Adam says what kind of delivery is this? (chapter XVIII)


I was pissed off at myself. Why did I have to get here so fast? May Linh said the 3:45 pm train, it was 1:30!!! And I was already in the train station. For Christ’s sake! May Linh had agreed to a contract that she would live with me in the nude and that, weather permits, I could fondle her here and there. Now that she was coming, did I have to show up this early?

The whole day had been like this, with a sense of urgency. I had woken up early and this was the fifth day in a row I couldn’t sleep in the morning. What was the point again?

Anyway, I got busy right after breakfast. First thing I did was clear up the bedroom. This is where May Linh and I would sleep tonight so I changed the sheets and made the bed. Then I took all the laundry out in a bag and put it by the door as to remember to drop it at the cleaner in the village on my way to the train station. Then I checked in the bedroom’s big closet and moved my stuff to make sure May Linh would have as much space as me in there. Shit, I may be the boss because I’m paying for this, but this woman deserves her fair share I thought. So I moved my stuff. Once I understood that, I took out all laundry from the house and I looked everywhere so she’d have access to everything.

In the bathroom for example, I had my toothbrush just lying there, I didn’t care. But I didn’t want May Linh, first thing she sees when going into the bathroom, to think I was sloppy. So I went to get a glass and I put my toothbrush into the glass. Then I figured that she had to feel welcomed so I went and got another glass, just the same, and put it there too. By the time I was done in the bathroom, there were two glasses on the shelf, one with a toothbrush, and the rest of my stuff, shaving stuff for example, was resting on half the shelves only. There were also two sets of towels, both white. I did the same in the outside shower. When I was done cleaning, the whole place was shining.

With the flowers I had bought the day before, the house smelled good. I’ve been smoking all my life so my sense of smell is pretty much gone but two things I can still smell, flowers and women’s ass. Flowers won’t surprise anyone but women’s ass? Now, think of it. Archeologists can decipher the health of a dinosaur dead for a million years just by looking at his excrement. So, with training, you can pretty much know how healthy a woman is, body and soul, by smelling her ass. I guess that works for guys too although I never smelled a guy’s ass. In fact that’s what dogs do, smelling each other bumholes, and they never miss. Well, in any case, the house full of flowers smelled good.

I dropped the laundry in the village and was on my way to the train station, about 35 miles away. And now there I was, early. I checked if there was any delay on the 3:45 train from the capital. There wasn’t. So I went to sit at the train station’s bar, where people wait for someone to arrive or someone to leave. Sometimes they’re leaving themselves and going places where they wouldn’t be found, at last.

A waitress came. “Can I help you” she said, in English, and proud of it. “A bloody Mary” I said. I saw she was puzzled and lost so I didn’t insist, I wasn’t here to be an asshole, so “a beer” I said. That she understood and was happy again.

I looked around, there were bunches of people, as expected in a train station, locals and white people. Then I thought: will I recognize May Linh? Shit, for all I knew, they all look the same, don’t they? If we meet with aliens one day, I guarantee you anyone will be hard-pressed to make one from the other. Then I thought that was ok because I knew May Linh would recognize ME.

And then I knew I would also recognize her. This woman had stood naked in front of me for a whole day and accepted my gaze and was now coming to live with me, on a contract, and I suddenly knew with all certainty that she could be standing in a crowd of millions, I would recognize her, I would recognize her from outer space.

It made me happy somehow to think that, regardless, for the rest of my life, I would always recognize May Linh. So I had a few drinks while waiting and, every time, I made the waitress feel important while having a good look at her legs and ass. Then I heard. I didn’t know the language but I knew it said the 3:45 train from the capital was now entering the train station. Everyone got busy.

I paid my bill, left a nice tip and went on to wait at the platform’s exit.

I saw people pouring out. The first ones out of a train are the ones riding first class and the ones in a hurry. There are always some of those, in a hurry for some reason. Now people were gathering and there were much hugs and screams of joy. Peasants, mostly women, were coming back from the markets where they had sold their fruits and vegetables and rice and fish and flowers. Those took the first train very early in the morning, with, on Monday, students and factory workers, men and women. On a Tuesday, only the peasants women were coming back.

And there was May Linh. She was wearing the same dark dress she had when I saw her the first time. Was she afraid I wouldn’t recognize her? She had her purse, her shawl, and a small suitcase that she was carrying. And she saw me.

We couldn’t help but smile. Then we shook hands. That was a first. She is a petite woman but her handshake was strong and firm, and mine too, and our handshake said “we have a deal”.

“That’s all the luggage you have?” I asked, a bit surprised. I knew this woman was supposed to live naked in my house, but still. “Oh no”, she said, “I had my main luggage delivered. It will be here tomorrow or the day after.”

Ellar Wise

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