Bloody stench

Line 9 Saint Ambroise
So fucking drunk
So fucking late
Last train I can’t miss
So many stairs to get
Down there.
I remember
A friend once fell
On metro stairs just like that
Broke his head open
Drunk as he was
He didn’t suffer I guess.
So drunk and fucked up
Hurrying feebly down those stairs
I was thinking of him
I was thinking
I miss a step
I fall
I hit my head
And I’ll be here
Bleeding to death
With no help coming
And those dirty steps
Would be the last thing
I’d ever see
And the stench of death and fear
The last thing I’d ever smell.
Then again
I made it
Caught the last train
Someone had vomited
And stinked up the car
It was just fitting

Ellar Wise

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