Adam draws a contract for May Linh (chapter XVI)


For all its worth, a contract is a contract. I didn’t know if, in case of troubles, this one would stand in court but at least it gives the terms under which I intended to live in my house by the ocean in this Southeastern Asian country surrounded by three Asian ladies living in the nude.

And, I thought, the women agreeing to this contract couldn’t say later that they didn’t know what was up or that I was being unfair. At least they’d know what to expect, or most of it, and could make an enlighten decision. So, here’s May Linh’s contract, the first candidate who, during the interview, went so far as to consider potentially working for me.

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Adam says I’m afloat and that the most I can hope for (chapter XVII)

Flower girls

I had been driving all day, since early this morning, from the capital city of this Southeastern Asian country back to my house by the beach. The past week, I had interviewed four Asian women – all looking fine now that I thought of them – applying for a job I was offering, that is living naked around old Mr. Me in my house by the beach for a good salary. May Linh was the best prospect so far. Now I was on my way home.

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Adam knows May Linh doesn’t lie (chapter XXV)


The day had started like usual in the house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian Country. I must say that since May Linh had arrived after agreeing to old Mr. Me’s working contract, I was happier than I had ever been, at least for a long long time. She was nude all day and I could look at her at will and I could fondle her and she didn’t seem to mind, and I suspected she even seemed to start to like it – at least not dislike it. And there was no argument and no hidden motives.

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Adam and May Linh are the talk of the town (chapter XXVIII)

Resort 1

May Linh had agreed by contract to live nude, and more, around my house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country. And for three weeks now, we had learned to share the space next, but with, each other; I knew more now about classical music than I ever did, she knows now how to swim. But she took all of her days off at once and was now gone for a week.

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Adam is Captain Kangaroo (chapter XXIX)


Carter, the owner of the resort and the Lemon Tree’s bartender, had startled me when he mentioned merchants and villagers were talking about old Mr. Me and May Linh. I thought I was finally recluse, away from the world, with for company only May Linh, whose contract stipulated she’d be living in the nude around the house and be fondled here and there. But, again, I couldn’t really escape the world.

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