Paris, the day after, I don’t care for your prayers

This morning, there was a strange silence in my street, and it didn’t bode well. Indeed, I live in Paris’ near suburb and today should have been run here a semi-marathon. Every year, on this particular Sunday, I’m awaken early by a rock band playing loudly to encourage all participants. This morning, within this deafening silence, I could hear the chimes of St Cloud’s church, however far it is. What a symbol! What sadness!

After the stupefaction following the bombings and shootings, after condolences and messages to family and friends, comes a dull pain, some sort of shame with the way the French government dealt with it. For the past two days, movie theaters, theaters and concert halls have been closed, all sport events have been cancelled, all the demonstrations are being dispersed. Saturday, the schools were closed. Even the Eiffel tower lights were turned off. In short, everything that those mad god warriors hate – education, for girls and women in particular, celebration, joy, alcohol, party, music, etc. – has been shot down. Exactly what religious ideologues of all obedience hate with a passion. What a victory for all the bigots!

On the contrary, I would have loved to see each contestant of this semi-marathon get before the race a blue, white or red t-shirt with “FUCK ISIS” written on it (in English to make sure these assholes understand as there’s more chance they’re watching CNN than a French TV), loved to see that in each theater, each movie parlor, each concert hall, the show would start only after a defiant cry “FUCK ISIS”, loved to see the Eiffel Tower shine of thousand lights, loved to see that before each game, players and spectators would sing a Marseillaise on the top of their lungs. Then the news channels would have had something to show and terrorists would have grinded their teeth instead of rejoicing, watching those same news channels and discovering a city and a country stricken by fear. ISIS burns books in giant pyres and we close the libraries?

The French government justify its decisions arguing that there were maybe other terrorist’s cells at large and wanting to prevent another carnage. That’s nonsense! Not only couldn’t it stop the ones that happened last Friday but nothing could prevent other attacks somewhere in France. This gesticulation has no other vocation that to turn away the inquiry of people regarding the state’s own responsibilities, which are ancient and numerous, in this massacre.

Most of the attackers are French, just like during last January’s attacks. If some French people can feel disenfranchised to such a degree as to succumb to this mortifying ideology, this tiny murderous minority still expresses the suffering of thousands upon thousands of people living in this country. Yes the State’s carelessness for 50 years, assuming it even tried, to deal with poverty is the poor suburbs of most French big cities now comes back to haunt us all. But, without going so far in time, let’s look at the way the French government deals with ISIS promotors.

It’s no secret that Sunnites Saudi Arabia and Qatar are waging their own war against Shiite Iran and that they created and financed ISIS for this sole purpose. Then they’re surprised that the dogs they raised come and bite the hand feeding them. It is indisputable that the wahabitte ideology – let’s not talk here about religion – which they profess is the exact politic and state religion that governs Saudi Arabia, a country where opponents are legally decapitated in the street, or condemned to the whip and where women are lapidated.

Yet, remember, shortly after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish deli, when king Abdallah of Saudi Aradia died of old age, Obama and Hollande were fast in celebrating a “great friend”. Really, those guys are our friends? Funny how our occidental governments fail to call things by their names. Those are not friends but business partners and commerce now takes precedence in politics over morals and ethics. So there are our friends! And when king Salmane, another old fart who replaced the other one, came to the south of France last summer, in Nice where he owns property, the French republic agreed, for security reason it claims, to close a public beach and use only men police officers so that his highness and his court could go wet their feet in the sea. Well, if you don’t like women or seeing almost nude bodies at the beach in France, just go back to take sand-bathes in the desert and fuck goats. But no, our great president has to give in to these guys wishes. Their security is our insecurity!

It’s again the case with our new friend, Iranian president Hassan Rohani, who refused to go to the Elysée, our French White House, where he was invited like all head of states, if he was to sit at an official dinner where alcohol would be served. Did our courageous president sent him back to his clear water and flogging? No, diplomacy didn’t want to miss an opportunity for new contracts and France came to a compromise. So what, next time, French female ministers will have to wear a veil? Courage would have been to make public those outrageous demands from some medieval mullah and refuse to see him. But no, business’ interests are too great. So, since business is now ruling politics, why don’t all the global companies making business with those countries offer to pay for the lost lives and damages in our own cities that are the results of such policy?

“An act of war” martially declared our president. But when our very own ‘Rafales’ drop bombs on ISIS, is it not an act of war? And all French news networks to congratulate themselves with rising arm sales… Then again, Hollande doesn’t have the monopoly of spinelessness. In the meantime, in Ukraine… And Sarkosy going to Russia to shine Putin’s shoes and granting the soccer world cup to Qatar.

One last thing. After last January’s attacks, everyone wanted to be Charlie, including a bunch of jackasses who were thus getting a good conscience at no cost. Today, the new viral thing is “Pray for Paris”. This is adding insult to injury.

For one thing, this is an injunction. “Pray”. That is exactly what religious people would do: order others and tell them what they need to do and think. That is just an ugly another way to underline the difference between us good Christians and them bad Muslims. Well, sanctimonious Christians are just as dumb and dangerous as sanctimonious people from any religion. Even here, in France, the religious groups are becoming stronger and more heinous every day.

So please, don’t pray for Paris, the capital of a laïque and secular republic. This city indeed became the capital of France, by acclamations so to speak, in 885 when its people resisted for one year to a Viking’s invasion. The courage of the Parisians was recognized then in all French provinces and, believe me, no help came from any god!

Again, in this embarrassing silence as I write this, I can hear the bells of St Cloud’s church ringing the knell of our freedom and our way of life. So, if really people of good faith, whichever one, need or feel like praying, do it in the direction of Paris, not for Paris, and keep this in the privacy of your heart.

Since our governments and industry moguls are scared for their business contracts, let us all, French people and others elsewhere show them what’s courage really is and let’s gather together, let’s go to movies, concerts, let’s drink and meet girls and guys and let’s fuck our heart out and have fun. Let these religious ideologues call this blasphemy and grind their teeth all the way to their raw gums in hate of freedom.

Lets every one do his share, with his own means. As far as I’m concerned, I only know to write. So here’s my contribution.

Ellar Wise

PS. This was written with great emotion so please forgive me for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

3 thoughts on “Paris, the day after, I don’t care for your prayers

  1. fuck any fanatical religion that began when all the knee jerkers bowing down were certain that the world was flat, the sun revolved around the earth, and they were at the center of it all. oh yeah, that’s every religion. what do you call doing the same old shit expecting a new result? crazy.

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