Mickey and Daisy, a lose-lose situation

I was in a sorry bar in Orlando, Florida, drinking beers, minding my business. I was pounding on the drinks because I knew there’s no tomorrow. Then this guy next to me felt he needed to talk. I didn’t care.

He soon told me he was working for Mickey or the NBA or whatever.

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Last buoy

Line 9 11 pm
Theaters’ part of town
A couple
The two of them crumbling
He’s in a better shape
Than she is so
He helps her along
All those stairs
The long platforms
Little step by little step
That must hurt
They’re not rich
They would have taken a cab
Yet they find money for the shows
Alive still

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City of love

They’re already arguing
As they board the train
A couple, going East on Line 9
Sorry part of town
Car full of blue-collars
He tells her something
That I cannot hear
But she bursts out
Furious, Loud
“No I don’t wanna
Meet your mistress”
Time stood still
For a second
She’s holding
A faux sac Louis Vuitton
He’s all dizzy with
Fake sneakers
Poverty trying
I suppose

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