Adam and May Linh are the talk of the town (chapter XXVIII)

Resort 1

May Linh had agreed by contract to live nude, and more, around my house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country. And for three weeks now, we had learned to share the space next, but with, each other; I knew more now about classical music than I ever did, she knows now how to swim. But she took all of her days off at once and was now gone for a week.

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Adam is Captain Kangaroo (chapter XXIX)


Carter, the owner of the resort and the Lemon Tree’s bartender, had startled me when he mentioned merchants and villagers were talking about old Mr. Me and May Linh. I thought I was finally recluse, away from the world, with for company only May Linh, whose contract stipulated she’d be living in the nude around the house and be fondled here and there. But, again, I couldn’t really escape the world.

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Adam tries to break free, to no avail (chapter XXX)


May Linh was gone from my secluded house by the beach for a week and she already had been away four days and I hadn’t heard from her so I didn’t know for sure when she’d come back. I found it incredible how the three weeks she spent here, after agreeing to old Mr. Me’s contract, had changed my life.

For the first time ever, in this always warm Southeastern Asian Country, I could shamelessly ogle at a woman nude body – May Linh’s nude body – all day long, from up close, missing no detail and it was OK for May Linh because she understood that’s why she was living here with me. And what was really great is that we didn’t have any obligation to each other’s other than those stipulated in the contract.

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Adam wonders what tales his bed sheets may tell (chapter XXXI)

Drying laundry

I had a message from May Linh. The message said: “Mr. You, I’ll be arriving Sunday with the 3:45 pm train.” Sweet Jesus! I didn’t know old Mr. Me’s heart could still be jumping like that. I listened to it several time just to hear her voice. May Linh had transformed my life since day one I met with her, in the capital of this southeastern Asian country.

After agreeing to my peculiar contract, which stated she had to live in the nude with me, May Linh had moved in, a month ago, into my secluded house by the beach and we had learned to live together. But she was gone for a week, having taken all of her days off at once. And yes, I couldn’t wait to see her again, literally. So much for my plan to escape heartaches and headaches…

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Adam says this old heart of mine is weak (chapter XXXII)

Isley Bros

Driving to the train station, 35 miles away on small southeastern Asian country roads, old Mr. Me, though happy to soon see May Linh again, was bothered with something. Yes she had signed my contract, agreeing to be nude all day around me and agreeing to be fondled, weather permits. Which in itself was incredible. Yet, I remembered how during the last nights we spent together she had kind of helped me in being decisive as far as the gamahuching was concerned. And, driving, it occurred to me that indeed I maybe wasn’t decisive enough.

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