Adam and May Linh are the talk of the town (chapter XXVIII)

Resort 1

May Linh had agreed by contract to live nude, and more, around my house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country. And for three weeks now, we had learned to share the space next, but with, each other; I knew more now about classical music than I ever did, she knows now how to swim. But she took all of her days off at once and was now gone for a week.

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Adam is Captain Kangaroo (chapter XXIX)


Carter, the owner of the resort and the Lemon Tree’s bartender, had startled me when he mentioned merchants and villagers were talking about old Mr. Me and May Linh. I thought I was finally recluse, away from the world, with for company only May Linh, whose contract stipulated she’d be living in the nude around the house and be fondled here and there. But, again, I couldn’t really escape the world.

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His place cleaned up, Adam is ready to start over (chapter LIV)

Water snakes 1

It was clearly stated in the contract that the women living in the nude with old Mr. Me in my remote place by the beach in this southeastern Asian country had two days off a week, just like in any work contract. What I didn’t anticipated was that May Linh and Lily, who were now sharing my home, would take their days off all at once and, every three weeks, be away for a week.

It felt so weird to be home alone, the house seemed so big, huge! May Linh and Lily were now away for a week and I had been gone for four days. The construction workers repairing the typhoon’s damages had worked well in our absence and they were almost done. The guest-house was like new, the dirt road was like new, the jungle was like new, the beach was like new, they were just finishing the last details.

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Adam asks himself why the train whistled three times (chapter LV)

Three women

Old Mr. Me was kind of happy with himself. The contract I had devised to allow Asian women to live in the nude with me in my house by the beach seemed to work. Proof is, today, a Sunday, was the day when May Linh and Lily were coming back. So I cleaned the house real nice before going to pick them up at the train station for the 3:45 pm train, a 35 miles ride.

On the way, I heard that really sweet woman voice on the radio, again. I took it as a good sign. But then it got me thinking: fuck, the last and only time I had heard that voice before, I was going to pick up one woman and there were two waiting; today I hear that voice again as I’m on my way to pick up two women already! So what now? Will there be three of them!!! I laughed alone. “Sure, why not,” I said to myself, not believing it for a second.

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Adam and the animals’ farm (chapter LXIII)

Picasso nude green leaves and bust detail

It had been months now since May Linh and Lily came to live with old Mr. Me, after agreeing to a contract that stated that they’d live in the nude around me and be fondled here or there. In the house by the beach, in this southeastern Asian country, the three of us had found a nice way to live together, bound not only by money but by some kind of dear affection and deep understanding.

In the garden, with hard work, May Linh and Lily had gained a lot of land over the jungle. Getting up early, I saw how Lily would get her tool belt and May Ling her gardening gear and they’d get to work.

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