Adam says I’m not sick. Who knows for sure? (chapter XIV)

City night

“OK, what it is I really like is women’s ass. The most beautiful thing in the world, to me, is a female nude body and, among her, the ass in general, the anus in particular, is to me the most exciting and desired part.” I paused and stole a glance at May Linh, on my left, sitting in her armchair inside this apart-hotel I had rented for a week. She was nude, I knew, although I could hardly see anything of her. She made no motion.

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Adam and May Linh’s first night in white satan (chapter XX)


It was another one of those hot evenings in Southeastern Asia. So, as far as temperature is concerned, it was comfortable for May Linh to be nude on my porch overlooking the ocean. I was almost naked myself and I would have been if I wasn’t so shy to show what had become of old Mr. Me.

Like usual, it seems, we weren’t talking much. Just to think she had just gotten here few hours ago, after agreeing two days ago to a fair contract that she’d live with me in the nude. And she had been stark naked since she arrived. That’s when she said: “I’ll go fix diner.”

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Adam wonders if those rubber boots are going to walk right over him (chapter XXI)


I woke up and I didn’t know what time it was and that was perfect. Because it meant I was at home and it didn’t matter to nobody at what time I woke up. May Linh had already gotten up, her place in bed was cold. The house was silent but I could smell the coffee.

May Linh had arrived yesterday after agreeing that she’d live in my house naked, for a very fair salary of course, and sleep in old Mr. Me’s bed and be fondled, at times. This was the next morning and I felt like a man who had a good night sleep, although it was already well into the day.

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Adam says May Linh’s body is a music score sheet (chapter XXII)

Chopin Nocturnes

I woke up jumping. There were a bunch of guys arguing loudly in their language up there by the garage. May Linh was not in bed. I could smell the coffee. Was she in the garden? What time was it? And these guys up there screaming, or so it seemed. Then I heard May Linh’s voice from up there calling on me. Somehow she knew the noise had woken me up. “It’s my luggage’s delivery, don’t worry, I’ll handle it” she yelled. “Ha, Ok,” I yelled.

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May Linh gets busy, Adam sits still (chapter XXIII – am)


May Linh had accepted my contract and was now living with me, in the nude, at my secluded house by the beach in some constantly warm, when not hot, Southeastern Asian country. The first days we somehow got used to one another and after that, for me at least, life had, finally, become simple: a language I didn’t know, no TV, not checking the news on Internet and, thanks to aliens, the dramas of the world simply vanished.

May Linh was naked all day long and she was beautiful, to my eyes at least although she was not so young (although much younger than old Mr. Me), and I could fondle her butthole a little bit every night before going to sleep and this and that fulfilled my desire of beauty and amply sufficed to my happiness.

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