Adam and May Linh’s first night in white satan (chapter XX)


It was another one of those hot evenings in Southeastern Asia. So, as far as temperature is concerned, it was comfortable for May Linh to be nude on my porch overlooking the ocean. I was almost naked myself and I would have been if I wasn’t so shy to show what had become of old Mr. Me.

Like usual, it seems, we weren’t talking much. Just to think she had just gotten here few hours ago, after agreeing two days ago to a fair contract that she’d live with me in the nude. And she had been stark naked since she arrived. That’s when she said: “I’ll go fix diner.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” I said. “I told you I hardly eat in the evening. I smoke, drink beer, write or read, but mostly watch out at sea and eat a fruit now and then.”

“Fine with me,” she said. “But I know that if I want to eat the food that I want to eat, I have to prepare it myself so that’s what I’ll do, especially with such a kitchen. It makes no difference to me whether you eat or not. If there’s some leftovers, I’ll eat them tomorrow because I guess you and me won’t have the same breakfast.”

Indeed, I thought. Fact is, I could eat just about anything that walks, flies, crawls or swim but, for breakfast, I stuck to my white French occidental’s fare of coffee and toasts. “Ok then,” I said, “I’ll let you have me for diner,” and I smiled as to show I meant no malice.

By then she was standing up, splendid in the nude in spite of time and duress, and she smiled too. So I followed her into the kitchen. Following her all the way through my long shotgun house I was having a great look at her ass, her legs, her strong calves, her long black hair. She could feel my gaze I guess. “Do you want me to bend over?” she asked again not turning her head and not missing a step. I smiled. “No,” I said, “I’ll wait until you have to pick up something off the floor. By the way, when I met you the first time and asked you to bend over, I noticed you were very limber, you put your hands right down the floor by your feet.”

“Tai Chi,” she said, “but I thought you were then looking at something else.”

By then, we had reached the kitchen. She left on the table the cup she had in her hand and, without notice, bent over right in front of me in one quick limber elegant move, putting her hands flat on the floor. By the time I realized what was happening and adjusted my gaze, she was up again. I did see her anus but for a split second. Even in this situation, there were only glimpses.

“I saw the white wine,” she said. “I assume it is for me.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said.

“And I bought it before I knew for sure that you were coming,” I said, somewhat bragging.

“I know,” she said.

We ate outside on the porch, on the tall table. It was a simple diner. Noodles, different greens, fish, fruits, but she had set two candles and that made it very nice. She was sitting at the top of the table, on my right, and I was looking at her and she had stopped drilling me and it was unassuming and great. I was ogling her and she didn’t care and let me do it so, after a while, I was more concerned with her food, after all, than I was with her nude body.

I drank beer, she sipped her wine and it was not so hot anymore and the forest’s animals, judging by the noise level, seemed to be in a frenzy, either reproducing, murdering or being murdered or maybe, for some, just making noise, and the candles’ lights made wonderful shadows on May Linh’s breasts and skin. I was befuddled! The moon too I guess because I noticed its shiny crescent in the big sky over the big ocean.

At one point I inconveniently dropped my napkin off the table so I had to come off my stool to pick it up and, while down there, I stole a glance under the table. I saw her small feet, her legs crossed, her belly, a hint of her pubis and I thought I could just stay there for the rest of my life and once in a while I’d be lucky to lick her big toe. I guess she understood why it was taking me so long to pick up my napkin and uncrossed her legs. But it was dark and it didn’t make a difference.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. We listened to the classical radio station all night. A lot of it she seemed to know. She cleared the table and came back with wine and beer. So we just sat there, saying nothing, looking out at the ocean, drinking, me smoking.

“I’m going to bed,” she said. It must have been around 11 pm, maybe midnight. “Yes yes, good night,” I said. I looked at her as she went but, before I knew it, she had disappeared from my view. “Wait, wait,” I screamed. And I hurried through the house and grabbed several beers so I wouldn’t have to go through the bedroom every time I needed a drink. She had turned the lights on in the bedroom and in the bathroom so I stole another glance on my way back.

I went to sit in my armchair facing the sea and the sky full of stars, lit a cigarette and popped a beer open, by myself I didn’t need a glass. Somehow I was happy to find myself alone for a minute. I heard the shower going on but I didn’t get up to look at her although I knew I would like that. Then the house was still.

No matter how much beer I’m able to drink, sitting comfortably on my porch, I couldn’t delay anymore, I had to go to bed. So I went down on the beach and went to take a leak near the edge of the jungle. I came back in and felt the need to close the bay window. There was no light in the bedroom and in the bathroom anymore. I left a dim light on in the big room, just enough to see my way.

In my shotgun house I had to go through the bedroom in order to get to the bathroom. In the darkness, I saw that May Linh had fallen asleep right in the middle of the big bed, sleeping on her side, to her left. I was thankful for that because I already knew the place I favored in this bed.

Once in the bathroom, I turned on a small light. There I regretted to have taken all doors down because I had to turn on a light and make noise and that would wake her up. Anyway I had to wash my teeth. I also washed my hands real good. Then I turned the light off and found my way around the bed. I slid under the sheet.

This was so odd that I laid still on my back for a little while. I was glad at that moment that old Mr. Me’s dick had been dead for a long time so this was not a worry. Thus I gathered some courage and turned on my left and came closer to May Linh, adjusting my pillow. I could smell her hair, and her skin, and her fragrance was overwhelming my senses. I could feel the warmth of her body even without touching her.

When I was close enough, I put my right hand on her shoulder, maybe just so to verify that she was real. I was holding my breath. She didn’t move so I then started to caress her back gently. The feeling of her skin on my finger was incredible, I had forgotten this sensation. And then I let my hand derive toward the small of her back. May Linh hadn’t reacted at all so far but I sensed now that she was awake. Then I went further down and caressed her buttocks. Still no reaction, just a warm body that appeared to be sleeping and impervious to my actions.

Yeah, I also knew now about stealth explosions and it is a lot better than nothing at all. I reached her thighs, one then the other. I drove my hand back up, felt the buttocks again, when back to the thighs but, coming back up this time, I tried to carefully reach inside her buttocks. Her ass just squeezed tight.

I was disconcerted and pulled my hand away and then went again to lay on my back. Was it a reflex? Her will? I didn’t know. Anyway, I had enough drinks that I went to sleep almost immediately.

Later that night, I had to get up to take a piss. So I went outside, not to wake up May Linh, whom warmth I was feeling. When I came back, she was deeply asleep, I could tell, and I was sleepy too so I loved myself against her soft body, pinched myself as to not wake up in a former life I didn’t want no more, and went to sleep a lucky man.

Ellar Wise

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