Adam says: is this a Friday the 13th or what? (chapter X)

Copper skin

I had devised a scheme so old Mr. Me could spend what remained of my life in this southeastern Asian country surrounded by female beauties in the nude – three being, I thought, a good number. This would take place in the house, by the ocean, I had purchased with aliens’ money for this purpose.

Easier said than done really because it was primordial that, although they would be well paid, these women had to agree to this contract out of free will. At least that seemed important to white guy me. I didn’t know yet what May Linh had in mind. Fact is she came to our meeting way too early – 10 am instead of 4 pm – and woke me up from a drunk stupor.

In spite of my not so welcoming reaction, she kept calm and, on her own, went rather quickly straight to the point and she totally undressed in front of me, in the living room of the apart-hotel I had rented for a week in order to interview candidates. May Linh was the fourth one and now she was standing, stark naked, maybe only two yards away from me.

She kept looking into my eyes while I was already staring at her, trying to take it all. Her body was showing some of the weight time gives most of us as it goes. Her breasts were a bit heavy but still hanging high and straight and proud. I could see the same bit of fat due to age on her arms, her belly, her hips, her thighs and, I guessed, her ass. A very generous body I thought with visions of Gauguin’s paintings suddenly flooding my mind.

All that said, this petite woman was still of remarkable proportions and thin enough for a guy who had known the Vikings Gorgons. Her olive skin appeared silky and soft. She was taking care of herself, I could tell, her pubic hair was trimmed a perfect small and dark triangle. Her long black hair were framing a delicate face, eyes as almonds, a small nose, a small mouth with no lipstick and small teeth imperfectly lined up. I understood then why her smile is so strained – the rare times I’d seen her smile since she arrived this morning – and that’s because she’s hiding her not perfect teeth.

So I was looking at her intently and I found that she was very pretty indeed and that it was incredible that she was standing there naked in front of me, still looking at me but patient, waiting for me to say something, hiding nothing. My brain was frying in a way it hadn’t been fried in a very long time and she was watching me. So I said the first thing that came to my mind: “Can you turn around?”

She didn’t flinched, she turned around and stood straight. I saw the hair covering her shoulders, the small of her back, the buttocks, her strong calves, all offered to my unfiltered gaze. That must have been how emperors and kings and warriors felt when they were conquering territories and submitting people. They could just pick and choose for their stables or their pleasure with the arrogance of the strongest man around.

That is not how I felt however. For one thing, I’m past conquering anything. For second, my heart was going boom boom boom and I wondered if I shouldn’t better sit down. Yet, if she had to make an educated choice, so to speak, as whether to accept or not this job with me, I believed that we had to be clear about what I meant about nudity. So I asked her: “Can you please bend over?” I didn’t mean to be rude and I felt myself blushing.

I saw her body tighten and she hesitated for a split second. Then she made up her mind and bent over. Oh help me god! There was her anus, in all its splendor. A pinkish one, no hair, no warts. And the beginning of her pussy, lips closed up tight. I was mesmerized. I wanted to come closer, smell her, touch and kiss her bumhole, all my senses were in a turmoil and I knew at that very moment that what I really wanted to ask her next was “please, could you spread your cheeks a bit more?”

The mere thought of it made me blush even more and I was glad she couldn’t see me. I wondered for an instant if she would have done it. In any case, I couldn’t say it so I said nothing. I have always been bogged down by my timidity and I felt that I was already way out of my field. I knew what I wanted but now that she was there, exposing herself as I asked her, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know what to do. I was flaggerbasted.

It must have felt like a long time for her, bending over like that but, for me, it was a moment of grace and time had stopped. I had noticed though how very limber she was. She had bent over in one very elegant move, and her hands were flat by her toes. I know that I can’t bend over no more, not where I could touch my toes, and that, on some days, with beer’s help, my belly gets so big that I can’t even see my shriveled dick. So I said, “May Linh – your name is May Linh isn’t it? – please, please, stand up and turn around.” She did, all in another elegant move and with plenty of authority.

She was facing me again and drilling into my eyes, again. I could tell she too was shy and uncomfortable but had decided to show none of it. “Should we sit down?” I asked. She saw, I guess, that my eyes were pleading. But I guess she too wanted to be clear with something.

“I understand the naked part of the job,” she said. “So, again, take a good look at me and I’ll bend over again if you need it. But, after that, starting now, if you decide to hire me, don’t you ever, ever, complain about anything or any part of my anatomy. Ever! This is who I am and this is my body. Now you tell me.”

I felt like an idiot, standing in my short in front of her. “May Linh, you’re fine by me for Christ’s sake but please, should we sit down?” I pleaded. “Maybe on the terrace so I could smoke a cigarette? Anyway, you can leave anytime.” May Linh paused. “Ok,” she said, and not thinking twice, totally nude, she walked out onto the terrace.

