Adam wonders if those rubber boots are going to walk right over him (chapter XXI)


I woke up and I didn’t know what time it was and that was perfect. Because it meant I was at home and it didn’t matter to nobody at what time I woke up. May Linh had already gotten up, her place in bed was cold. The house was silent but I could smell the coffee.

May Linh had arrived yesterday after agreeing that she’d live in my house naked, for a very fair salary of course, and sleep in old Mr. Me’s bed and be fondled, at times. This was the next morning and I felt like a man who had a good night sleep, although it was already well into the day.

I put on my shorts. I could tell the sun outside was beating hard today on this part of the planet, in Southeastern Asia. I went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. There was coffee ready, the only trace of May Linh so far. It was almost noon said the clock. So I had breakfast in the kitchen and went outside to the front porch to smoke a cigarette with another cup of coffee.

I sat in my usual armchair and looked out at the ocean. There were absolutely no waves and the water was, for once, very clear. A good day for swimming I thought. Then a persistent faint noise attracted my attention. So I got up and went to look out from the right side of the porch, toward the forest. And I saw May Linh. She was in the garden. I knew there was a garden there but it had been overcome by jungle weeds while the house was empty, before I bought it. I was never much of a gardener. I like flowers and fruits but I am most incapable to grow any of it. I always liked to have plants in the apartments and houses I lived in throughout my life, but I never had a so-called green thumb. So I had forgotten about the garden.

Then I saw that the tools shack’s door was opened and there was May Linh, naked in the garden, with big rubber boots, a gardener’s apron and gardener’s gloves, and a conical straw hat typical of this country. And she was pulling weeds, with some kind of a tool. I could see the pile of bad weeds she had already pulled off and the part of the garden she had already cleaned up. I was watching her from the back and she was working hard, bending over and squatting down in a regular motion. From that distance, I couldn’t see details but I thought it was a beautiful scene. “Tai Shi,” I thought and I wished I could have painted it, like Gauguin or Caravaggio maybe. I wished I could paint period. I would have redecorated that ass Dr. Vermoelen’s office…

May Linh didn’t see me looking at her or, if she did, she didn’t acknowledged it. So I went down to the beach, reached the water, took down my shorts and went to swim. While swimming I figured she’d be watching me and that got me out of my rhythm, me trying to swim faster and better. What a fool! As if she could make the difference. Still, thinking she may be watching me, I put in a good effort. I knew I lacked training and, sure enough, I was sore and stiff when evening came. But it was a good effort.

When I came back from the beach, one hour later, May Linh was walking out of the shower, still wet, her hair in a white towel. I wished I could have dried her out with my tongue. Not minding my feverish ogling, she said: “I need to go to the village.”

“Sure,” I said, “you can use the motorbike. Do you know how to ride a motorbike?”

She gave me a weird look and, again, I felt like an imbecile. In this Southeastern Asian country, every one, I mean every one rode on motorbikes: whole families, whole gangs of friends, workers, delivery people, this country was just a huge motorbike dome.

“The keys are on it,” I said.

I watched her getting dressed and I fell a bit of broken-heartness when she put on her panties, and another one when she put on her bra, and another one when she put on a lovely green and yellow flowery dress. “I have some shopping to do and I need to inquire about my luggage that is supposed to be delivered here and I want to see what’s there in the village,” she said. I hadn’t asked her to justify anything but I was glad she told me what she was doing, that reassured me in some way.

“Now, do I have to ask you for money every time I do groceries?” she asked. That brought me back to earth. “Oh no,” I said, embarrassed not to have thought of it. “Look,” I said. And I took her to the small office, and I opened a drawer and there was my money, at least of lot of it, in cash, because not only most stuff is paid in cash in this country but also because this was the only way if I didn’t want my banker, and others, to know what I was doing, and where. So I took a thousand coppers out of there and put it in a jar in the kitchen. “There, you take what you need and when it’s empty, you tell me,” I said. “Is that OK?” “It’s perfect, it’s plenty don’t worry,” she said.

She took 100 coppers and was about to leave when she turned back to me and said: “Sorry for last night. Just give me a bit of time.” And she was gone. And she was back. “Can I have a beeper for the gate?” she asked. “There’s one under the seat,” I said.

