Two guys

Friday night
Last train on Line 9
Two guys going home
Sadness on their face
Spells A L O N E
“Take care of yourselves”
I told them
They looked at me
With blank eyes
And disappeared
I guess they had reached
The last of their luck

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A Cyclops

There’s a beggar
On Line 9
His gig is gross
He has an eye covered with a
Bloody and dirty oozing dressing
This guy has been there
Almost every day for years
Weeping out of his one eye
With the same bandage on his face
That he dipped in the sewer or somewhere
The routine is such that
Kids going to school
Are not scared and don’t care
Only tourists are impressed
Late at night
When the city’s real sorrow
Shows its crying face
I’ve never seen the guy
On Line 9
Beggars work 8-to-5

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A long goddamned day

Very late on Line 9
Too late for this
Across the tracks, on the opposite platform
A couple
With a baby carriage
You hardly ever come across baby carriages in Paris’ metro
Too many steps to get in and out
I can’t see the baby but I can hear him
He’s crying, loudly
Among the winos and the bums keeping warm
And the last revelers laughing still
Mom & Pop
Seem despondent
Not knowing what to do or where to go
There’s no help coming
And this kid is howling, howling
Plenty of despair

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