Feline creature

Chaussée-d’Antin – La Fayette
Ritzy shopping district
On Line 9
Rush hour
There she is
Leopard lady
The fur is fake
Of course
But she believes
That she has claws

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On Line 9
Among the bums
Sometimes you can tell
Where they’re from
Russians for example
Always wear army fatigues
And look 20 years older
Than they are
And they’re 15

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City of love

They’re already arguing
As they board the train
A couple, going East on Line 9
Sorry part of town
Car full of blue-collars
He tells her something
That I cannot hear
But she bursts out
Furious, Loud
“No I don’t wanna
Meet your mistress”
Time stood still
For a second
She’s holding
A faux sac Louis Vuitton
He’s all dizzy with
Fake sneakers
Poverty trying
I suppose

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