I saw her go up the path, I heard the motorbike start and go. It bugged me that I couldn’t see her go on the motorbike. In fact, I’d never get used to that.

I was playing spider solitaire in the office, waiting for her really, when I heard her coming back. Then she honked to let me know. I got up and saw her coming down from the garage with an armful of stuff. I opened the screen door for her and she dropped part of her load on the kitchen table, part on the floor. “I have to go to the bathroom,” she said and she hurried. Then I heard her piss. “Can you get the rest of the stuff for me?” she asked me from there. “Yeah, sure,” I said.

So I went up to the garage and saw yet many more bags and boxes by the motorcycle. I had seen what she had brought already to the kitchen. How such a small woman was able to carry so much goods on one small motorbike was beyond me. I even had trouble carrying it all back in one trip. She saw me coming I guess because she opened the screen door for me. She had taken her clothes off and she was naked. I felt the urge to take her in my arms, to hug her so happy I was and I was glad my arms were full of bags. She took them from me and put them on the table or on the floor.

I looked at her putting the groceries away and it was like Christmas. There was lots of groceries, of course, but also lots of stuff for the garden that she intended to plant and grow. Then she got from a bag a pair of rubber boots. “The ones that I found this morning are too big for me and I don’t know who put their feet in there before,” she explained. She tried them on and proudly walked around the kitchen with it. It was an incredible sight, May Linh stark naked but for rubber boots. I understood she wanted her own boots but “why the rubber boots for gardening?” I asked. “Snakes,” she said.


“You know there are pythons in the jungle don’t you?” she said, looking at me as if I just fell off the sky. Well I had in a way.

She probably saw the look of disbelief on my face. It had never occurred to me that they’d be snakes. More precisely, I didn’t care if there were snakes in the forest but it didn’t occur to me that I should fear them, no one had mentioned it before when I bought the house.

“Pythons?” I said.

“Yes but you don’t have to fear those,” she said, laughing. “Pythons are constrictor snakes and the one that will squeeze the life out of you or me is not born yet. But, in the jungle, you also have some little snakes, mostly inoffensive other than when you step on them, then they bite. It won’t kill you but it will really hurt for a couple of days and they like to hang in gardens.”

I didn’t have a chance to think further about snakes that she had opened another bag from which she pulled out a folded cooking apron. “I need an apron for the kitchen because I realized yesterday that cooking naked could be dangerous and this is the only one I found that would fit me, you won’t believe it,” she said. And she turned around and I got a good look at her ass. She put her apron on, tied it underneath her hair, then tied it behind her back and then turned back again to face me. She was ready to crack up. It was a Hello Kitty apron!!!!! “Hello Kitty, can you believe this?” she said, laughing. “I can,” I said. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because, to me, this was proof again that I couldn’t escape the world.

“So what about you luggage delivery?” I asked.

“Everything is Ok,” she said. “It will get here tomorrow morning. I’ll handle it.”

I couldn’t get enough of her nude body still but I was starting to relax and to appreciate being able to watch her without going berserk. And she gave me plenty while putting away the groceries in the kitchen, bending over when she could have squatted.

Later that day, she again fixed dinner and it was very good.

She was in bed the first one, lying on her left side. It was day 2 but there seemed to be already some sort of a routine. When I went to bed, she was asleep, or pretending to. Like last night, I first caressed her back, enjoying my nose in her hair and the smell and warmth of her body. Again I reached the small of her back, her buttocks and her thighs. She moved her right leg a little, opening up.

So I delicately touched her sex, her lips very closed and dry and I brought my finger up a bit along her perinea. When I reached the anus, the buttocks squeezed tight again but almost immediately relaxed. So I just massaged her anus with my medium finger for a few seconds, just to discover the feel of it. A stealth explosion again!

She wasn’t moving and I could tell she was still a bit tight but I could also feel she wasn’t scared. So I left her anus for now, caressed her buttocks again, then came close to her, put my right arm around her and I could feel her breasts. Then, I guess, I fell asleep.

Ellar Wise

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