Adam reads a declaration of peace (chapter XXXIV)

Woman Lilie

How did May Linh know I’d accept Lily? I don’t know but I guess she knew. Just like she knew I’d accept her piano I guess. What was I going to do? Take Lily back to the train station? Again, maybe old Mr. Me wasn’t being assertive enough. Well Lily had just arrived 10 or 15 mn ago and was now taking her clothes off with May Linh. So Lily was welcomed I guess.

See, one day, aliens had been kind to me and I had come here in this secluded house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country to live my last days surrounded by beauty and I knew nothing more beautiful than nude living women. Old Mr. Me had devised a contract so that everything would be legal and clear and ok with the ladies.

Well it didn’t exactly turned out the way I had planned it. First I met May Linh and, just when I thought I was maybe close for once to have reached a peaceful shore, May Linh had unexpectedly brought in Lily. I had known May Linh for no more than a month, Lily but for the time it took to drive the 35 miles from the train station back home. So everything was new for me and I didn’t control anything really.

While May Linh showed the house to Lily, I settled on the front porch, drinking beer and smoking and watching the ocean and the sunset. Then I heard the shower – my big Swedish shower – going on for a while. Then I heard May Linh call me from the big room.

“Mr. You, please.”

I suddenly realized how much I liked May Linh’s voice and how her accent gave it a sexy tone. She would have been a great radio host I thought. I couldn’t flee so I got up from my chair and turned around to go into the house and I was struck. Literally. May Linh and Lily were standing side by side in the middle of the room, in front of the piano, and they were both as nude as can be, barefooted on the wooden floor. They were superb and the room full of flowers was like the jewel box of their nudity.

I stood there frozen, trying to take hold of myself, feeling that this had to be just a glimpse, that I had maybe fallen into a spacio-temporal interstice and that I would wake up somewhere else, like back to where I was before, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Mexico, whatever, and I didn’t want to go back there. “SCOTTIE, I SAID DON’T BEAM ME BACK UP, ASSHOLE!” So I counted to one and found myself still there in my house by the beach and May Linh and Lily were still there too and I was awake. I could see May Linh’s cute tiny dark triangle of pubic hair and gathered that Lily had no pubic hair at all or so it seemed. Then again, from where I was, I couldn’t tell if she had shaven her pussy or not. It didn’t appear to have been shaven though.

I guess May Linh probably remembered my first crazy reaction when I saw her nude for the first time and figured she’d better get this moment of utter bewilderment over with. And that doubtlessly explained their pose and I was grateful for it. May Linh probably figured also that it would be easier for Lily to have her at her side when old Mr. Me would first be gazing at her like a maniac. Indeed, although she didn’t have to, May Linh would go through the whole presentation again just as to be nice to Lily, and to me I guess.

I figured May Linh was right, of course, and I resolved that I might as well also get the presentation over with now, so we might all get back to our lives again. Indeed, I noticed that the candles on May Linh’s altar were lit so I knew she had seen the white lilies I had bought. So I relaxed and finally could start looking at the two of them, trying to take it all at once, knowing it was not possible, and wishing I could eat them both with my eyes.

They saw me more relaxed – which goes to show I was tense – and they relaxed too, May Linh first. I was looking at her and she was standing proud and limber and strong and she was looking at me and I was so glad to see her and when our eyes met, somehow we were together again, alone but together, just like we were when she left a week ago. We didn’t need to say anything. And I think she even restrained a smile.

Then I looked at Lily. Holy cow! She was young, maybe, 24, 25, 23. I had no idea really. 15? 31? She was a bit taller than May Linh but thinner. She had long black hair also and a pale skin. That body has never seen the sun either I thought. I had seen her eyes already in the car but I couldn’t quite yet get used to them. She was now looking at me too, without any inhibition, maybe even with amused curiosity. Staring at her like that, so young and energetic, I really felt then how old I was now and I felt a bit of shame. Which goes to show how hard it is to extirpate guilt out of a damned Christian soul.

Then again I trusted May Linh, I had to trust her on this one. After all, she brought Lily in! And, thinking of it, I was probably the most embarrassed of the three of us although I wasn’t naked.

So I pursued my eye exploration of Lily. She was thin, I could guess her ribs, but it was not as if she was underfed or anything. Well she was not overfed that’s for sure. Her breasts were small with tiny areolas but in full shape and full bloom and attached high and looking up at you and there was nothing to feel sorry about them. I saw a flat belly, and no pubic hair. I would soon learned that Lily hardly had any hair at all anywhere other than the hair of her scalp. And the hair of her scalp was thick and strong and shiny black. Her face was not perfect but she was pretty and she had those eyes and, in all, she was a beautiful woman.

They were BOTH beautiful women, at least to my eyes, and I was staggered and mesmerized, not quite sure how I got to be in this position, ogling these two women standing here for my eyes only.

That’s when May Linh said something to Lily in their language. And they both turned around. Ah, May Linh’s ass again, and now Lily’s ass. I saw that Lily had a small ass and I liked May Linh’s ass better. Then again, I was kind of thrilled that I could discern in Lily’s small ass the shadow of her round eye.

Anyway, before I knew it, May Linh said something and they both bent over, May Linh putting her hands flat on the floor by her feet, Lily touching her toes with the tip of her fingers. Sweet Jesus and Mary mother of God! I was dumbstruck. I had their pussies in plain view but, above all, there were both their anuses, both splendid, both vibrating somehow I thought but maybe that was an illusion. May Linh’s butthole was pinkish and looking up at the ceiling, Lily’s had shades of grey in a darker halo and was looking straight at me.

I was touched because, in that offering, there was the best humanity has to offer, a declaration of peace, a way out of the animal kingdom. I couldn’t help but think about the gamahuching to come, I hoped. Please help me god! I was glad old Mr. Me’s dick was long dead or else I would have gone completely berserk.

Anyway, before I knew it and before I had time to focus – how long had they been bending down like that? I couldn’t tell – they were already up and facing me again and there went a glimpse I could hardly catch. I knew it would probably never happen again.

I was still looking at them and they were being patient, no moving nor saying anything; I was sure now May Linh had warned Lily about my first reaction. Then I gradually came to my senses, a little bit like coming to after having been KOed. I knew night had fallen but there was still some light in the western sky facing the house. So I told May Linh:

“May Linh, why don’t you show Lily the porch and the beach and I’ll get drinks.”

“Ok,” she said.

“Lily, what do you drink?” I asked.

“I like white wine, with ice cubes in it, if at all possible,” she said. Christ almighty!

“Sure,” I said.

For a second, the three of us stood still and I couldn’t get enough of watching them. I moved first though and, when passing by them, I tried to act as normal as possible. To go to the kitchen, in my shotgun house, I had to go through the bedroom, the shower and the office. The whole place was filled again, and more, of women’s scents so strong it was exhilarating. The fragrance of it all went straight to my brains and I was finally glad to reach the kitchen, to be alone for a second just so I could get my bearings.

Ellar Wise

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