A comely black girl

It was a warm Saturday night in Chicago. I was living on 17th place in a grim part of town and it was late and I was drinking beer with Ric on the front steps. Which goes to show that Ric and I didn’t have much going on a Saturday night. At best we had tacos and a smile from a Mexican whore or two.

So we were drinking.

It was nice out there and we were in no hurry. If I want, I can even remember the moon.

We did see her walking briskly into 17th Place from Halsted Street. A little black girl. Skinny. Alone on a Saturday night.

Somehow, she walked straight to Ric and me. She looked OK.

“Hi,” she said.
“Hi,” we said.

So we gave her a beer and a smoke.

“I’ll fuck you for 10 bucks,” she said.

“Together?” I asked.

“No, one after another. Ten bucks each.”

It didn’t take long for Ric and I to believe in our good fortune. There we were shooting the breeze among guys having forgotten luck when decent pussy walked right on to us at an affordable price.

We gave the girl another beer and smoke while Ric and I talked among ourselves about who was going first. It was decided he would. So they went inside.

I stayed on the steps, drinking, looking at the moon and feeling thankful for sheer luck!

They were at it quite a while, which I took as a good sign.

Then she came out, and left in a hurry. No beer, no smoke, no me.

What the fuck!

Then Ric came out.

“What did you do to her that I’m left hanging?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I fucked her, gave her 10 bucks and she was gone.”

Ok, so we knew then she just needed a quick $10. That must have been enough for a fix I guess. And there went my luck.

Ric was feeling good and making fun of me. Shit.

So we went on drinking.

I asked him: ‘”Where did you fuck her?”

Indeed, I might as well have the story straight because this was my place after all and, before I went to bed alone, I didn’t mind knowing where to look for slippery spots.

“In the toilets,” he said.

That puzzled me. I wouldn’t have taken her in the toilets. Well at least I knew they didn’t make a mess.

Anyway Saturday was gone with the beer. Ric went home and I went to sleep.

All of a sudden, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

Shit, who in hell is knocking like that?

I knew it was Sunday already. There was daylight. And it was what ? Six o’clock in the morning? Seven? What the fuck!


“OK, OK I’m coming.”

There was the little black girl from last night, looking like she had been put up wet.

“I told you I’d be back,” she said.

Indeed, as she left last night, she did say that she’d be back for me. But as she hurried away, I thought she had seen despair on my face and was being as nice as she could. Anyhow, there she was.

I was hungover, not prepared, not at 6 am on Sunday. Right place, wrong time.

She stepped in anyway. I guessed her high was long gone and she was now on a new day and she needed another $10 deal, fast. Bus fare?

And there she was in my bedroom. She saw that no one was there, neither female nor animal. She told me not to worry. Why, should I? She took her clothes off and I forgot about it.

She wanted to be gone already, I wanted to go back to sleep, so we had a quick sorry early morning fuck.

For a moment we had to catch our breath though.

But she had already her clothes back on. I gave her 10 bucks and she was gone.

I went back to bed and, as I fell asleep, I wished her well.

Ellar Wise

Originally posted on December 5, 2013


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