Blind mice (and deaf-mute)

Line 9
Good part of town
For once not so crowded a train
All people are white
All decent people they seem
The train’s wheels creaks
But there’s an eerie silence in that car
They’re all, ALL, tinkering with
A machine of sort
Looking dull
Thirty years ago they’d have been smoking
Looking dull
But for an old lady
Deeply reading a book and
A solitary black kid
Deeply reading
A serious newspaper
I’ll put my two cents
On him

Ellar Wise

2 thoughts on “Blind mice (and deaf-mute)

  1. I am an American in Paris. Really enjoyed reading your blog. I know the late metro. I know Line 9. Having said that, I LOVE your header photo. For those who don’t know? Now they know! lol… This is your pic? Big format. If so, well done. If not? Doesn’t matter, still well done ;D Bon Courage

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