she grabbed me and put her legs around my waist and, I couldn’t help it, I hugged her and, to my surprise, she hugged me too, and I was holding her and I looked out for her bumhole and she arched her back and opened it for me, for us. Oh god almighty! I wanted to kiss her but I refrained so I licked a bit of the water off of her neck.

It was a quick but good gamahuche I thought and deep enough that we both knew trust was still there and I was thinking about the two of us, two old fools in the immensity of space, the immensity of this earth, of this ocean, Mr. Me still quite a bit older than May Linh. And a LOT older than Lily who was calling out: “Hey, where are you guys?”

“We’re here,” May Linh answered.

“It’s too far,” said Lily who could hardly see us.

“There is a sandbar here,” said May Linh.

“No it’s too dark for me, but I’ll go with you tomorrow,” said Lily.

So I did a last quick in and out of May Linh’s anus and then we swam back together, side by side.

I took a quick shower outside and May Linh and Lily took a quick one inside. Then I went back on the front porch, drinking beer, smoking. May Linh came to join me – she had poured herself a glass of wine – and sat in her chair, next to mine. So we sat there, watching the ocean and the dark sky, not saying anything.

“Thank you for the white lilies and the candles,” she said at one point.

“Thank you for everything,” I answered.

Then she got up and, doing so, she saw my gaze. So she stood there for a few seconds to give me a chance to look at her, then she went in and she started to play her piano. She played only classical music but I could hear that tonight she was playing joyous tunes.

I later went inside to get more beer and I saw that Lily was in the office, laying on her belly on the couch, looking at something on her laptop with her red headphones on. That’s all she was wearing of course. So I figured she didn’t hear me coming. Therefore I had a chance to gaze with a bit of leisure at her ass, her anus seemed to be looking straight at me. Again I was mesmerized and I wanted to touch it, smell it, kiss it, and gamahuche it. I was excited – in a spiritual way since old Mr. Me’s dick was dead – but like never before with May Linh. Maybe because Lily was young and sensuality was oozing out of every one of the pores of her skin and I was imagining what could be gushing out of her bigger orifices. I didn’t make a move of course.

She must have felt my presence because she turned her head, saw me and smiled and went back to whatever she was doing. On the way back, I also grabbed my pot and went again to sit outside. I rolled a French joint, had a long swallow of beer and finally let May Linh’s music fill me up with wonders again.

Later, Lily came to say good night. “Good night,” I said. I looked at her from head to toes, real quick because in a blink she was gone. I heard the music stop a while later and soon knew that May Linh had gone to bed. May Linh never said ‘good night’, she would just go to sleep. It was kind of late, so I enjoyed for a while the silence and the quietness of it all, even all the jungle’s bugs seemed to be holding their breath for a minute. I turned all lights off but I stayed a bit longer on the porch, outside, in the dark. It was cloudy and I couldn’t see any star.

I took a leak outside and washed my hand in the outside shower. Then I went in and went to bed. I could feel May Ling was back in her usual spot, right in the middle, sleeping on her left side. Lily was at the other end of the bed from where I sleep. She too was sleeping on her side, turned to her left too. The whole bedroom was full of their fragrance and I was glad I had changed the sheets this morning. So I slid in bed, loved my body against May Linh’s, caressed her buttocks just a little bit and put my arm around her. I couldn’t reach Lily with my hand. So I put my hand on May Linh’s breasts.

“What a day! What a Sunday for sure! What a goddamned Sunday!” I thought, before going to sleep, in paradise or in hell, whatever.

Ellar Wise

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