Adam feels like a merman in the water (chapter XXIV)


So I knew now there was only one week left. For two weeks now, May Linh had been living with me, as a roommate so to speak, in the secluded place by the ocean I had bought in that Southeastern Asian country for this purpose. She had agreed to a contract stating that she’d be nude in and around the house. And nude she had been since day one she had arrived.

May Linh had also agreed, in full consent and making that choice out of her own free will, for fair wages of course, that old Mr. Me could gamahuche with her at times. And, these past two weeks, she did her part. I think – no, I’m sure – that the swimming made a difference.

Although she didn’t seem to fear the water, she didn’t know how to swim she had told me. She had piano lessons, English lessons, Tai Chi lessons but I guess she never had swimming lessons or just never had an occasion to learn. Which I’m glad for because, if she’d swim like she plays her piano or speaks English or bends down putting her palms flat on the ground, I’d have already been eaten by sharks, far out at sea, for their love of beer instead of blood for a change. Believe me I know sirens when I see them and May Linh walked into that ocean with no fear. Indeed, swimming lessons were in the contract.

I was already in the water after my daily swim and she started to walk toward me. She couldn’t have been more naked. Soon she had water to her knees, then up to that bidy black triangle of pubic hair of hers and that too was soon gone from my view. She stopped when she had water by her belly button.

I was mesmerized, like usual, not knowing what to do.

“So, what do I do now?” she said.

“Wait,” I said, “I’m coming.”

So I walked up to her and stood by her side, facing the sea. “You have seen animals swimming?” I asked. “Yes? Now, you know that you are an animal as well, isn’t that so? Yes? So just do like they do.” And I showed her how to swim like a dog, with the head out of the water. I did a little circle and came back where I started from. I stood up and asked her if it was OK. “OK,” she said. No fear whatsoever. So I went again and, just like that, she started following me, both of us doggy swimming.

This time I went a bit farther but making sure she’d feel safe; we were in four feet of water and the sea was calm. I could tell she was feeling something and that she was happy. We stood up again. Seeing her all wet like that, shining under the sun in total splendor yet relaxed, I couldn’t help but madly stare at her.

“Very well,” she said, “but this is not how you swim.”

“Ok,” I said. “Imagine now a frog swimming, how the legs propel the animal forward, and you do the same thing. And with your hands you reach far for the water in front of you, a little like you do when you have to reach a faraway key on your clavier, and then you pull. You push with your legs, you pull with your arms and you’ll be going forward and that’s swimming. Look I’ll show you.” And I did the breaststroke, in exaggerated strokes, in front of her.

“Now,” I said, “you’ll have to lay on the water and I’ll hold you from underneath so you’ll float, then just concentrate on propelling and pulling and, baby, you’ll be swimming.” I know she heard the ‘baby’ and knew I was teasing her. So, again with no apprehension it seems, she let herself go on the water. I was walking by her, with my hands underneath holding her and somehow getting busy. Is this a tit? Is this how the black triangle feels? And the skin, and the belly… Then I realized I wasn’t holding anything anymore. She was swimming on her own, her head sticking out. She was smiling wildly doing little cries. She just loved this, I could tell, and her ass was popping up. Sweet Jesus!

“Ok,” I said, once back from this one. “One last thing. You’ll have to put your head in the water,” and I showed her a dolphin move, diving and coming out and how to dive under the waves. So she did and, by now, every time she was coming out of the water, with her hair all over her face, she was laughing and laughing and liking it and jumping in the water and laughing some more: “I’m swimming, I’m swimming, I’m swimming like a frog, I’m swimming like a dolphin,” she was shouting. She was really, really, really happy and this was touching in a way. I had never seen her so excited. If she loves it so much, why this woman never could try swimming before? I didn’t know but I could imagine some reasons.

“When do I learn to swim like a human being, like you?” she asked me.

“One step at the time,” I said. “First, let’s see if you can swim a little bit farther, where you know you can’t touch ground, OK?”

“OK,” she said.

So I plunged and swam about 20 yards away where I knew there was a sandbar to stand up on, just behind some kind of channel six to ten feet deep according to the tide. Once on the sandbar, I stood up and lifted my arms that she could see I had water up to my chest only and that she would be safe.

