Adam knows May Linh doesn’t lie (chapter XXV)


The day had started like usual in the house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian Country. I must say that since May Linh had arrived after agreeing to old Mr. Me’s working contract, I was happier than I had ever been, at least for a long long time. She was nude all day and I could look at her at will and I could fondle her and she didn’t seem to mind, and I suspected she even seemed to start to like it – at least not dislike it. And there was no argument and no hidden motives.

Like usual, she took care of her garden in the morning and that garden was turning into something fantastic, I could see now vegetables and flowers growing. I’d go swim in the morning and then she’d join me in the water. Then she’d maybe go to the village to do groceries and then she’d play her piano. But that one day we had spent a lot of time in the water and we had played – really, played like kids – and a huge storm had broken out in the evening. We couldn’t even stay on the porch and we had to close everything in the house in order not to be flooded. Then all lights went out but for the tiny flames of the candles flickering on her altar.

May Linh brought more candles – by now she knew better than me where everything is in my house – and, for lack of things to do I guess, she started to play piano again. She didn’t usually practice in the evening, she’d usually join me on the porch and we could spend hours watching the ocean and the sky, not talking, drinking and smoking (only I was smoking). It felt hot and humid inside and there was no air circulating. I was sweating, drinking and looking at her playing in the nude. The storm was going badaboum. I think I doze off because I woke up when she ceased to play.

She went to take a quick shower. In my home with no doors, it was a great sight to watch her shower lit only by candles’ light. As soon as she finished, I took a shower too, just to cool off, but when I got back to the bedroom, lit only with two candles, I saw that she was already in bed. But she was lying on her back and she was looking at me, I could see her eyes shining in the dark and I understood the invitation.

So I slid under the sheet and came by her. I started to caress her, her breasts – I noticed her nipples were erect – her belly and, when I reached her sex, she opened her legs. I was just over her, on one elbow and I was taking in all, gorging myself with the view and her feminine presence and lovely face and her eyes open.

Quite un-expectantly, she reached behind my head and pulled it softly to her breasts. So I started to kiss and lick her left tit, chewing delicately on her nipple, then the other tit and the valley in between. I could tell she was excited and she gently but firmly pushed me down. So I lost myself in her soft belly. I could hear the storm outside trying to bring the fear of god on this earth and I could feel the house shaking and I could hear the ocean beating on the beach with extraordinary violence. Was she scared of the storm? Which would explain this? I don’t think so.

I reached her tiny black triangle of pubic hair. When I reached down her pussy lips, she was already wet but that didn’t keep me from licking her pussy with much tenderness. Which was easy for me to do because old Mr. Me’s dick had been dead for many, many, years and so I could be patient and take all the time she needed. So I spread her legs and lift her butt up and started to lick her rectum as well. Then I slowly and delicately introduced my finger in her anus and I started to gamahuche her as well. Not only did she not resist but she opened up and started to move and push her ass onto my finger, deeper and deeper. In spite of the thunder booming over us, I could hear faint little moans and that encouraged me. I was licking her pussy and biting slightly her clitoris and having my finger up her anus as far in as it could go and gamahuching her as best I could. Then I felt her cum in quick silent squeezes on my finger, a big number of them.

The best way to feel with certainty – I mean really feel – a woman having an orgasm is to have a finger up her ass when she does have one. Those squeezes are a sure bet. If a guy wants or needs to know if a woman is acting on him, pretending, all he has to do is put his finger up her ass and he’ll know for sure. Guaranteed. Thus he may also learn that fingers don’t lie – ask the blinds – and he’ll discover those few seconds of abandon when there no inhibitions anymore, no more fear, and you wish it would last forever, a long time at least.

In fact, it’s impossible for most men, much too impatient, to experience this I guess. Besides, it’s only because old Mr. Me’s sexuality was shot dead long time ago through long days of routine and boredom, that I haven’t jumped on May Linh’s ass since the first day. That’s what any guy in his right mind would have done. That’s how I was doing before. In any case, I remember that those moments of grace, jumping a women’s ass, were gone before I knew it and were just glimpses and the next thing I knew, I was having coffee before going to work and I was tired already and all of a sudden, she was fifty and next thing I knew my dick was dead. Truth is, I wouldn’t have thought of such a contract if not for aliens’ money!

Anyway, in my case, I now had to find other ways and I could take my time I guess and that’s how I discovered stealth explosions and then, I hope, how to share them with May Linh. And May Linh wasn’t lying I guess when I felt her squeezes. I was happy for her. For what I knew of her and of her story, maybe it had been a long time since she had an orgasm. Then again, what do I know? Anyhow this was most unexpected and it was great: the best gamahuche in the world if there’s one I thought. So I eased out of her delicately, with little teases, until I felt her also relaxing and coming back to town. I ogled and gave a last big lick on that ass and pussy and I came back up, laid on my back next to her, on my left, and, believe me, I was the one needing a breather.

I had my left hand on her soft belly and could feel her easy breathing. She had her right hand on my left thigh and she maybe could feel old Mr. Me’s heart still thumping wildly. We weren’t saying anything. The thing is, I was feeling something deep down in me and I was thinking ‘What’s this?’ I know I now have to piss ten or fifteen times a day but that wasn’t it. I thought to myself ‘what the fuck!’ And I could still feel that tingle somewhere down there in me. What the hell!

May Linh got up and went to blow the candles out and then came back in bed. I figured she’d go to sleep like usual, on her side, turned to her left. But she came in and she loved HER body against MINE. Oh god! I could feel her hair, her breathing on my chest, her breasts, her belly, even the mount of Venus, and her legs wrapped against mine. So I put my left arm around her and tried no to move. I could hear the storm and the rain tambouring on the house and on the forest and I realized that it took this kind of rain to have the bugs in the jungle to quiet down for a minute. Then again, maybe this was only because I couldn’t hear squat because of the rain.

I don’t know what May Linh was thinking. She had to be thinking I guess. But she didn’t say anything and I didn’t ask. She didn’t ask me what I was thinking neither and I didn’t say. That was OK, we never talked much anyway. In the meantime, the tingling was gone and I forgot about it.

I woke up all of a sudden when electricity came back and all lights turned on at once. I could hear the fridge starting to hum again and I could hear the rain but the storm was gone. I got up and turn off all the lights and went to take a leak outside the back porch so I wouldn’t have to flush the toilet. In the darkness, I could still see that a thick fog was now coming out of the jungle and the ruckus was starting again.

I could somehow smell the ocean, the jungle, the rain and the flowers on the porch. And I knew that May Linh’s bouquet was healthy, body and soul, all the way through. I wondered if I could live never washing my hand again… Fragrances so easily disperse in the air and in the sky and in the stars. So I smelled my hands and I thought to myself that maybe, if I had failed so many times in this life, I must have done something nice in a former one because now my hands smelled of May Linh’s intimate odors and those were exhilarating. Then I thought about having a beer and a smoke but decided not to.

When I went back to bed, May Linh was asleep in her usual position. So, loved against her, I went to sleep as well.

Ellar Wise

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