At that moment, with her having ceased to stare at me, I felt kind of happy with myself because this place I had chosen on the top floor of a building in a good neighborhood had a good view of the city but was perfectly intimate, no one could see what was happening on that terrace if not in a helicopter. May Linh knew this since this is mostly where she had spent the last two hours or so, save for the time it took her to make coffee and take her clothes off.

So we both went and sat in a chair on the terrace, just like we had been doing earlier and, again, we remained silent for a long time. She was on my left and I sneaked a glance every time I could, trying not to make it obvious. She knew it of course and hid nothing, but with no ostentation. Then she said: “You don’t have plans for lunch, do you?”

“Bah… huh…. Bah non,” I answered. She must have thought there was the dimwit again.

“How about lunch here together?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, kind of eagerly.

So she walked into the room, passing right by me, and I got a whiff of her scent and she went and picked up the phone and started talking to someone in their own language. Again, I felt compelled to follow her and I too went back inside. I didn’t understand the language but I could hear in her voice – and she had a nice, soft voice – that she was treating courteously whomever she was speaking with, may it be a maid even. Yet I could hear her authority as she spoke and she seemed to be in total command, although she was naked and there was this old white guy who couldn’t help but stare at her. She was on the phone ordering stuff I had no idea what it was when she asked me: “Do you need anything?”

“Beer and cigarettes? C’est possible?” I asked.

“C’est possible,” she said. “I’ll also order a bottle of wine.”

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her nude body, I just couldn’t; I couldn’t even pretend doing anything else. A sense of shame overwhelmed me for an instant. It didn’t last though because, at least at this point, it seemed ok for May Linh to be nude and to be scrutinized in such a way. This is a miracle, I thought.

Then she made another phone call. Again, I was just standing around like a moron. She hung up and said: “They’ll be here in 10 mn, so why don’t you go to the terrace, have a cigarette and I’ll bring you coffee, there’s plenty left over,” she said. Totally disoriented, I obeyed. And indeed, she brought coffee for me and more tea for herself. For an instant, we just stood by the railing, overlooking the city, her nude body so close to me I couldn’t even look at it.

Ding Dong

“OK, I’ll handle it,” she said. I saw her turn around, I had a last look at her ass as she went and hid her purse, scarf and underwear and then swiftly slid into her dark dress. She went to open the door and I saw a small army of locals coming in to clean up the place. I could hear the beer cans being taken away, I could see maids doing the bed, with new sheets, others coming to the terrace, acting as if they didn’t see me, even when asking me to move so they could sweep. They took away my empty coffee cup, brought clean ashtrays. I had no idea if they could see that May Linh was naked under her robe. I tried to see in their eyes what they could be thinking but their eyes were blank, only focused onto their work.

So I remained on the terrace, smoking. By now, the place looked like brand new, like the first time I has seen it. Then I saw, I understood rather, that a maid was asking May Linh what to do with the flowers. Nobody had touched them yet. I had a heartbeat, I loved my beautiful and talented florist who was coming every day at 2 pm with new flowers. I saw May Linh giving it a second thought, looking round again and this time realizing the room was full of flowers, and I saw her telling the maid not to touch them. May Linh had seen those flowers were still fresh from the day before, at most.

“Do you like flowers?” she asked me. I was startled. “Well yes,” I said, a bit embarrassed, “and I’ve asked a florist to come here every day at 2 pm to bring new flowers in the room and take away the faded ones.” I didn’t tell May Linh any more about the florist and she didn’t asked me how many days I had been prepping up the place for candidates. How many candidates did May Linh think I had met before her? I don’t know, and she didn’t ask, but it made me feel good that May Linh seemed to like the fact that I liked flowers.

So I went back to look at the city, hearing the honks and tonks of busy people and there I was on my terrace, feeling lucky at last, in this southeastern Asian country’s capital. I noticed that there were more and more dark clouds in the sky and you knew a tropical storm was coming soon but that too, somehow, added to my euphoria.

All of a sudden the small cleaning army was gone. I was actually wondering if May Linh would undress again when, ding dong, a smaller army showed up, the delivery army, and May Linh was busy again. At some point, I heard her asking me, from the kitchen: “Are you ready for a cold beer?”

Shit if I was… I still couldn’t believe that this morning, only three hours ago, I was awakened from a drunken daze by this May Linh and now I wasn’t drunk anymore and my headache was gone and yes, I was ready for a cold beer, if only to gather my thoughts. “Ok,” May Linh said, “oh, and your cigarettes are in the cupboard.”

I heard the racket die down and the front door closing. Second army was gone. I didn’t turn around. I was looking over the city, over the busy streets where every car, every motorcycle, every vehicle, every shop had its lights on by now. The air was hot and muddy, the sky was so dark it was like night fall and it was only 1 pm. I sensed May Linh coming from behind me. “It’s ready,” she said.

I turned around and saw that the little table outside was set. There was a cold beer for me, in a glass, she had a glass of white wine, with ice cubes in it, there were cups holding different appetizers and two pairs of chopsticks. And she invited me to sit. And she was nude.

Ellar Wise

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