Balling not in Sofia, Bulgaria

What really startled me is that I didn’t hear them coming. And neither did the dog. Before I knew it, I had a Kalashnikov muzzle on my temple. I felt it, hard, before I heard. It was Bulgarian, I guess, but I knew what it meant: “Don’t move!” So I sat still.

It was a nice evening in the Balkans. Cold war wasn’t far but there was spring in the air. I was sitting in a city park and, until then, I was pretty happy with myself in Sofia.

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No clue

They’re wearing big jackets
Indeed it’s a cold night
On Line 9
These two Arab guys
Are speaking vehemently
A language I don’t understand
I hear
“No, we don’t blow this train up now
Not enough people”
What they’re really saying is
My sister loves you
I know you love her
Why don’t you just tell her?”
Doesn’t matter
When people don’t understand
They imagine
Yet no one leaves the train
All too tired for this
But for some
Who just wish

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Adam sees the dark face of Armageddon (chapter IL)

Hypnos & Thanatos

It was one thing for old Mr. Me to imagine a contract where Asian ladies would be living around me in the nude, it is another to come through such a contract when a mother typhoon is pounding over your head trying to make you pay for your sins. May Linh, Lily and I had been staying in my house by the beach in this Southern Asian country but, presently, we had taken refuge in the guest-house, set on higher grounds, to ride the storm safely.

But we soon found ourselves in troubles when, first, power went off and, later, when our flashlight ran out of batteries. So May Linh, Lily and I had settled in utter darkness onto the bed and were prepared to wait the night out. They were both nude as usual, although Lily was wearing panties, which I knew were red, because she was having her period. It wasn’t cold at all in the guest house, quite the contrary, but I couldn’t see anything so I was ogling them with my fingers, so to speak.

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