So, she did her dolphin move to dive in, then her frog moves and she was on her way, her head high out of the water looking at me and I encouraged her. I could see her ass popping up behind her. Once in the ocean, she realized it was a little bit harder than she thought to do the distance, there was a mild current, and it took her an effort to reach me and she was very serious now. I was right on the edge of the sandbar so when she did reach me, she just grabbed onto me and threw her legs around my waist and she screamed “Yeah”. And then she screamed something in her language and she laughed and I was holding her and in the water she was such a light weigh, and we were turning round and I was holding her. We were waltzing and my hands found her buttocks. The ocean made her anus moist, and her legs around my waist opened it wide and she was so happy and relaxed. So I penetrated her, easy and nice. It lasted but for a few seconds. Still, I was surprised at my audacity.

“Show me if you can go back by yourself now,” I said and I put her on her belly and put my hand right up in between her legs and gave her a big push. Then I followed her back to the beach. Once there “let’s do it again,” she said. “Ok,” I said. And we started to swim again, next to one another. This time, she reached the sandbar with more ease but she still grabbed on to me again. This time I quite deliberately went on to check again her little bumhole and, this time, she arched her back. So, again, it was nice and easy and I stayed in there a little bit longer and fondle a little bit deeper. But not for long.

“I’ll show you something,” I said. And I gave her my goggles. She put them on and then she dove and she saw it, the sandbar, the channel and the beach slowly slopping up. I knew she could probably see little fishes. She loved it and was now swimming under the water in the channel and I was swimming by her and our bodies were grazing. She could have decided to go back to the beach but she swam back to the sandbar and I followed her and once I stood up, she again grabbed on to me, put her legs around my waist, her arms around my shoulders and she seemed to be proud to look out toward the high seas as if I was an island and her a tree.

This time, it is with some timidity that I reached her ass. I could feel her head full of wet hair on my shoulder and I could feel her body against mine and, for the first time, I gamahuched her long and deep and nice and she was all moist although I didn’t know if it was because of me or just the ocean.

She didn’t move and waited for me to be done, remaining totally relaxed all the way through. I thought I felt something in my penis but I knew it could only be my imagination. It is true though that, in the water, I didn’t feel so heavy and clumsy; in other words, I didn’t feel that old when swimming. In any case, this was definitely a different kind of stealth explosion, more fun and a lot less serious and rigid than our nightly encounters in bed before going to sleep.

Once back, I took a shower outside, she took a shower inside and, after her lunch, she went to the village and came back with her own goggles, black ones. “I had to go all the way to the resort to find them,” she said.

Fact is, since that day, May Linh came to swim with me every day or so. I guess she could see me come back from the open sea from where she was in the garden and she would come and meet me on the sandbar. I’d get a hold of her, get a feel of her little round eye, and then we’d go swim. She learned very quickly, including the crawl. But she never went far out at sea with me. What she liked was diving around the bluff, after the sandbar, where it was not too deep, and looking at the fish and the wildlife underneath. Then she started to pick up shellfish and edible seaweed. I liked to dive too, just to watch her swimming naked, but she could stay a lot longer than me under the water.

I remember the first time she reached the 100 m platform, she was so happy. I got up there first, so to stabilize it and I help her up. But, once she got up there, she pushed me back into the water. I was stupefied. When I came out, I could see and hear her laughing and I understood, she was a kid again. So I climbed up, grabbed her and threw both of us into the sea and I was holding her into my arms and I could feel her body against mine, face to face, and feel her breasts and her legs and her strength.

She was up first on the platform and didn’t let me get up there for a while, pushing and shoving and we were wrestling on the moving platform and we were both laughing and falling in the water and I was swimming from underneath her and catching her to keep her from going onto the platform and then she was doing the same to me. Eventually, tired, especially me, we both laid down on our belly and let the movement of the sea gently rock the platform and we enjoyed the sun. We didn’t need to say anything.

That very evening, a storm was menacing. Almost every day there was a tropical shower in this season – and that often made me think of New Orleans -, but I could tell this was a storm. Indeed May Linh closed every windows in the house but the front porch. We were there having beer and wine, like usual, not saying much, like usual.

“When are you leaving,” I asked.

“This Sunday, with the 10:15 am train,” she said.

We had three more nights and, yes, that day of swimming changed everything.

Ellar Wise

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