Adam says I’m afloat and that the most I can hope for (chapter XVII)

Flower girls

I had been driving all day, since early this morning, from the capital city of this Southeastern Asian country back to my house by the beach. The past week, I had interviewed four Asian women – all looking fine now that I thought of them – applying for a job I was offering, that is living naked around old Mr. Me in my house by the beach for a good salary. May Linh was the best prospect so far. Now I was on my way home.

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Adam says what kind of delivery is this? (chapter XVIII)


I was pissed off at myself. Why did I have to get here so fast? May Linh said the 3:45 pm train, it was 1:30!!! And I was already in the train station. For Christ’s sake! May Linh had agreed to a contract that she would live with me in the nude and that, weather permits, I could fondle her here and there. Now that she was coming, did I have to show up this early?

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Adam says tea for you and beer for me, in a shotgun house (chapter XIX)


We were driving back to my place by the ocean from the train station where I had picked up May Linh, who had accepted my job offer to live naked with me. We hadn’t said much since then. I wanted to talk about the scenery, which I liked, but I figured this was her country so what could I say? “It’s very different here than from where I live,” she said.

“Is your house far?”

“No,” I said.

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May Linh gets busy, Adam sits still (chapter XXIII – am)


May Linh had accepted my contract and was now living with me, in the nude, at my secluded house by the beach in some constantly warm, when not hot, Southeastern Asian country. The first days we somehow got used to one another and after that, for me at least, life had, finally, become simple: a language I didn’t know, no TV, not checking the news on Internet and, thanks to aliens, the dramas of the world simply vanished.

May Linh was naked all day long and she was beautiful, to my eyes at least although she was not so young (although much younger than old Mr. Me), and I could fondle her butthole a little bit every night before going to sleep and this and that fulfilled my desire of beauty and amply sufficed to my happiness.

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